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Bod-Inc: B-576

Brunus Aretinus, Leonardus

Historia Florentini populi [Italian].


Analysis of Content

a2r Acciaiuolus, Donatus: ‘Prohemio'. Dedicated to the ‘signori priori di liberta et gonfaloniere di giustitia del popolo Fiorentino'. Incipit: ‘[M]olte sono le cagioni . . .’

a2v Brunus Aretinus, Leonardus: ‘Prohemio'. Translated by Donatus Acciaiuolus. See B‑575.

a3r Brunus Aretinus, Leonardus: Historiae Florentini populi [Italian]. Translated by Donatus Acciaiuolus. See B‑575.

[rum]1r ‘Tauola delle Historie fiorentine'.


Imprint: Florence: Bartolommeo di Libri, 5 June 1492. Folio.

Remarks: Hain *13173 combines this and Goff P‑874 in one entry but ignores the colophon of the Aretinus. The title is presumably intended to cover both works.


Collation: a–z & [con] aa8 bb10 [rum]4.


ISTC: ib01248000

GW: GW 5613 (I);

Hain: HC (+ Addenda) 1563 (I) = *13173 (I);

Goff: Goff B‑1248;

BMC: BMC VI 649;

Proctor: Pr 6197;

Others: BSB‑Ink B‑946 (I); CIBN B‑884; Oates 2354; Rhodes 454; Sheppard 5129.

LCN: 13985897


Copy number: B-576(1)

Bound with:
2. Poggius Florentinus, Historia Florentina. Florence: Bartolommeo di Libri, 3 Sept. 1492 (P‑418(1)).

Gathering [rum] bound first.

Binding: Nineteenth-century half calf, the spine taken from an eighteenth-century gold-tooled binding.

Size: 335 × 225 × 70 mm.

Size of leaf: 325 × 208 mm.

On both items, early marginal notes, mainly extracting dates and information in abbreviated form, in various humanist hands. Manuscript foliation: 1-220 (included the list of contents of item 2); 1-114.

Provenance: Niccolini, of Florence; on [rum]1r, a circular stamp lettered ‘P. G. N.' George C. Harvey (†before 1885); armorial book-plate. Revd Henry Auber Harvey (1824-1910); sale (16 Jan. 1885), lot 352. Purchased at Harvey's sale.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 3Q inf. 1.19(1).

Copy number: B-576(2)

Bound with:
2. Poggius Florentinus, Historia Florentina. Florence: Bartolommeo di Libri, 3 Sept. 1492 (P‑418(2)).

Gathering [rum] bound first.

Binding: Fifteenth-century dark brown Italian (Florence) goatskin over wooden boards bevelled inwards. Blind-tooled. Three six-line frames, a border of a repeated tool of a vase of flowers between the second and third; the centre decorated with a six-line saltire and a lozenge of S‑tools between six-line borders. Brass centre-pieces of lozenge shape with curved indentations decorated with leaf forms around a circular boss. Brass corner-pieces of scalloped shape with circular domed boss and flowers in relief between outer dotted and inner milled borders. Two clasps secured by three star nails arranged in a triangle hinge on the upper board; large shell-shaped catches. Brown edges. Single brown headbands. Sewn on four split thongs. Compartments of the spine decorated with a close-set two-line diaper. Endleaves: pastedown plus one at the front, pastedown only at the end; no watermark. The vase of flowers ornament is found in at least ten versions:
1. The tool on this binding is found also on University of Ulster, Coleraine, P.583 (F): Euclid, Elementa, Venice: E. Ratdolt, 1482. Contains unidentified arms: azure, a mountain of six hills below a crescent and between two stars, or.
2. Veneto (Venice or Vicenza?) Library of Congress, H. 8079: Jo. Gritsch, Quadrigesimale. Venice: Lazarus de Soardis, 1495; UCLA, Δ* A1 A710: Aristotle, Opera, Venice: G. de Gregoriis, 1496, HRC, Austin, Texas, formerly G. Uzielli: N. Perotti, Cornucopia, Venice: Aldus Manutius 1499. Harvard UL, Inc. 7131, Arnoldus de Villanova, Tractatus de virtutibus herbarum. Vicenza, 1491, with arms of Agostini (Tuscany). From the same shop: Venice, Bibl. Marciana, Inc. v. 211: Hieronymus, Epistolae, Venice: J. Rubeus Vercellensis, 1496. The Gritsch and Hieronymus are inscribed, ‘Iste liber est D. Vincentij Vincentini(!) et mon[aster]ij S. Michaelis de Muriano'.
3. Central Italy (Perugia or Tuscany?) Vatican, MS. Chigi B. VII, 17: Gerardus de Senis ordinis Sci Augustini, Sententiae, late thirteenth century, inscribed ‘Munus Gregorij perusini', ‘ex lib. Sti. Aug[usti]ni perusia . . .', ‘fr. gregorius carrentius perusinus', etc.
4. [Central Italy(?), mid fifteenth century] Bodleian Library, MS. Canon. Pat. Lat. 142: Lactantius, Institutiones Divinae. Had ‘Florentine' shell catches.
5. Library of Congress, Inc. 1497. V5 (Rosenwald Catalogue no. 321): Hieronymus, Vita di sancti padri. Venice: Johannes Alvisius, 1497.
6. Tuscany(?). San Marino, California, HEHL 95880: Scriptores rei rusticae, Reggio d'Emilia: B. and L. de Bruschis, 1482. Belonged in sixteenth century to the Appiani, Princes of Piombino (with note of gift in 1588 in Piombino). Arms (seventeenth century) inside the upper cover of Guidi, Counts of Bagno, Marquises of Montebello (Florence).
7. Perhaps Florence? Library of Congress, H. 15218: Tacitus, Opera, [Venice]: Vindelinus de Spira, [c.1473].
8. Florence. Schweinfurt, Schäfer Library (Katalog, I,2, no. 275; De Marinis, II, no. 1593, as Venice): Pliny, Historia naturalis, trans. Cristoforo Landino, 1476, with the arms of Serzelli (Florence).
9. Emilia(?). Lionel Robinson sale, Sotheby's, 26 June 1986, lot 80: Ovid Opera, Parma: Stephanus Corallus, 1477. Vol. 2 only. Watermark of endleaves type of Briquet 4742, 4745 (Reggio d'Emilia 1471, 1482).
10. Florence. Bodleian Library, Inc. c. I2.1476.2 (Bod-inc. L‑127(2)): Titus Livius, Terza Deca. Rome: [apud Sanctum Marcum], 1476.

Size: 335 × 225 × 81 mm.

Size of leaf: 322 × 215 mm.

On both items marginal notes in a seventeenth/eighteenth-century hand.

Provenance: Carlo da Merygazo(?) di Martino (sixteenth century?); signature on [rum]1r (the first page) and on a1r of item 1 and on O10v (the last page) of item 2: ‘Charlo da Merygazo(?) di Martino dello Ysoletto'. Lotteringhi della Stufa (seventeenth century); inscription: ‘Pandulphus Stupha' on O10v (the last page) of item 2. Dello Scelto family; coat of arms pasted inside the upper cover: azure, a dragon or or argent, tongued gules. John Carmichael, 3rd Earl of Hyndford (1701-1767); armorial book-plate on front pastedown and armorial book-plate lettered ‘The Right Hon. The Lord Carmichael' on a1v of item 1. Albert Ehrman (1890-1969); armorial book-plate; bought in 1940 from Herbert Reichner for $51; accession no. ‘2109'. Presented in 1978 by John Ehrman.

SHELFMARK: Broxb. 110.16(1).

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