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Bod-Inc: C-241

Cicero, Marcus Tullius



Analysis of Content

[a2r] Cicero, Marcus Tullius: Pro lege Manilia. ‘Pro Cn. Pompeio.’ Cic. Man.

[b4r] Cicero, Marcus Tullius: Pro Milone. Cic. Mil.

[d1r] Cicero, Marcus Tullius: Pro Plancio. ‘Pro Cn. Planco(!)'. Cic. Planc.

[e7v] Cicero, Marcus Tullius: Pro Sexto Roscio Amerino. Cic. S. Rosc.

[g8r] Cicero, Marcus Tullius: Pro Sulla. Cic. Sul.

[i3r] Cicero, Marcus Tullius: Pro Archia. Cic. Arch.

[i7r] Cicero, Marcus Tullius [pseudo-]: Oratio pridie quam in exilium iret. [Cic.] Exil.

[k1v] Cicero, Marcus Tullius: Pro Sestio. Cic. Sest.

[l4r] Cicero, Marcus Tullius: Post reditum in senatu. ‘Oratio pro reditu suo'. Cic. Red. sen.

[l10r] Cicero, Marcus Tullius: Pro Ligario. Cic. Lig.

[m4v] Cicero, Marcus Tullius: Pro Caelio. Cic. Cael. Imperfect, ending at 29. 70: ‘ . . . comissa uobis'.

[n7r] Cicero, Marcus Tullius: Pro Balbo. Cic. Balb.

[p2v] Cicero, Marcus Tullius: In Vatinium. Cic. Vat. Omitting the last sentence: ‘dixerisne in eum testimonium . . . fieri debuisse.’

[p6r] Cicero, Marcus Tullius: De haruspicum responso. Cic. Har.

[q7r] Cicero, Marcus Tullius: De provinciis consularibus. Cic. Prov.

[r4r] Cicero, Marcus Tullius: Post reditum ad populum. ‘Congratulatio reuocationis ab exilio'. Cic. Red. pop.

[r8r] Cicero, Marcus Tullius: Pro Marcello. Cic. Marc.

[s1v] Cicero, Marcus Tullius: Pro Flacco. Cic. Flac.

[t6r] Cicero, Marcus Tullius: Pro rege Deiotaro. Cic. Deiot.

[u1v] Cicero, Marcus Tullius: Pro Quinctio. Cic. Quinct.; see also Cicero, Pro Quinctio, ed. Reeve, p. xliv.

[x5r] Cicero, Marcus Tullius: Pro Murena. Cic. Mur.

[z2r] Cicero, Marcus Tullius: De domo sua. Cic. Dom.

[B4v] Cicero, Marcus Tullius: Pro Cluentio. Cic. Clu.

[E3v] Cicero, Marcus Tullius: Pro Caecina. Cic. Caec.

[F7v] Cicero, Marcus Tullius: Pro Rabirio Postumo. Cic. Rab. Post.

[G5r] Cicero, Marcus Tullius: Pro Rabirio perduellionis reo. ‘Pro Rabirio perduellionis'. Cic. Rab. perd.

[H1v] Cicero, Marcus Tullius: De lege agraria 3. Cic. Agr. 3.

[H3v] Cicero, Marcus Tullius: De lege agraria 1. Cic. Agr. 1.


Imprint: [Bologna: Printer of Barbatia ‘Johannina' (H *2429), c.1475]. Folio.


Collation: [a–d8.10 e–h10.8 i–l10 m n8 o6 p–t10 u–z8.10 A–C8 D E10 F–H8].


ISTC: ic00541600

GW: GW 6764;

Hain: H 5118;

Proctor: Pr 7359;

Others: Rhodes 558; Sheppard 5320.

LCN: 14842295


Copy number: C-241(1)

Gatherings [a–z] bound with:
1. Marcus Tullius Cicero, Paradoxa stoicorum, et al. [Brescia: Statius Gallicus, before Sept. 1475] (C‑343).

Not in Sheppard. The lower margins of many leaves damaged by water and backed, and repaired with tissue.

Binding: Eighteenth-century mottled calf, rebacked; the gold stamp of the Bodleian Library on both covers.

Size: 283 × 223 × 58 mm.

Size of leaf: 278 × 210 mm.

Manuscript index dated 1519 on [a1v].

On [a2r] an inhabited epigraphic initial ‘Q' is supplied in grey, edged in black, with filigree decoration, on a pink ground with a green border, the interior inhabited by a male figure with a grey beard, dressed in blue and wearing a red hat; a floral extension runs into the inner margin; the lower margin is decorated with a continuation of the floral extension, in blue, green, red, yellow, with, on the left, a female figure, with golden hair, dressed in pink, seated in front of a grapevine, with stem and leaves in green, and two large bunches of grapes, one blue, the other green, and with an empty scroll extending out into the margin. In the centre of the lower margin is the coat of arms of De Lesmeleuc: gules, a falcon or with a ring in its beak, between three scallops argent; coat of arms badly cropped. Other epigraphic initials and paragraph marks are supplied in red. Titles supplied in black ink by an early hand.

Provenance: De Lesmeleuc; coat of arms, as above: see P. Potier de Courcy, Nobiliaire et armorial de Bretagne, 2nd edn (Nantes and Paris, 1862), II 94. Edward Bernard (1638-1697); with Auct. O 2.21; see C‑022; this volume constitutes no. 416 in Humphrey Wanley's list of Bernard's books. Purchased in 1697 from Bernard's widow.

Former Bodleian shelfmarks: P 8.16 Art; N 1.1 Art; 4° S 24 Jur.

SHELFMARK: Auct. N 2.6(2).

Copy number: C-241(2)

Gatherings [A–H] only.

Bound with C‑022(2); see there for details of binding and provenance.

Size of leaf: 278 × 198 mm.

Some early marginal annotations and ‘nota' marks.

Epigraphic initials and paragraph marks are supplied in red. Titles are supplied in black ink in an early hand.

SHELFMARK: Auct. O 2.21(1).

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