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Bod-Inc: B-451


Sermones de tempore et de sanctis.


Analysis of Content

[a2r] ‘Registrum sermonum et de tempore et de sanctis cum communi sanctorum'.

[b2r] Bonaventura [pseudo-; Servasanctus de Faenza]: Sermones de tempore. Incipit: ‘  “[V]eniet desideratus cunctis gentibus” Aggei .ii. [Agg 2,8] Si sancti patres domini desiderabant aduentum . . .’ See Distelbrink no. 209 and Schneyer, Repertorium, V nos 1-130 (Servasanctus de Faenza). 130 sermons. Sometimes erroneously attributed to Hugo de Sancto Caro; see Goff.

[F4r] Bonaventura [pseudo-; Servasanctus de Faenza]: Sermones de sanctis. Incipit: ‘  “[M]ichi autem absit gloriari nisi in cruce domini nostri Jesu Christi” Gala. vltimo. [Gal 6,14]. Narrat Valerius Maximus . . .’ See Schneyer, Repertorium, V nos 131-2, 135-6, 138, 140, 143-7, 150, 153, 156-7, 161-70, 172, 160, 173-87 (Servasanctus de Faenza). Sermons 9, 13, 30, 31, and 34 are not in Schneyer. Sermons 14, 32, 36, 37, and 38 are listed as anonymous; see Schneyer, Repertorium, VII nos 15 and 9 and Schneyer, Repertorium, VIII nos 1, 17 and 19. Sermon 18 is listed among the sermons of Matthaeus ab Aquasparta: Matthaei ab Aquasparta, Sermones de Beata Maria Virgine, ed. C. Piana, Bibliotheca Franciscana Ascetica Medii Aevi, 9 (Quaracchi, 1962), 20-34; see Schneyer, Repertorium, IV 157, no. 94. Some sermons are also listed among the sermons of Bonaventura, see Schneyer, Repertorium, I 655-6. Bonaventura, Opera omnia, ed. A. C. Peltier (Paris, 1864-71), XIII 493-636. 54 sermons. Ascribed to Servasanctus de Faenza by Glorieux, Répertoire, 305 dx, and Distelbrink no. 205.

[Q3r] Bonaventura [pseudo-; Servasanctus de Faenza]: Sermones de communi sanctorum. Incipit: ‘  “[B]eati oculi qui vident que vos videtis” Luce decimo [Lc 10,23]. Docet Anc[elmus] in libro de veritate . . .’ Schneyer, Repertorium, V nos 193-6, 188, 198-202, 205, 207, 209, 215, 218, and 223. Bonaventura, Opera omnia, ed. Peltier, XIV 1-138. 16 sermons.


Imprint: Zwolle: [Johannes de Vollenhoe], 1479. Folio.

Remarks: Regarded as a variant of Campbell–Kronenberg I 336a by Pr and GW. Formerly assigned to [Pieter van Os], but see HPT. See also G. Kohlfeldt, ‘Einige Fälle von Inkunabel-Doppeldrucken', ZfB 20 (1903), 375-8.


Collation: [a10 b–z A–T8 V6].


ISTC: ib00948000

GW: GW 4810;

Hain: H 3511 = HCR 3512 = HC 8976;

Goff: Goff B‑948;


Proctor: Pr 9122;

Others: BBFN 108A; Campbell 336; CIBN B‑672; Hillard 458; HPT II 448; ILC 435; Oates 3590-1; Sheppard 7003.

LCN: 13913374


Copy number: B-451(1)

Wanting [o2], [s1,2], and [I8].

Binding: Contemporary German (Herzogenburg, Augustinians; or Oloumouc, Moravia?, Kyriß workshop no. 13?), blind-tooled calf over wooden boards, four corner-pieces and the central boss on each cover and two clasps lost; yellow-edged leaves; rebacked. Parchment leaf used for reinforcing. Formerly chained: staple-marks of a hasp at head of the lower cover. On both covers fillets form intersecting triple frames. On the upper cover the inner rectangle is filled with fleurons surrounded by merrythoughts made up of two different headed-outline tools; within the outer frame a lozenge-shaped stamp with a dragon and two small rosette stamps; within the second frame a repeated wedge-shaped stamp. On the lower cover the inner rectangle is divided by triple fillets into lozenge-shaped compartments, within which are the headed-outline tools; within the outer frame the fleuron stamp and two small rosette stamps; within the second frame the repeated wedge-shaped stamp. The stamps are possibly the same as Kyriß pl. 27, nos 2, 3, 5; the workshop is ascribed to Olomouc by Hope Mayo, ‘Olomouc, not Herzogenburg: a Group of Gothic Blind-tooled Bookbindings Reattributed', Gb Jb 69 (1994), 264-91; tools on the binding of this incunable may be identical to nos 1, 2, 3, and 28.

Size: 294 × 215 × 90 mm.

Size of leaf: 278 × 202 mm.

In gathering [a], paragraph marks are supplied in red or blue; yellow capital strokes and red underlining. On [b2r] a five-line initial is supplied in red with infill in brown on a yellow ground. Other initials and paragraph marks are supplied in red; red and yellow capital strokes and red underlining.

Provenance: J. T. Hand (fl. 1834-1837); see sale (1837), lot 173; purchased for £0. 4. 0; see Books Purchased (1837), 5.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 6Q 5.42.

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