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Bod-Inc: B-348




Analysis of Content

a1v [Declaration of authenticity.] ‘Epigramma libri presentis'.’ The volume was edited by Petrus Ingemari and the lay brother Gerardus on behalf of the Brigittine monastery in Vadstena. Incipit: ‘[B]enedictus deus, a quo hoc liber inspiratus est . . .’ See Collijn, Bibliografi, I 122-3.

a1v ‘Phares voluminis infrascripti'. Incipit: ‘Diuide sic numen subscriptum, siue volumen'; 5 hexameters, a mnemonic poem listing the works of the volume.

a2r Turrecremata, Johannes de: ‘Epistola . . . ad omnes christifideles'. Incipit: ‘[I]ohannes miseracione diuina sacrosancte Romane ecclesie tituli . . . Rogati deuota cum instancia per venerabiles et religiosos fratres . . .’ Authentication of the ‘Defensorium'; not found in Kaeppeli III 24-42.

a2v Turrecremata, Johannes de: Defensorium super revelationes caelestes S. Birgittae. Incipit: ‘  “[D]ixerunt Iudith, Ozias et presbiteri, Omnia quae locuta es vera sunt. Iudith c viijo ” [Idt 8,28] . . . Ista quippe verba quæ secundum sensum litteralem . . .’ The prologue and the first six chapters only; chapter 5 also contains Bonifatius IX, [Bulla, Ab origine mundi, 7 Oct. 1391]; MBR IV (Turin, 1859), 616-24; and Martinus V, [Bulla, Excellentum principum, 1 July 1419]; not in MBR. See Collijn, Bibliografi, I 121; not found in Kaeppeli III 24-42.

a11r Johannes de Castello: ‘Littera testimonialis'.’ Incipit: ‘[V]niuersis et singulis christifidelibus . . . Ludouicus de Garsis vtriusque iuris doctor . . .’

a12r Jacobus: ‘Instrumentum notarii'.’ Incipit: ‘[I]n nomine indiuidue trinitatis . . . Ego Jacobus, domini diui de Callio publicus apostolica et imperiali autoritatibus notarius . . .’

a12v Three pages of woodcuts with revelatory texts. Incipit: ‘Ego sum deus tuus qui tecum loqui volo . . .’ The first leaf contains four, the others three woodblocks.

b2r Matthias de Suecia: Prologus. Birgitta, Revelaciones lib. I cum prologo Magistri Mathie, book I, ed. C.-G. Undhagen (Stockholm, 1977), 229-40.

b5r Revelationes i–vii. Sancta Birgitta, Revelaciones I, ed. Undhagen; Revelaciones IV, ed. H. Aili (Stockholm, 1992); Revelaciones V–VII, ed. B. Bergh (Stockholm, 1967-91). Each book is preceded by a page of woodcuts, some containing revelatory texts.

¶10v One page of woodcuts with revelatory texts. Incipit: ‘Ego sum similis carpentario . . .’

aa1r Alphonsus, Bishop of Jaén: Epistola Solitarii ad reges. Arne Jönsson, Alfonso of Jaén: His Life and Works with Critical Editions of the Epistola Solitarii, the Informaciones and the Epistola Servi Christi, Studia Graeca et Latina Lundensia, 1 (Lund, 1989).

bb1r Birgitta: Revelationes viii; Liber celestis imperatoris. Incipit: ‘[V]idi palacium grande, incomprehensibile magnitudine . . .’

dd3r Birgitta: Regula saluatoris. Opera minora. I. Regula salvatoris ed. S. Eklund (Stockholm, 1975), ‘ Πtradition' 100-73.

ee1r ‘Prologus in Sermonem angelicum . . .’ Opera minora. II. Sermo angelicus, ed. S. Eklund (Stockholm, 1972), 75-6.

ee1v Birgitta: Sermo angelicus. Opera minora. II. Sermo angelicus, ed. Eklund, 77-137.

ff4r [Prohemium in orationes.] Opera minora. III. Quatuor oraciones, ed. S. Eklund (Stockholm, 1991), 65.

ff4r Birgitta: Orationes. Opera minora. III. Quatuor oraciones, ed. Eklund, Δ-text, 66-92.

A1r [Prologus in reuelationes celestes.] Revelaciones extravagantes, ed. L. Hollman (Stockholm, 1956), 113-14.

A1r Birgitta: Revelationes extravagantes. Revelaciones extravagantes, ed. Hollman, 115-232.

C6v ‘Vita abbreuiata . . . sancte Birgitte'. Incipit: ‘[B]enedictus sit Deus, pater et filius et spiritus sanctus. De cuius priuilegiata familiaritate . . .’

C10v [Editorial statement on pseudographic texts.] Incipit: ‘Finit diuinum uolumen omnium celestium Reuelationum preelecte sponse Christi . . .’

C10v [Colophon.] Incipit: ‘Mille quadringenti nonaginta duo simul anni'; 8 hexameters.

[a1r] [Tabula.]

[h8r] ‘Oratio deuota ad Sanctam Birgittam'. Incipit: ‘[O] Birgitta mater bona, dulcis ductrix et partona'; a rhythmic poem.


Imprint: [Lübeck]: Bartholomaeus Ghotan [for Vadstena Monastery, before 25 Nov.] 1492. Folio.


Collation: a12 b–l10 m8 n–p10 q8 r–z10 [et]8 t̄ ¶ aa–ee10 ff8 A–C [2a]10 b–g10 h8.

Illustrations: The woodcuts and woodcut initials are discussed in Collijn, Bibliografi, I 124-6.


ISTC: ib00687000

GW: GW 4391

Hain: H 3204*;

Goff: Goff B‑687;

BMC: BMC II 554;

Proctor: Pr 2625;

Others: BSB‑Ink B‑530; Collijn, Bibliografi, I 117-28; Rhodes 377; Schramm XII p. 11; Schreiber V 3502; Sheppard 1903-4.

LCN: 13984337


Copy number: B-348(1)

Wanting n8 which bears on the verso a full page cut of the crucifixion.

Binding: Contemporary Dutch(?) blind-tooled calf over wooden boards; red edges. Two catches, and two metal corner-pieces at the tail of each cover, the two others lost. Two leather straps with metal fastening on the spine; remains of two clasps; five bosses on each cover lost. Triple fillets form a double frame. In three sections of the outer frame a small open rosette stamp, along the back a small open fleur-de-lis stamp. On the upper cover: in the inner frame an open undulating arch stamp and a small open floral stamp. The inner rectangle is divided by triple fillets into lozenge-shaped compartments. On the lower cover: no stamps in the frame, but another small rosette stamp at the points where the intersecting fillets meet the inner frame. Upper cover detached from text-block, and now supported by two straps attached to each cover. Two-thirds of the spine cover is wanting.

Size: 335 × 240 × 110 mm.

Size of leaf: 320 × 230 mm.

Front pastedown, now raised, from a parchment manuscript endleaf containing the legal decision of a court held at S. Maria Novella, Florence 23 Feb. 1442, relating to a disputed canonry in the church of St John the Evangelist, ’s Hertogenbosch.

The woodcuts and principal initials painted in gold and colours (probably decoration carried out in the Low Countries?); a few other initials are supplied, some printed initials painted in red or blue ink, headings and rubrics underlined, printed paragraph marks touched with red, and capital strokes.

Provenance: Francis Douce (1757-1834); armorial book-plate. Bequeathed in 1834.

SHELFMARK: Douce 291.

Copy number: B-348(2)

Printed on parchment.

Binding: Eighteenth/nineteenth-century English diced calf with gilt edges, for the Bodleian Library; the gold stamp of the Bodleian on both covers; boards detached; bound by Louis Cordavau/Cordeval (fl. 1799), 57 Chandos Street, London; oxydised orange binder's ticket (similar to those used by Christian Samuel Kalthoeber); see Charles Ramsden, London Bookbinders 1780-1840 (London, 1956), 53.

Size: 340 × 230 × 125 mm.

Size of leaf: 325 × 210 mm.

Occasional early annotations referring to other chapters; some underlining in black ink; occasional scribbles.

Woodcuts and principal initials are painted in gold and colours. A six-line initial on a6v is partly painted in gold.

Provenance: Edward Rowse (sixteenth century); inscription on ¶10v: ‘Edward Rowce would owe this book'; and on e9v verses written by Rowse: ‘Possidet aut vellet codicem qui scribit in illo | nunc in illo Rowsus candida multa legens'. William Laud, Archbishop of Canterbury (1573-1645): ‘Liber Guilielmi Laud. Archiepi[scopi] et Cancelarij Vniuersitatis Oxon̄ 1635'. Donated by Laud in 1635; see Coxe, Laudian MSS, p. xxxv; SC 1421, with shelfmark Auct. 1Q 1.10.

SHELFMARK: Auct 1Q 1.6.

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