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Bod-Inc: C-280

Cicero, Marcus Tullius

Epistolae ad familiares (comm. Hubertinus Clericus Crescentinas).


Analysis of Content

aa1r [Title-page.]

aa1v Merula, Georgius: [Letter addressed to] Dominicus Sanutus. Incipit: ‘Exponenti mihi superiore anno discipulis nostris . . .’

aa1v Merula, Georgius: ‘In epistolam ad Lentulum Spintherem enarratio'. Incipit: ‘Aegyptiorum reges a Ptole. Lagi filio . . .’

aa3v Politianus, Angelus: [Miscellaneorum centuria prima.] ‘In nonnulla loca epistolarum'. See C‑278.

aa4v Clericus Crescentinas, Hubertinus: [Commentary on Epistolae ad familiares.] Incipit: ‘Quis(!) uoluminis epistolas etsi omnes communi appellatione . . . “Ego omni officio”. Sensus est ego omne officium meum . . .’

a1r Phileticus, Martinus: [Commentary on Epistolae ad familiares.] Incipit: ‘  “Ego omni officio”, inquit. O Lentule in te colendo atque obseruando . . .’

a1r Cicero, Marcus Tullius: Epistolae ad familiares. Cic. Fam. 1-10; 11. 1-26; 11. 28; 11. 27; 11. 29; 12; 13. 1-49; 2. 14; 13. 50-79; 14; 15. 1-6; 15. 9; 15. 7-8; 15. 10-21; 16. 5; 16. 7; 16. 1-4; 16. 6; 16. 8-9; 16. 11-12; 16. 10; 16. 15; 16. 14; 16. 13; 16. 16-27.

C5v Clericus Crescentinas, Hubertinus: [Letter addressed to] Bonus Accursius Pisanus. Incipit: ‘Quum iam multos et eosdem utiles libros, uir eruditissime Bonaccursi . . .’


Imprint: Venice: [Bonetus Locatellus and Christophorus de Pensis, for] Octavianus Scotus, 22 Sept. 1494. Folio.


Collation: aa4 a–z & [con] [rum]8 A–C6.

Illustrations: Woodcut on aa1r.


ISTC: ic00531000

GW: GW 6849;

Hain: H 5205;

Goff: Goff C‑531;

BMC: BMC V 443;

Proctor: Pr 5055;

Others: BSB‑Ink C‑344; Essling 23; Oates 1981-2; Sander 1952; Sheppard 4211-12.

LCN: 14840861


Copy number: C-280(1)

Gatherings aa, e–p, A–C printed with types of Christophorus de Pensis.

Binding: English blind-tooled calf, Cambridge style, c.1700; on the edges of the boards a gold-tooled roll of a star, flower petal, and fern; the gold stamp of the Bodleian Library on both covers.

Size: 317 × 222 × 38 mm.

Size of leaf: 308 × 197 mm.

Early marginal notes probably in an English hand, mainly extacting key words; some interlinear notes correcting the text; ‘nota' marks. Pen-trials on C6v in an early hand.

Provenance and date of acquisition uncertain; Benefactors' Register II, no page number, mentions a copy given by Richard Furney in 1755; another copy is mentioned in Books Purchased (1784), 1: ‘Ciceronis Quæst. Tuscul. Ven 1510. - Epist. Ven 1494 Quintilianus, Ven. 1522 £ 0 s. 15 d 0', listed as a quarto; it appears that this was one lot of three items; inscription on endleaf of item 1 (K 1.10 Art); it is uncertain which of the two copies is now in the Bodleian, although ‘Catalogus Bibliothecae Novae' describes the copy at Auct. N 2.16 as having been Furney's.

SHELFMARK: Auct. N 2.16.

Copy number: C-280(2)

Wanting the title-page and sheet i4.5.

Binding: Seventeenth-century(?) calf; the gold stamp of the Bodleian Library on both covers. The upper cover detached.

Size: 307 × 213 × 47 mm.

Size of leaf: 297 × 195 mm.

Some early marginal notes. Pen-trials and scribbles on C6v, including some in Greek.

Provenance: Robert Doket († by Nov. 1522); inscription on C6r written over an earlier inscription: ‘[That] ye mast[er] calton hathe [present]ed thys haffe yere writt in finis my father xxd also of me xxd per me Robertum Duckyett'. Thomas Widowes (†1593); inscription on C6r: ‘Thomas Wydowes oweth this booke'. Daniel Widowes (fl. c.1594-1619); signature on C6r. Charles Godwyn (1700?-1770); printed book-label: ‘E legat. Caroli Godwyn S. T. B. Coll. Ball. Soc. M DCC LXX'. Bequeathed in 1770; see Macray 263, and note in ‘Catalogus Bibliothecae Novae', fol. 78r.

SHELFMARK: Auct. N 2.17.

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