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Bod-Inc: B-374

Boccaccio, Giovanni

Genealogiae deorum (books I–XIII only).


Analysis of Content

[a1r] Boccaccio, Giovanni: Genealogiae deorum gentilium. [Liber I]. ‘Genealogie deorum gentilium Iohannis Bocatii cerdaldensis ad Hugonem Hierusalem et Cipri regem liber primus incipit feliciter. Qui primus apud gentiles deus habitus sit.’ Dedicated to Hugo II, King of Jerusalem and Cyprus. Incipit: ‘[Q]ui(!) primus apud gentiles Deus habitus sit. [M]are magnum et dissuetum navigiis intraturus novumq[ue] ...  . . .’ Explicit: ‘[b1v]’ Explicit: ‘... observationes utuntur, de quas plurima possunt dici sed causa brevitatis genealogie demogorgonis et perconsequens totius primi libri finem imponamus.’ See B‑369, but a shortened version; see note on [n3v].

[b1v] Boccaccio, Giovanni: Genealogiae deorum gentilium. [Liber II]. ‘Genealogie deorum gentilium liber secundus. De ethere herebi et noctis xxi filio.’ Incipit: ‘[E]there secundum Tullius in de naturis deorum filius fuit noctis et herebi qui quidem ...’ [c8v] Explicit: ‘... reservare volui Iovem quinto et sexto oceanum saturnum octavo reliquisque.’

[c9r] Boccaccio, Giovanni: Genealogiae deorum gentilium. [Liber III]. ‘Genealogie deorum gentilium liber quartus. De titano celi filio.’ ‘[D]e celo etheris et diei filio satis in precedenti volumine dictum ...’ [e4v] Explicit: ‘... et cetera animalia producit.’ ‘Explicit quartus. Sequitur quintus.’

[e5r] Boccaccio, Giovanni: Genealogiae deorum gentilium. [Liber V]. Incipit: ‘[S]opra libro tertio de celo dictum est cuius fuisse filium iovem dicit ...’ [f5r] Explicit: ‘... construi fecerat carmentalem per multa secula cavere.’ ‘Et sic finit quintus.’

f5v Boccaccio, Giovanni: Genealogiae deorum gentilium. [Liber VI]. ‘Incipit sextus genealogie deorum gentilium,’ De dardano xvi secundi iovis filio’ Incipit: ‘[D]ardanus iovis et electre filie athlantis filius fuit. Hunc dicunt iovem inter ceteros ...’ Incipit: ‘118’ Explicit: ‘... de marte conceperit infra ut de romulo declarabitur.’ ‘Et sic finit sextus.’

119 Boccaccio, Giovanni: Genealogiae deorum gentilium. [Liber VII]. ‘Incipit septimus genealogie deorum gentilium. De oceano.’ Incipit: ‘[O]ceanum celi et veste filium dicit theos huic dicit ...’ 131 Explicit: ‘... per quem forte navigio venerat.’ ‘Et sic finit septimus.’

133 Boccaccio, Giovanni: Genealogiae deorum gentilium. [Liber VIII]. ‘Incipit octavus genealogie deorum gentilium. De saturno undecimo celi filio.’ Incipit: ‘[S]aturnus celi filius et veste fuit secundum ...’ 142 Explicit: ‘... quam a suo nomine noncupavit.’ ‘Et sic finit octavus.’

144 Boccaccio, Giovanni: Genealogiae deorum gentilium. [Liber VIII]. ‘Incipit nonus genealogie deorum gentilium.’ Incipit: ‘[I]uno errore gentium regina deorum saturni et opis fuit filia ante ...’ 161 Explicit: ‘... appellasse quirites et his dictis libro finem imponamus.’ ‘Explicit nonus.’

162 Boccaccio, Giovanni: Genealogiae deorum gentilium. [Liber X]. ‘Incipit decimus genealogie deorum gentilium. De neptuno nono saturni filio.’ Incipit: ‘[N]eptunus saturni et opis fuit filius et cetera ut supra hunc veteres ...’ 178 Explicit: ‘... homines docuisset.’ ‘Et sic finit decimus.’

180 Boccaccio, Giovanni: Genealogiae deorum gentilium. [Liber XI]. ‘Incipit undecimus genealogie deorum gentilium. De tertio iove decimo saturni filio.’ Incipit: ‘[I]ovem cretensem qui tercius in hoc ope est saturni et opis ...’ 198 Explicit: ‘... tamen huic libello faciamus.’ ‘Et sic finit xi genealogie deorum gentilium.’

199 Boccaccio, Giovanni: Genealogiae deorum gentilium. [Liber XII].: ‘De tantalo xxx Iovis filio.’ Incipit: ‘[T]antalus secundum lactancium filius fuit Iovis ...’ 219 ... cumas campanie tabida in senectute marcentem. ‘Explicit xii genealogie deorum gentilium.’

221 Boccaccio, Giovanni: Genealogiae deorum gentilium. [Liber XIII]. ‘De hercule xxxviii iovis filio.’ Incipit: ‘[H]ercules filius fuit iovis et almene que hac lege nupsit ...’ [n3v] Explicit: ‘... et sibi fecerit prosapia finem. Ego eque libello conficiam. Deo gratias.’ ‘Explicit xiii Boccacii de genealogia deorum gentilium subtiliter ac compendiose abbreviati his que ab cognicionem poematum minus necessaria sunt reiectis, et reliquis duobus libris qui de genealogia deorum non sunt omissis.’

[n3v] Dominicus Silvester [de Florentia]: ‘Versus dominici silvestri super quindecim libris Genealogie deorum gentilium Boccacii' (17 hexameters).’ Incipit: ‘Que narrat terquinque libris Boccacius audi | primus habet stirpem Demogorgonis ethere dempto ...’ Explicit: ‘... Quintus ab obiectis decimus defendere curat | hoc terquimque libris Epigramma dominicus addit.’ See B‑369.

[n4r] [Alphabetical table of contents.] Incipit: ‘[D]e antheo libro primo folio vii | de amore ...’ 249 Explicit: ‘... de zezio libro ix lxxix.’


Imprint: [Louvain: Johann Veldener, 1473-4]. Folio.

Remarks: Tentatively assigned to Veldener's Louvain press by HPT I 18 and Allan Stevenson, ‘The First Book Printed at Louvain', Essays in Honour of Victor Scholderer, ed. Dennis E. Rhodes (Mainz, 1970), 402-6; see also Needham, ‘Cologne Partners', 123-6; GW assigns to [Cologne: Printer of the ‘Flores Sancti Augustini', c.1473].


Collation: [a–c10 d8 e–g10 h8 i–n10].


ISTC: ib00750000

GW: GW 4480;

Hain: HC 3317; C 1077;

Goff: Goff B‑750;

BMC: BMC I 234;

Proctor: Pr 1104;

Others: Campbell <294a>; ILC 402; HPT II 432; Oates 589; Rhodes 386; Sheppard 826-7; Voulliéme, Köln, 258.

LCN: 13961113


Copy number: B-374(1)

Wanting the outermost sheet of gathering [k] and the blank leaf [n10].

The heading on [a1r] printed in black.

Binding: Eighteenth-century gold-tooled red morocco; floral tool on spine; marbled pastedowns; the gold stamp of the Bodleian Library on both covers.

Size: 292 × 215 × 33 mm.

Size of leaf: 285 × 200 mm.

North European (Flemish?) decoration; principal initials are supplied in interlocked red and blue with pen-flourishing; on [c1r] lettered ‘paix', on [i5v] with a drawing of a face. On [a3r] a drawing of a dragon, on [c6r] of a shield with three fleurs-de-lys. On [g1r] ‘Paix etc.' added in calligraphic writing in blue, on [l3v] in ink. Other initials and paragraph marks are supplied in red or blue; red underlining; the text enclosed within red rules.

Provenance: On [a1r] a painted coat of arms: on a crozier, a shield, quarterly, 1 and 4, azure, a cross or between two stars and two crescents; 2 and 3, gules, a ram passant, a chief of the second. Also, in the outer margin, a crozier with oak branch and a scroll lettered ‘paix'. On [n3v] a pencil drawing of a coat of arms: on a crozier, a shield, quarterly, 1 and 4, a star; 2 and 3, a crescent. Probably the copy purchased for £3. 3. 0; see Books Purchased (1825), 4.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 2Q inf. 1.10.

Copy number: B-374(2)

Gatherings [b] and [c] are misbound after [m].

Binding: Seventeenth-century Italian red morocco, the covers decorated with fan-pattern and other gold tooling; in the centre oval, a coat of arms, largely obliterated, surmounted by a coronet.

Size: 300 × 205 × 35 mm.

Size of leaf: 286 × 200 mm.

Initials are supplied in red.

Provenance: Zoniënbos at Oudergem, Brabant, Roo- or Roedenclooster, Augustinian Canons, S. Paulus; on [a1r] ‘Bibliothecæ Rubeæ Vallis'. Paget Jackson Toynbee (1855-1932); note on purchase (dated Aug. 1912) on the rear endleaf; donated by Toynbee.

Former Bodleian shelfmark: Toynbee 1108.

SHELFMARK: Toynbee 3616.

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