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Bod-Inc: B-548


Breviarium Sarisburiense [Salisbury].


Analysis of Content

[*1r] ‘Benedictio salis et aque'. Breviarium, ed. Procter and Wordsworth, II 352-4.

[*1v] ‘Benedictio panis'. Breviarium, ed. Procter and Wordsworth, II 354-5.

11r [Title-page.]

12r [Benedictiones matutinales.] Breviarium, ed. Procter and Wordsworth, I, unpaginated section at the beginning (Conspectus (their p. 6) gives pp. 17-18).

13r [Proprium de tempore. Pars hiemalis.] Breviarium, ed. Procter and Wordsworth, I, pp. v–mxxviii.

211r [Proprium de tempore. Pars aestivalis.] Breviarium, ed. Procter and Wordsworth, I, pp. mxlv–mccccl.

275r ‘In dedicatione ecclesie'. Breviarium, ed. Procter and Wordsworth, II pp. mccccxlix–mccccxcii.

287r ‘Seruitium beate Marie'. Breviarium, ed. Procter and Wordsworth, II 283-314.

[No complete copy known] [Psalterium.] Breviarium, ed. Procter and Wordsworth, II 2-260.

401r [Commune sanctorum.] Breviarium, ed. Procter and Wordsworth, II 355-459, ending with ‘In natali vnius electe' [also known as In natali vnius matrone'], for which see II 556-7.

¶1r ‘Correctio psalterii'. Incipit: ‘Correctio vel potius purgatio ab his videlicet . . .’


Imprint: [Venice: Johannes Hamman, c.1494]. 8°.


Collation: 1-6 [7] 8-198 204 21-9 [30-1] 32-4282.

Remarks: A single unsigned and unnumbered leaf, with text beginning 'Bñdictio ſalis et [q] oīb9 dñi | cis [per] annū poſt p[ri]mā . . .', is bound first in the volume and is not included in the collation. It presumably formed part of a gathering, either unsigned or signed with a signature not in the numerical series, which contained the Calendarium and was placed before the Psalterium, as in some other editions.

Types: Types: [158 G (title)], 70 (67) G, 61 G (P.6, Haebler 'mit'5*: 66'). Lombard initials.

Leaves: 334 leaves, 2-332 numbered 2-344, with errors and omissions.

Line number: Two columns; 12r: 36 lines and headline.

Type area: Size of type area: 120 (125) × 82 mm. Description to supplement the GW description of an incomplete copy: title: [(red) ‘Breuiari ūſed'm mo | rem eccleſie Sarum']; 12r (headline): ‘Benedictiones matutinales || Quotienſc ūque fiunt.ix.lec. | per tot ūann ū: dicantur iſte ſex | benedictiones . . .'; 13r: ‘In no īe ſancte et indiuidue | trinitatis Amen. Incipit ordo | breuiarii ſecundum morem et conſue- | tudin ēeccleſie Sar ūanglica- | ne In parte hyemali. Do | minica prima in adu ētu ad ve | ſperas . . .'; 204v: ‘Explicit pars hiemalis | de tempore.'; 211r: ‘In dei no īe amen. Breuia | rii ſecundum vſum Sar ūpars eſtiua | lis incipit. In feſto ſancte trini | tatis ad veſperas . . .'; 275r (numbered ‘213'): ‘In dedicati ōe eccleſie . . .'; 287r (numbered ‘223'): [Servitium beatae Mariae] (black) ‘virginis vtero verbum tu ūan | gelo n ūciante carn ēſuſcipere | voluiſti . . .'; 321r (numbered ‘249'): [Psalterium] (headline, red) ‘Laudes | (black) men eius in choro: in tympa- | no et pſalterio pſal āt ei . . .'; 401r (numbered ‘321'): ‘[Commune sanctorum] (red) In natali vnius ap'li ſive | vnius eu āngeliſte vel pl'rimo[rum] | apoſtolor ū . . .'; 428v (numbered ‘344'): ‘Explicit cōmune ſanctorum.' ¶1r (headline): 'Correctio pſalterii'. ¶2v: 'Finis'.

Illustrations: Woodcut initial 'D' on 376v.


ISTC: ib01178420

GW: GW 5451;

Hain: C 1309;

Proctor: not in Pr;

Others: Bohatta, Lit. Bibl., 479; Duff 63 = 64; Rhodes 443; STC 15797; Sheppard 4148-51.

LCN: 13985266


Copy number: B-548(1)

Wanting 11 (the title-page), 71-2, 283-6, 295-8, and gatherings 30 and 31. 261 and 277-8 are mutilated. Many other leaves are damaged and repaired. Five modern blank leaves are inserted within gathering 26, and two in gathering 27, apparently without reason.

Binding: Nineteenth-century English calf; marbled pastedowns and scars of index tabs. Loose upper board.

Size: 183 × 123 × 43 mm.

Size of leaf: 168 × 104 mm.

'In illo tempore dixit Jesus' in an early, English hand in the lower margin of 201v, and occasional early notes. Some crosses (as note marks) in the margins. Deleted inscription in upper margin of 392r.

Title in an early hand in the upper margin of 12r.

Provenance: Hazlewood, near Tadcaster, Yorkshire (nineteenth century); inscription on verso of front endleaf: ‘E libris parochi Hazelwood'. Purchased for £25 from B. H. Blackwell, Ltd, 5 Nov. 1969.

SHELFMARK: Inc. e. I4.9.

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