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Bod-Inc: C-242

Cicero, Marcus Tullius



Analysis of Content

[*2r] [Table of contents or rather instructions to the rubricator, from which the titles in this description are derived.]

[a1r] [Cicero, Marcus Tullius]: De lege Manilia. ‘Pro magno Pompeio oratio luculentissima ad Quirites'. Cic. Man.

[a9r] [Cicero, Marcus Tullius]: Pro Milone. Cic. Mil.

[c1r] [Cicero, Marcus Tullius]: Pro Plancio. ‘Pro Cneo Planco(!) oratio'. Cic. Planc.

[d4v] [Cicero, Marcus Tullius]: Pro Sulla. Cic. Sul.

[e5v] [Cicero, Marcus Tullius]: Pro Archia. Cic. Arch.

[e9v] [Cicero, Marcus Tullius]: De lege agraria 3. Cic. Agr. 3.

[f1r] [Cicero, Marcus Tullius]: Pro Marcello. Cic. Marc.

[f4r] [Cicero, Marcus Tullius]: De lege agraria 1. ‘Pro lege agraria contra P. Rullum oratio absque principio'. Cic. Agr. 1.

[f7v] [Cicero, Marcus Tullius]: Pro Ligario. Cic. Lig.

[g2v] [Cicero, Marcus Tullius]: Pro rege Deiotaro. Cic. Deiot.

[g7r] [Cicero, Marcus Tullius]: Pro Cluentio. Cic. Clu.

[i8r] [Cicero, Marcus Tullius]: Pro Quinctio. Cic. Quinct.; see also Cicero, Pro Quinctio, ed. Reeve, p. xliv.

[k8r] [Cicero, Marcus Tullius]: Pro Flacco. Cic. Flac.

[m2v] [Cicero, Marcus Tullius]: Post reditum ad populum. ‘Ad quirites pro reditu suo'. Cic. Red. pop.

[m6r] [Cicero, Marcus Tullius]: Post reditum in senatu. ‘Ad senatum post reditum iterum ab exilio'. Cic. Red. sen.

[n10v] [Cicero, Marcus Tullius, pseudo-]: Oratio pridie quam in exilium iret. [Cic.] Exil.

[n9v] [Cicero, Marcus Tullius]: De domo sua. Cic. Dom.

[p2r] [Cicero, Marcus Tullius]: In Vatinium. Cic. Vat. Omitting the last sentence: ‘dixerisne in eum testimonium . . . fieri debuisse.’

[p6v] [Cicero, Marcus Tullius]: Pro Caelio. Cic. Cael. Imperfect, ending at 29. 70: ‘ . . . comissa uobis'.

[q4r] [Cicero, Marcus Tullius]: Pro Sexto Roscio Amerino. Cic. S. Rosc.

[r8v] [Cicero, Marcus Tullius]: Pro Murena. Cic. Mur.

[t3r] [Cicero, Marcus Tullius]: Pro Balbo. Cic. Balb.

[v1r] [Cicero, Marcus Tullius]: De haruspicum responso. Cic. Har.

[v9v] [Cicero, Marcus Tullius]: De provinciis consularibus. Cic. Prov.

[x5v] [Cicero, Marcus Tullius]: Pro Sestio. Cic. Sest.

[y6r] [Cicero, Marcus Tullius]: De lege agraria 2. Cic. Agr. 2.

[z7r] [Cicero, Marcus Tullius]: Pro Rabirio perduellionis reo. ‘Pro Rabirio perduellionis'. Cic. Rab. perd.

[A2r] [Cicero, Marcus Tullius]: Pro Caecina. Cic. Caec.

[B3v] [Cicero, Marcus Tullius]: In Pisonem. Cic. Pis.

[C6r] [Cicero, Marcus Tullius]: Pro Rabirio Postumo. Cic. Rab. Post.

[C10v] [Sallustius Crispus, Gaius, pseudo-]: In Ciceronem. [Sal.] Cic.

[D1r] [Cicero, Marcus Tullius, pseudo-]: In Sallustium. [Cic.] Sal.

[D3v] [Cicero, Marcus Tullius]: In Catilinam 1-4. ‘Liber primus [–quartus] inuectiuarum in Catilinam'. Cic. Catil.

[E8v] Carbo, Ludovicus: [Verse colophon.] Incipit: ‘Germani ingenii quis non miretur acumen? | Quod uult Germanus protinus efficiet'; 7 elegiac distichs.


Imprint: Venice: Christophorus Valdarfer, [not after 9 Nov.] 1471. Folio.


Collation: [*2 a10 b–e10 f8+1 g–k10 l8 m–o10 p12 q r10 s8 t–z A–D10 E8].

Remarks: Collation mainly as GW, not as BMC.


ISTC: ic00542000

GW: GW 6765;

Hain: HCR 5122;

Goff: Goff C‑542;

BMC: BMC V 183;

Proctor: Pr 4137;

Others: Essling 218; Oates 1648; Sheppard 3300-1.

LCN: 14842355


Copy number: C-242(1)

Wanting the blank leaf [*1], as Oates 1648.

[p10] is blank.

Binding: Eighteenth-century French red morocco; triple gold fillets on both covers; the spine gold-tooled with floral stamps; the turn-ins decorated with a gold floral roll; marbled pastedowns; gilt-edged leaves; the gold stamp of the Bodleian Library on both covers.

Size: 336 × 240 × 61 mm.

Size of leaf: 332 × 223 mm.

Early marginal notes, extracting key words and summarizing passages; pointing hands and ‘nota' marks; running headings in contemporary black ink.

On [a1r] an eight-line initial ‘Q' is supplied in interlocked gold and blue, with brown pen-work decoration in the area defined by the letter, all within a red and brown pen-work frame with extensions into the inner margin. In the lower margin, an angel holding a mantle within which is a scroll inscribed ‘Magister Laurentius Burellus', within which is a shield hanging by a red strap from a gold dagger, with two putti as supporters; the shield bears the coat of arms of Laurentius Burellus: azure, a chief nebuly or, rays of the sun(?) issuing downwards proper, in base, three droplets of the last; below all, a further scroll inscribed ‘Doctor Parisiensis'.

Provenance: Washed out inscriptions on [*2r] and [a1r]. Renobertus de Campo (fl. 1472); inscription on [E8v]: ‘Ego Renobertus de Campo Dolanus has orationes Tullianas emi Mediolan' precio ducatis iii 9d anno domini milmo ccccmo lxxii° ii Mayi ad laudem dei et eius gloriose virginis matris . . .' Jacobus Benedictus (fl. 1479); cancelled inscription on [E8v]: ‘Et ego frater Jacobus Benedictus humilis sacre theologie professor ordinis Carmelitarum Cabilon' has orationes Tullianas post capcionem et obsidionem Dolanam emi precio trium scutorum auri boni ponderis Anno domini M° cccc° lxxix° die vero quinta mensis Junii'; referring to the destruction of Dole by Charles d'Amboise in 1479. In 1483 presented to Laurentius Burellus (†1502), Bishop of Sisteron; coat of arms on [a1r] (see above); inscription on [E8v]: ‘Has orationes Tullianas liberaliter dono dedit magistro Laurentio Burello Carmelite [ ] magister Jacobus Benedicti presentibus venera[bili?]bus patribus(?) fratre Guillelmo Soucheri gardiano monasterii Minorum Cabilon' regularis obseruantie et fratre Philipo Buffeti Carmelita [ ] teste signo suo manuali apposito anno domini M° cccc° lxxxiii° et mensis Aprilis die quinto'. Louis César de la Baume le Blanc, duc de La Vallière (1708-1780); number ‘V.2298.6' on the rear endleaf in the hand indicating Crevenna's purchase from the Duc de la Vallière; apparently not the copy in the sale catalogue, lot 2298, which records a different inscription. Pietro-Antonio Bolongaro-Crevenna (1735-1792); printed label of the sale wanting; sale (1789), part III lot 3317; in the annotated catalogue marked down to Payne for Fl. 215. Purchased through Payne for £18. 16. 0; see Books Purchased (1790), 6.

SHELFMARK: Auct. L 3.1.

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