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Bod-Inc: C-234

Cicero, Marcus Tullius

De oratore (comm. Omnibonus Leonicenus), et al.


Analysis of Content

a2r Omnibonus Leonicenus: ‘Oratio de laudibus eloquentiae'. Incipit: ‘[Q]uantum admirationis habeat eloquentia, Vicentini ciues . . .’

a4r Omnibonus Leonicenus: ‘Praefatio'. Incipit: ‘[Q]uantum Ciceronis orator scriptis omnibus non dico . . .’

b1r Omnibonus Leonicenus: [Commentary on De oratore.] Incipit: ‘  “[C]ogitanti mihi saepenumero”. Quae in principiis librorum requiri solent . . .’

b1r Cicero, Marcus Tullius: De oratore. Cic. De Orat.

u1r Cicero, Marcus Tullius: Orator. ‘De perfecto oratore'. Cic. Orat.

x3v Cicero, Marcus Tullius: [Letter addressed to] Gaius Trebatius. Cic. Fam. 7. 19.

x4r Cicero, Marcus Tullius: Topica. Cic. Top.

y2r Cicero, Marcus Tullius: Partitiones oratoriae. Cic. Part.

y7v Cicero, Marcus Tullius: Brutus. ‘De claris orationibus'. Cic. Brut.

A6r Cicero, Quintus Tullius: De petitione consulatus. Cic. Comment. Pet.

B1r Cicero, Marcus Tullius: De optimo genere oratorum. Cic. Opt. Gen.

B1v [Note on the inclusion of Brunus's translation of Aeschines.] Incipit: ‘Ex dictis Ciceronis apertissime constat orationes Aeschinis et Demosthenis pro Cthesiphonte e Graeco in Latinum . . .’

B2r Aeschines: In Ctesiphontem. Translated by Leonardus Brunus Aretinus. Incipit: ‘[Q]uanti conatus parentur viri Athenienses ad hoc iudicium . . .’

B10v Demosthenes: Pro Ctesiphonte. [Also known as De corona.] ‘Oratio in Aeschinem'. Translated by Leonardus Brunus Aretinus. See C‑208. Lanzillotta lists this edition on 47 as 2(II).

D5r Aeschines: [Oratio ad senatum populumque Atheniensem.] Incipit: ‘[E]go me ad rempublicam contuli trigesimotertio aetatis anno . . .’

D5r [Colophon.]

D5v Squarzaficus, Hieronymus: [Letter addressed to] Petrus Busonus (i.e. Pierre d'Aubusson). Allenspach–Frasso 286-8.


Imprint: Venice: Thomas de Blavis de Alexandria, 16 May 1488. Folio.


Collation: a4 b–r8 s t10 u8 x6 y z A8 B10 C D6.


ISTC: ic00663000

GW: GW 6751;

Hain: HC 5108; C 1609;

Goff: Goff C‑663;

BMC: BMC V 318;

Proctor: Pr 4764;

Others: BSB‑Ink C‑365; Oates 1877; Sheppard 3816.

LCN: 14885424


Copy number: C-234(1)

Binding: Seventeenth-century Italian(?) gold-tooled half red morocco over wooden boards; two clasps lost. Title along the upper edge. On both covers a border is formed by a single fillet, a repeated ornamental tool, and double fillets. Within this are a floral tool within two circles, a hanging lamp tool, a tool of a putto's head with wings below, and various ornamental tools. Double fillets form a frame, within which are compartments subdivided by single fillets and decorated with a small rosette stamp, a small floral stamp, two sea-creature stamps, foliate tree-branch stamps, and other ornamental stamps. The spine is decorated with stamps of bats flying among stars, and an ‘IHS' stamp with nails. Gold stamp of the Bodleian Library on leather affixed to both covers. Lower board broken.

Size: 325 × 219 × 55 mm.

Size of leaf: 310 × 207 mm.

Copious early marginal and interlinear notes, mainly in one humanist hand. Some interlinear notes correct the text, but most provide synonyms or brief explanations; marginal notes mainly extract key words and phrases.

Provenance: Possibly an unidentified Jesuit house: ‘IHS' stamp on the spine. Purchased in Florence via D. A. Talboys, Oxford, for £0. 5. 0; see Books Purchased (1832), 6, and Library Bills (1829-32), no. 446.

Former Bodleian shelfmark: Auct. N extra 1.6.

SHELFMARK: Auct. P 3.15.

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