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Bod-Inc: B-512

Brant, Sebastian

Das Narrenschiff [Latin] Stultifera navis (trans. Jacobus Locher; with captions).


Analysis of Content

a1r [Title-page with date ‘1497' and motto and name of Bergmann de Olpe.]

a1v Locher, Jacobus: ‘Epigramma ad lectorem'. Incipit: ‘[C]armina sint quamuis triuiali sculpta moneta'; 7 elegiac distichs. Brant, Narrenschiff, ed. Zarncke, 210-11.

a1v Locher, Jacobus: [Letter addressed to] Sebastian Brant. Incipit: ‘[S]i fas esset, preceptor iucundissime . . .’ Brant, Narrenschiff, ed. Zarncke, 211. Dated Freiburg, 1 Feb. [14]97.

a3v Locher, Jacobus: ‘Carmen . . . ad S[ebastianum] Brant'. Incipit: ‘Si mihi nunc pean sacros concederet arcus'; 26 elegiac distichs. Brant, Narrenschiff, ed. Zarncke, 211-12.

a4r Locher, Jacobus: ‘Sapphicon'. Incipit: ‘Grandibus possunt numeris tonare'; 15 sapphic strophes.

a5v Locher, Jacobus: ‘Epigramma in Narragoniam . . . ad lectores'. Incipit: ‘Nauem stultorum iucundo sco[m]mate promsit'; 8 elegiac distichs. Brant, Narrenschiff, ed. Zarncke, 212.

a5v [Ps 106,23 and 26-7].

a5v Locher, Jacobus: ‘Ad Johannem Bergmannum de Olpe . . . decatostichon'. Incipit: ‘Tempore fœlici currunt presentia cursu'; 5 elegiac distichs. Brant, Narrenschiff, ed. Zarncke, 212.

a6r Brant, Sebastian: ‘Ad Jacobum Philomusum subeunde profectionis Narragonice e barbaria in latiale solum exhortatio'. Incipit: ‘Nuper ego stultos vulgari carmine scripsi'; 13 elegiac distichs. Brant, Narrenschiff, ed. Zarncke, 118.

a6v Brant, Sebastian: ‘In Narrogonicam profectionem celeusma'. Incipit: ‘Hortor, adeste viri, quos nunc vocat Eurus, eundum est'; 11 elegiac distichs. Brant, Narrenschiff, ed. Zarncke, 118-19.

a7r Locher, Jacobus: ‘Prologus . . . in Narrogoniam'. Incipit: ‘[C]um mecum diu multumque cogitassem . . .’ Brant, Narrenschiff, ed. Zarncke, 212.

a8v [Locher, Jacobus]: ‘Hecatostichon in proludium auctoris et libelli Narragonici'. Incipit: ‘Per cunctas resonant faustissima dogmata gentes'. Brant, Narrenschiff, ed. Zarncke, 212-13.

b2v [Locher, Jacobus]: ‘Argumentum in Narragoniam'. Incipit: ‘[A]d humani generis foelicitatem . . .’ Partly edited in Brant, Narrenschiff, ed. Zarncke, 213.

b3r Brant, Sebastian: Stultifera navis. ‘De inutilibus libris'. Translated by Jacobus Locher Philomusus. Incipit: ‘Inter precipuos pars est mihi reddita stultos'. Chapters 1, 4, and 62 edited in Brant, Narrenschiff, ed. Zarncke, 214-15.

r8v Locher, Jacobus: ‘Excusatio'. Incipit: ‘Vertimus naues fatuas latinis'; 20 sapphic strophes.

s2v [Brant, Sebastian]: ‘Socialis nauis mechanicorum'. Incipit: ‘Stultorum trahitur collecta caterua virorum'; 20 elegiac distichs.

s3r Brant, Sebastian: ‘De Nicolao Renner acuphago'. Incipit: ‘Finis adest operis, nec te, Nicolae, videre'. Brant, Narrenschiff, ed. Zarncke, 119.

s3v Locher, Jacobus: [Letter addressed to] Johannes Bergmann de Olpe. Incipit: ‘Etsi non dubito, amice iucundissime . . .’

s4v [Locher, Jacobus]: ‘Ad eundem Johannem B[ergmann] de Olpe'. Incipit: ‘Me rogo commendes nostro, iucunde Johannes'; 3 elegiac distichs.

s5r Locher, Jacobus: ‘Ad numeros suos vt Johannem Bergmanum festine adeant'. Incipit: ‘Ite, rudes numeri, millenas ferte salutes'; 27 elegiac distichs.

s6r Brant, Sebastian: ‘De singularitate quorundam nouorum fatuorum additio'. Incipit: ‘Te nostram accepi vertisse, Jacobe, carinam'. Brant, Narrenschiff, ed. Zarncke, 119-21.

t1r Brant, Sebastian: ‘De corrupto ordine uiuendi pereuntibus inuentio noua'. Incipit: ‘Stultorum ingentes culpauimus hactenus ausus'. Brant, Narrenschiff, ed. Zarncke, 121-7.

x4r Beccadelli, Thomas: ‘Epigramma'. Dedicated to Sebastian Brant. Incipit: ‘Augescit merito foelix Germania fama'; 9 elegiac distichs. Brant, Narrenschiff, ed. Zarncke, 217.

x4r Beccadelli, Thomas: [Epigramma.] Dedicated to Johannes Bergmann de Olpe. Incipit: ‘O cui posteritas nunquam debere negabit'; 2 elegiac distichs. Brant, Narrenschiff, ed. Zarncke, 217.

x4v [Colophon.] ‘Finis stultifere nauis'.

y1r ‘Registrum stultifere Nauis'.


Imprint: Basel: Johann Bergmann, de Olpe, 1 Aug. 1497. 4°.


Collation: a–s8 t–y4.

Illustrations: 117 woodcuts; two woodcut borders.


ISTC: ib01090000

GW: GW 5061;

Hain: HC *3750;

Goff: Goff B‑1090;

Others: BSB‑Ink B‑820; CIBN B‑759; Hillard 482; Oates 2853; Schramm XXII p. 47; Schreiber V 3571; Sébastien Brant. 500e anniversaire, 194-5; not in Sheppard.

LCN: 13914056


Copy number: B-512(1)

Wanting a1, x1.4, y1 and the blank leaf y4.

Binding: Contemporary north French or Flemish calf, with defective flap. On both covers fillets form a border; the inner rectangle is divided by fillets into lozenge-shaped compartments. In the lozenge-shaped compartments and in the corners a round armorial stamp lettered ‘S. TULART: LEVUBLEUR' or ‘LEVVALEUR'(?), in the triangular compartments a minute stamp; in the border, a smaller round stamp lettered ‘T.L.R.'(?). For similar impressions of seals on bindings see Goldschmidt 134 and 177 and plates II, XCIX, and CIII, and Weale–Taylor 302.

Size: 212 × 170 × 35 mm.

Size of leaf: 208 × 154 mm.

Provenance: On the verso of the back endleaf inscription: ‘Obiit secretarius van(?) Moul(?) 16 Januarij 1650'. Robert Willock; on the recto: ‘Nov. 20. 1773 ex dono amiciss. Roberti Willock'. Loveday family; sale (London: Sotheby's, 8 June 1953), lot 25. Albert Ehrman (1890-1969); bought by him for £28 from W. H. Robinson Ltd., London, in 1953; armorial book-plate; accession no. ‘1162'. Presented in 1978 by John Ehrman.

SHELFMARK: Broxb. 77.1.

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