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Bod-Inc: B-551


Breviarium [Utrecht].


Analysis of Content

[*2r] [Calendarium.] Incipit: ‘Januarius habet dies xxxi, luna xxx . . .’ Attribution of the breviary to Utrecht/Windesheim is suggested by the presence of Willibrord and Lebuinus, both venerated at Utrecht, in the Calendarium, both names printed in red, and likewise in the calendar of the 1507 Windesheim breviary. The minor series of the Office of the Dead is that of Utrecht and reading IX of the major series is again that of Utrecht. See K. Ottosen, The Latin Office of the Dead (Aarhus, 1993), 280-2, 345.

[**6r] ‘Ordinarius'. Incipit: ‘Ordinarius pro lxx. D. Prisce virginis. Si hic fuerit lxx.vii ydus infra . . .’

[et]1r [Rubricae.] Incipit: ‘[P]rimus aduentus, dominica prima et secunda . . .’ non cantatur de eius commemoratione'.

aa1r [Proprium de tempore. Pars hiemalis.] Incipit: ‘Dominica prima in aduentu Domini ad vesperas antiphona et psalmos feriales. Capitulum. [S]obrie et pie et iuste viuamus in hoc seculo . . .’ [S.Ambrosii] Euangelium. Vos estis sal terre . . . Et sic est finis'.

a1r [Psalterium.] Incipit: ‘Dominicis diebus. Inuitatorium. Adoremus dominum, qui fecit nos. Psalmus. Venite exultemus.In I nocturno antiphona. Servite domino. Psalmus. [B]eatus vir, qui non abiit in consilio . . .’ [De omnibus sanctis] Collecta. Da nobis . . . supplicatione muniri. Per’

e8r [Litaniae sanctorum.]

e11r [Officium defunctorum.]

f2v [Hymnarium.]

g3v [Commune sanctorum.] Incipit: ‘[Euangelium]. [E]cce ego mitto vos sicut oues in medio luporum . . .’ [De uno confessore]’

A1r [Proprium de tempore. Pars aestivalis.] Incipit: ‘In vigilia Pasche ad vesperas.Antiphona. Alleluia Alleluia. Psalmus. Laudate domino. Ad magnificat. Antiphona. [V]espere autem sabbati que lucescit . . .’ [S.Radbodi ep.] Lectio VI. Ille ut erat . . .’ tu autem domine non miserere'.

H1r [Proprium de sanctis.] Incipit: ‘Commune sanctorum. Ad magnificat. Antiphona.[F]ilie Hierusalem venite et videte martirem cum corona . . .’ [De martiribus] Ad magnificat. Antiphona. O rex regum . . . Hermolaus episcopus. Collecta ut supra'. This part actually contains the ‘Proprium de sanctis'.


Imprint: [Speier: Peter Drach, not before 1481]. 16°.

Remarks: Attribution and dating to [148?] by Alan G. Thomas, on the basis of a letter to Dr H. A. Feisenberger (Sotheby's) from Dr Ursula Altmann and Dr Ursula Bruckner, GW, 29 Oct. 1984.


Collation: [*8 **12] [et]8 aa–kk16 ll4 a–h A–R16.

Types: Type: 74G [P.5]. Printed in red and black throughout.

Leaves: Probably 592 leaves (589 leaves in the Bodleian copy).

Line number: 31 lines ([a2r]); two columns.

Type area: Size of type area: 110 ×74 mm.

Illustrations: Woodcut initials in red.

Watermarks: Two bull's head watermarks.


ISTC: ib01183970

Proctor: Not in Pr;

Others: not in Sheppard.

LCN: 11048037


Copy number: B-551(1)

Wanting [*1], and the last two leaves, R15-16, both possibly blank.

Binding: Sixteenth-century German blind-tooled calf over wooden boards; two clasps, the one lost, but with the remains of the catch. On each cover, double fillets form a border, decorated with circular stamps, two perhaps containing medallions, but all now too worn for identification; further double fillets form an inner rectangle, decorated with a lozenge-shaped centre-piece on the upper cover, an oval-shaped one, with slight remains of gilding, on the lower, which also contains a small fleur-de-lis in the head left-hand corner. Both covers are very worn, and the boards themselves have suffered from considerable worm damage at the edges. Scars of index tabs. Remains of manuscript label on spine.

Size: 160 × 115 × 72 mm.

Size of leaf: 144 × 98 mm.

Early manuscript notes, in some cases cropped. Extensive annotation on g3r. An unread inscription on the verso of the back endleaf.

Many initials and some paragraph marks are supplied in red or blue. Capital strokes and underlining in red.

Provenance: Inside the upper cover is an inscription in a seventeenth-century(?) hand: ‘Inter libros pastorales repertum hoc breviarium ad bibliothecam–B'. Sale (London, 22 Nov. 1984), lot 158. Alan G. Thomas (1911-1992). Purchased on 24 Jan. 1985 from Thomas for £585 (£650); see ledger (1984/5), no. 735.

SHELFMARK: Inc. f. G8.1.

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