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Bod-Inc: C-237

Cicero, Marcus Tullius

Orator (comm. Victor Pisanus), et al.


Analysis of Content

A1r [Title-page.]

A1v Pisanus, Victor: [Letter addressed to] Antonius Pizamanus. Incipit: ‘[O]b affinitatem nostram qua iampridem maiores nostri . . .’

A2r Pisanus, Victor: [Commentary on Orator.] Incipit: ‘[A] Bruto rogatus Cicero ut quenam perfecti oratoris . . .’

A2r Cicero, Marcus Tullius: Orator. Cic. Orat.

e1r Valla, Georgius: ‘Praefatio', [addressed to] Johannes Jacobus Trivultius. Incipit: ‘[D]e fato Ciceronis opusculum sane reconditum . . .’

e1v Valla, Georgius: ‘In Ciceronis librum de fato commentarium', [dedicated to] Johannes Jacobus [Trivultius]. Incipit: ‘[Q]uoniam de fato tota fere nostra futura est oratio . . .’

e2v Cicero, Marcus Tullius: De fato. Cic. Fat.

g1r Valla, Georgius: [Letter addressed to] Bernardus Salvaticus. J. L. Heiberg, Beiträge zur Geschichte Georg Valla's und seiner Bibliothek, Beiheft zum Centralblatt für Bibliothekswesen, 16 (Leipzig, 1896), 15; see also the edition from Florence, Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana, MS. Laur. 83.25 in A. M. Bandini, Biblioteca Leopoldina Laurentiana: seu Catalogus manuscriptorum qui iussu Petri Leopoldi imperatoris in Laurentiana translati sunt, 3 vols (Florence, 1791-3), III 221.

g1r Cicero, Marcus Tullius: [Letter addressed to] Gaius Trebatius. Cic. Fam. 7. 19.

g1r Cicero, Marcus Tullius: Topica. Cic. Top. First part entitled ‘Praefatio' in incunable edition.

g1r Valla, Georgius: ‘In Topicis Ciceronis commentarium', [addressed to] Bernardus Salvaticus. Incipit: ‘[I]n Topicis Ciceronis post Marii Victorini Boetiique ingentes . . .’

k4r Valla, Georgius: [Letter addressed to] Hermolaus Barbarus. Incipit: ‘[P]latonis liber qui Timaeus uel de natura . . .’

k4r Cicero, Marcus Tullius: Timaeus. ‘De uniuersitate'.’ Cic. Tim.

k4r Valla, Georgius: ‘In . . . librum de uniuersitate commentarium', [addressed to] Hermolaus Barbarus. Incipit: ‘  “[M]ulta sunt a nobis in academicis nostris conscripta, etc.” Terentio Varrone et Pomponio Attico . . .’

m6r [Valla, Georgius: Concluding remarks, addressed to] Hermolaus Barbarus. Incipit: ‘[A]d hunc usque locum, uir longe peritissime Hermolae Barbare, quantum ad nos peruenerit . . .’


Imprint: Venice: Bonetus Locatellus, for Octavianus Scotus, 16 July 1492. Folio.


Collation: A b–m6.

Illustrations: 13 schematic woodcuts and woodcut initials.


ISTC: ic00653000

GW: GW 6756;

Hain: HC *5111 bis;

Goff: Goff C‑653;

BMC: BMC V 440;

Proctor: Pr 5035;

Others: BSB‑Ink C‑369; Oates 1967; Rhodes 583; Sander 1974; Sheppard 4193.

LCN: 14883268


Copy number: C-237(1)

A fragment of a second copy, known from a pencil note to have been bound in Auct. N 2.3 with C‑219, L‑089, and C‑233(2), has not been located.

Binding: Nineteenth-century maroon cloth.

Size: 304 × 206 × 14 mm.

Size of leaf: 292 × 189 mm.

Provenance: No. 50 on title-page in pencil. Purchased from Albert Cohn, Catalogue 162, no. 363, for 10 Marks: see Library Bills, 27 Dec. 1884.

SHELFMARK: Auct. P inf. 2.9.

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