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Bod-Inc: C-315

Cicero, Marcus Tullius

De officiis, et al.


Analysis of Content

[a2r] Plutarchus: Vita Ciceronis. Incipit: ‘[M]arcus Tullius Cicero, Arpinas a Tullio Hostillio . . .’ Explicit: putaui inferius subnectere

[a5r] Cicero, Marcus Tullius: De officiis. Cic. Off.

[h8v] [Verse.] Incipit: ‘Tullius Hesperios cupiens componere mores | Edidit hos libros appellans Offitiorum'; 6 hexameters. See Walther, Initia, 19546.

[i1r] Cicero, Marcus Tullius: Paradoxa stoicorum. Cic. Parad.

[i7v] Cicero, Marcus Tullius: De amicitia. Cic. Amic.

[l7v] Cicero, Marcus Tullius: De senectute. Cic. Sen.

[n5r] [Cicero, Marcus Tullius: Somnium Scipionis.] Cic. Rep. 6. 9-26.

[n8v] Basilius [pseudo-; Euphorbius: Epitaph for Cicero.] See C‑287.

[n8v] Asmenius [pseudo-; Julianus: Epitaph for Cicero.] See C‑287.

[n8v] Lyomannus [pseudo-; Hilasius: Epitaph for Cicero.] See C‑287.

[n8v] Eusorbius [pseudo-; Palladius: Epitaph for Cicero.] See C‑287.

[n8v] Julianus [pseudo-; Asclepiades: Epitaph for Cicero.] See C‑287.

[n9r] Hilasius [pseudo-; Eustherius: Epitaph for Cicero.] See C‑287.

[n9r] Palladius [pseudo-; Pompilianus: Epitaph for Cicero.] See C‑287.

[n9r] Asclepias [pseudo-; Maximinus: Epitaph for Cicero.] See C‑287.

[n9r] Eustenius [pseudo-; Vitalis: Epitaph for Cicero.] See C‑287.

[n9v] Pompelianus [pseudo-; Basilius: Epitaph for Cicero.] See C‑287.

[n9v] Maximinus [pseudo-; Asmenius: Epitaph for Cicero.] See C‑287.

[n9v] Vitalis [pseudo-; Vomanius: Epitaph for Cicero.] See C‑287.

[n9v] Apollonius: [Epitaph for Cicero] ‘secundum Plutarchum'. Incipit: ‘Te nempe, Cicero, et laudo et admiror . . .’


Imprint: Naples: [Francesco di Dino], 1479. Folio.


Collation: [a–m8 n10].

Remarks: Collation as Sheppard, with 106 leaves, the first and last blank. GW collates [a6 b9 c–m8 n10], with 105 leaves.


ISTC: ic00588400

GW: GW 6932;

Hain: H 5262;

Proctor: Pr 6720;

Others: Fava–Bresciano 168; Sheppard 5458-9.

LCN: 14884703


Copy number: C-315(1)

Variants from GW: [a2r]: ‘MARCI. TVLLII. CICERONIS. VITA . . .'; [a5r]: ‘M. TVLLII. CICERONIS. ARPI | NATIS. . . . OFFICI | ORVM. LIBER. PRIMVS.'; [b1r]: ‘non pulſant inuriam. iam iniuſte impetum in quēpiam | . . .'; [n9v], l. 26: ‘ . . . Per te Roman acceſſiſſe | . . .’

Wanting the blank leaf [n10].

Binding: Eighteenth-century calf, with, on each cover double gold fillets forming two concentric frames, the inner one of which has a floral ornament at each corner; the spine is decorated with a repeated gold fleuron and repeated small gold star stamp; the gold stamp of the Bodleian Library on both covers. The upper cover detached.

Size: 285 × 214 × 34 mm.

Size of leaf: 277 × 202 mm.

On [a1r] early manuscript notes and an eighteenth-century manuscript note, signed by ‘GJ', mentioning his friend, Isaac Lawson, possibly the physician (†1747; see DNB).

Provenance: ‘RSM' on [a2r]. Sivers Hosten; possibly a Dutch signature on [a1r]: ‘Siuers Hosten'. ‘GJ', eighteenth century; manuscript note. Thomas Thorpe (1791-1851); Catalogue (28 Apr. 1826), no. 742. Purchased for £3. 3. 0; see Books Purchased (1826), 6.

SHELFMARK: Auct. O 4.24.

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