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Bod-Inc: B-507

Brant, Sebastian

Das Narrenschiff [Latin] Stultifera navis (trans. Jacobus Locher; with captions).


Analysis of Content

A1r [Title-page with date ‘1497' and motto and name of Bergmann de Olpe.]

A1v Locher, Jacobus: ‘Epigramma ad lectorem'. Brant, Narrenschiff, ed. Zarncke, 210-11.

A1v Locher, Jacobus: [Letter addressed to] Sebastian Brant. Dated Freiburg, 1 Feb. [14]97. Brant, Narrenschiff, ed. Zarncke, 211.

A3v Locher, Jacobus: ‘Carmen . . . ad Se[bastianum] Brant'. Brant, Narrenschiff, ed. Zarncke, 211-12.

A4r Locher, Jacobus: ‘Sapphicon'. Incipit: ‘Grandibus possunt numeris tonare'; 15 sapphic strophes.

A5v Locher, Jacobus: ‘Epigramma in Narragoniam . . . ad lectores'. Brant, Narrenschiff, ed. Zarncke, 212.

A5v [Ps 106,23 and 26-7]. ‘Ad Narragoniam'.

A5v Locher, Jacobus: ‘Ad Johannem Bergmannum de Olpe . . . decatostichon'. Brant, Narrenschiff, ed. Zarncke, 212.

A6r Brant, Sebastian: ‘Ad Jacobum Philomusum subeunde profectionis Narragonice e barbaria in latiale solum exhortatio'. Brant, Narrenschiff, ed. Zarncke, 118.

A6v Brant, Sebastian: ‘In narragonicam profectionem celeusma'. Brant, Narrenschiff, ed. Zarncke, 118-19.

A7r Locher, Jacobus: ‘Prologus . . . in Narrogoniam'. Brant, Narrenschiff, ed. Zarncke, 212.

A8v [Locher, Jacobus]: ‘Hecatostichon in proludium auctoris et libelli Narragonici'. Brant, Narrenschiff, ed. Zarncke, 212-13.

b2v [Locher, Jacobus]: ‘Argumentum in Narragoniam'. Partly edited in Brant, Narrenschiff, ed. Zarncke, 213.

b3r Brant, Sebastian: Stultifera navis. ‘De inutilibus libris'. Translated by Jacobus Locher Philomusus. Incipit: ‘Inter precipuos pars est mihi reddita stultos'. Chapters 1, 4, and 62 edited in Brant, Narrenschiff, ed. Zarncke, 214-15.

r8v Locher, Jacobus: ‘Excusatio'. Incipit: ‘Vertimus naues fatuas latinis'; 20 sapphic strophes.

s3r [Brant, Sebastian]: ‘Socialis nauis mechanicorum'. Incipit: ‘Stultorum trahitur collecta caterua virorum'; 20 elegiac distichs.

s3v Brant, Sebastian: ‘De Nicolao Renner acuphago'. Brant, Narrenschiff, ed. Zarncke, 119.

s4r Brant, Sebastian: ‘De singularitate quorundam nouorum fatuorum additio'. Brant, Narrenschiff, ed. Zarncke, 119-21.

s7r Locher, Jacobus: [Letter addressed to] Johannes Bergmann de Olpe. Incipit: ‘Etsi non dubito, amice iucundissime . . .’

s8r [Locher, Jacobus]: ‘Ad eundem Johannem B[ergmann] de Olpe'. Incipit: ‘Me rogo commendes nostro, iucunde Johannes'; 3 elegiac distichs.

s8v Locher, Jacobus: ‘Ad numeros suos vt Johannem Bergmanum festine adeant'. Incipit: ‘Ite, rudes numeri, millenas ferte salutes'; 27 elegiac distichs.

t1v [Colophon by Johannes Bergmann de Olpe.] ‘Finis stultifere Nauis'.

t2r ‘Registrum stultifere Nauis'.


Imprint: [Nuremberg: Georg Stuchs, after 1 Mar. 1497]. 8°.

Remarks: Reprinted in Nuremberg from the edition of Basel: Johann Bergmann, 1 Mar. 1497 (GW 5054), including the colophon.


Collation: A8 b–s8 t4.

Illustrations: 117 woodcuts; woodcut initials.


ISTC: ib01087000

GW: GW 5055;

Hain: H *3747;

Goff: Goff B‑1087;

BMC: BMC II 471;

Proctor: Pr 7775;

Others: Schramm XVIII p. 21; Schreiber V 3568; Sheppard 1651; Sébastien Brant. 500e anniversaire, 193-4.

LCN: 13914001


Copy number: B-507(1)

Binding: Eighteenth-century mottled calf; single gilt fillets on covers; gold-tooled spine; marbled pastedowns.

Size: 158 × 105 × 23 mm.

Size of leaf: 153 × 92 mm.

Provenance: Augsburg, Bavaria, Discalced Carmelites, S. Anna; on A1r ‘Conuentus Augustani Carmelitarum Discalceatorum'. Francis Douce (1757-1834). Bequeathed in 1834. This item was stolen from the Bodleian by Bruno Pagano (b. c.1942), using the name ‘C. B. Poli' on 12 June 1978, and was recovered on 14 Sept. The ink-written shelfmark has been bleached from inside the upper cover, as have the impressions of the circular Douce stamp from both the title-leaves; the paper shelf number has also been almost completely removed from the foot of the spine. The site of the Douce book-plate has been covered up by pasting over it a copy of the armorial book-plate of Sinclair, which bears the shelfmark QQ.ix.18. Now restamped; a new Douce book-plate has been inserted.

SHELFMARK: Douce 19.

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