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Bod-Inc: C-200

Chronicles: France

Chroniques de France [French].


Analysis of Content

A2r [Vérard, Antoine: Preface addressed to] Charles VIII, King of France. Winn, Anthoine Vérard, 254-5.

A3r ‘Table des rubriches du premier volume'.

a1r Les grandes Chroniques de France [French]. [Also known as Chroniques de St Denys.] Vol. 1. Les grandes chroniques de France, selon que elles sont conservées en l'église de Saint-Denis en France, ed. Paulin Paris, 6 vols (Paris, 1836-8). See Potthast I 316.

M4v [First colophon.]

AA2r ‘Table du second volume'.

3A1r Les grandes Chroniques de France [French]. [Also known as Chroniques de St Denys.] Vol. 2.

MM6r [Second colophon.]

<AA>2r ‘Table du tiers volume'.

AAA1r Les grandes Chroniques de France [French]. [Also known as Chroniques de St Denys.] Vol. 3.

MMMM5v [Third colophon.]


Imprint: Paris: Jean Maurand (Vol. II only), for Antoine Vérard, 1493. Folio.

Remarks: In three parts, dated: (I) 10 Sept. 1493; (II) 9 July 1493 (signed by Maurand); (III) 31 Aug. 1493.


Collation: Part I: A a–z 2A–L8 M6; part II: AA6 BB4 3A–T V X 2AA–LL8 MM6; part III: AAA8 BBB6 CCC–QQQ8 RRR6 SSS–XXX AAAA–KKKK8 LLLL MMMM6.

Illustrations: 330 + 427 + 192 woodcuts; woodcut initials.


ISTC: ic00484000

GW: GW 6677;

Hain: HC 5008;

Goff: Goff C‑484;


Proctor: Pr 8291;

Others: Baer, Die Illustrierten Historienbücher, p. lii, no. 257; Claudin II 211-12, 452-6, 462; Hillard 615; Macfarlane 30; Rhodes 542; Sheppard 6253.

LCN: 14827934


Copy number: C-200(1)

Bound in three volumes.

Wanting the blank leaves A1.8, M5, 6 and MMMM6.

Woodcuts on A2r and a1r as GW, not as BMC.

Binding: Bound uniformly in seventeenth-century calf; the spine gold-tooled.

Size: Volume 1: 350 × 255 × 65; volume 2: 355 × 255 × 60; volume 3: 353 × 255 × 55 mm.

Size of leaf: 345–50 × 241–47 mm.

On the title-page (<AA>1r) of vol. II/3 ‘Imprimez a Paris par nous Rodolphe Tablet'. On AAA1r of vol. II/3 ‘Inter christicolas Rex Regum maximus hic est | Sceptro, iure, fide, sanguine Marte prior' in an early hand.

Initials are supplied in red.

Provenance: Fontenay, Cistercians(?); on M4v of vol. II/1, MM6r of vol. II/2 and MMMM5v of vol. II/3: ‘Cest a Fontenay'; on the title-page (<AA>1r) of vol. II/3: ‘Appartien a Fontenay' and ‘Monsieur le president du lire'. Possibly John Selden (1584-1654); see MS. Selden Supra 111, fol. 14v: ‘Les grands Chroniques de Frances. fol. very old.’ But more likely a nineteenth-century acquisition; see label with a lot number from a London sale on spine of vol. II/1.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 2Q 1.21-3.

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