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Bod-Inc: B-337

Biblia [Italian]


Analysis of Content

Part I.

[*]2r Squarzaficus, Hieronymus: [Letter addressed to] Marco Cattaneo, Bishop of Alessandria. Allenspach–Frasso 272-5.

[*]3r ‘Tabula de la prima parte de la Biblia'.

[*]7r Hieronymus: [Letter addressed to] Paulinus the priest. ‘Prologo'. Translated by Niccolò Malerbi. As in La Bibbia volgare, ed. Carlo Negroni, 10 vols (Bologna, 1882-7). ‘Prologo' to Pentateuch, as in La Bibbia volgare, ed. Negroni, included as chapter nine of this letter. On the translator see Edoardo Barbieri, Le bibbie italiane del quattrocento e del cinquecento (Milan, 1992), I 16-35, with a discussion of the form of the name on 17-18; for this edition see Edoardo Barbieri, ‘Éditeurs et imprimeurs de la Bible en italien (1471-1600)', in La Bible imprimée, 246-59, at 247, with further references.

[a1r] [Gn–Dt.]

k6v ‘Prologo' [to Ios], followed by [Ios–Rt].

n4v ‘Prologo' [to Rg], followed by [I Sm–IV Rg].

t7v ‘Prologo' [to Par], followed by [I–II Par].

z3r ‘Prologo' [to Esr].

z3r ‘Altro prologo' [to Esr], followed by [I–II Esr].

[et]5r [III Esr.]

[con]4v ‘Prologo' [to Tb].

[con]4v [Tb.]

[con]8v ‘Prologo' [to Idt].

[rum]1r [Idt.]

[rum]6v ‘Prologo' [to Est].

[rum]6v [Est.]

aa4r ‘Prologo' [to Iob].

aa4v ‘Altro prologo' [to Iob].

aa5r [Iob.]

<bb u>7v [Colophon for part I.]

cc1r ‘Prologo' [to Ps]. Followed by ‘argumento'.

cc1v ‘Altro prologo'.

cc1v ‘Terzo prologo'.

cc2r [Ps (G).] Preceded by ‘argumento'.

hh6r [Squarzaficus, Hieronymus: Concluding verse.] Incipit: ‘Laude te refferischo a te, signore | Che de tal gratia si ma facto degno'; ottava rima. Barbieri, Le bibbie italiane, I 204.

ii1r ‘Argumento de tutta lopera'. Barbieri, Le bibbie italiane, I 202.

ii1r Aristeas [pseudo-]: ‘De settanta due interpreti a Philocrate suo fratello'. [Translated by Bartholomaeus Fontius]. Incipit: ‘[H]auendo tu sempre, o Philocrate, qualum que cosa desiderato . . .’

Part II.

2[*2r] ‘Registro'.

2[*3r] ‘Tabula'. [Prv–Apc].

A1r Hieronymus: ‘Epistola', [addressed to] Cromatio and Eliodoro.

A1r [Prv.]

B1r ‘Prologo' [to Ecl], followed by [Ecl].

B4r ‘Prologo' [to Ct], followed by [Ct], followed by [Sap].

C3v ‘Prologo' [to Sir], followed by [Sir].

E6r ‘Prologo' [to Is], followed by [Is].

H2v ‘Prologo' [to Ier], followed by [Ier-Lam].

L5r ‘Prologo' [to Bar], followed by [Bar].

L8r ‘Prologo' [to Ez], followed by [Ez].

O6r ‘Prologo' [to Dn], followed by [Dn].

P7v ‘Prologo' [to Twelve Prophets].

P7v ‘Prologo' [to Os], followed by [Os]. Preceded by ‘argumento'.

Q3r ‘Prologo' [to Ioel].

Q3v ‘Altro prologo', followed by [Ioel]. Preceded by ‘argumento'.

Q4v ‘Prologo' [to Am].

Q4v ‘Altro prologo', followed by [Am].

Q7r ‘Prologo' [to Abd].

Q7r ‘Altro prologo', followed by [Abd]. Preceded by ‘argumento'.

Q8r ‘Prologo' [to Ion], followed by [Ion]. Preceded by ‘argumento'.

R1r ‘Prologo' [to Mi], followed by [Mi]. Preceded by ‘argumento'.

R2v ‘Prologo' [to Na], followed by [Na]. Preceded by ‘argumento'.

R3v ‘Prologo' [to Hab], followed by [Hab]. Preceded by ‘argumento'.

R5r ‘Prologo' [to So].

R5v [So]. Preceded by ‘argumento'.

R6r ‘Prologo' [to Agg], followed by [Agg]. Preceded by ‘argumento'.

R7r ‘Prologo' [to Za], followed by [Za]. Preceded by ‘argumento'.

S3r ‘Prologo' [to Mal].

S3v ‘Altro prologo', followed by [Mal]. Preceded by ‘argumento'.

S4v Hieronymus: ‘Prologo' [to Mcc], followed by [I–II Mcc]. Preceded by ‘argumento'.

Y1r Hieronymus: [Letter addressed to] Damasus, Pont. Max.

Y1v ‘Prologo' [to Four Evangelists].

Y2r ‘Altro prologo', followed by [Mt]. Preceded by ‘argumento'.

Z6v ‘Prologo' [to Mc], followed by [Mc].

AA7r ‘Prologo', followed by [Lc]. Verses 1-4 here called ‘Altro prologo'.

CC6r ‘Prologo' [to Io], followed by [Io], followed by [Act].

GG2r ‘Prologo' [to Pauline Epistles].

GG2v ‘Altro prologo' [to Pauline Epistles].

GG3r ‘Prologo', followed by [Rm]. Preceded by ‘argumento'.

HH1v ‘Prologo' [to I Cor], followed by [I Cor]. Preceded by ‘argumento'.

HH7v ‘Prologo' [to II Cor], followed by [II Cor]. Preceded by ‘argumento'.

II3v [Gal–Hbr.] Each letter is preceded by an ‘argumento'.

LL5r ‘Prologo' [to Canonical Epistles], followed by [Iac–Iud]. Iac preceded by ‘argumento'.

MM3v ‘Prologo' [to Apc], followed by [Apc], followed by [Grace]. Incipit: ‘Uieni signor Jesu, la gratiadel signor nostro Jesu Christo sia con tutti noi. Amen'.

MM10r [Valedictory prayer.] Incipit: ‘Quale adunque lode et gratie, o summo signore porgere . . .’

MM10r [Colophon] followed by [Prayer]. Incipit: ‘Gloria ti rendo, o mio signor benigno | Che di tal gratia tu me ha fatto digno'; 2 lines of verse. Barbieri, Le bibbie italiane, I 199.


Imprint: Venice: Gabriele di Pietro, 1477-8. Folio.

Remarks: In two parts, dated: (I) 26 Nov. (first gathering, after 23 Dec.) 1477; (II) 15 Jan. 1477/8.


Collation: Part I: [*] [a] b10 c–z [et] [con] [rum] aa 8 cc10 dd–gg8 hh–kk6; part II: 2[*]6 A B10 C–U8 X4 Y10 Z AA–LL8 MM10.


ISTC: ib00641000

GW: GW 4313;

Hain: H *3152; R 303 (Psalms);

Goff: Goff B‑641 (including P‑1077);

Proctor: Pr 4200;

Others: Barbieri, Le bibbie italiane, I 199-205 no. 4; Bohatta, Lit. Bibl. 1032 (Psalms); BSB‑Ink B‑497; Darlow–Moule 802; Sheppard 3376.

LCN: 14004823


Copy number: B-337(1)

Wanting T3; T4 duplicated.

Binding: Sixteenth-century(?) parchment; the gold stamp of the Bodleian Library on both covers, over a central ornamental stamp. Two ties lost.

Size: 293 × 210 × 120 mm.

Size of leaf: 285 × 194 mm.

Provenance: Pietro-Antonio Bolongaro-Crevenna (1735-1792); printed label of the sale (1789) part I, lot 115, inside the upper cover; in the annotated catalogue marked down to Payne for Fl. 20. Purchased through Payne for £1. 15. 0; see Books Purchased (1790), 1.

SHELFMARK: Auct. Q sup. 1.26.

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