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Bod-Inc: C-345

Cicero, Marcus Tullius

Paradoxa stoicorum.


Analysis of Content

a1r [Omnibonus Leonicenus: Introduction to the commentary on Paradoxa stoicorum.] Incipit: ‘Titulus huius opusculi est Marci Tulli Ciceronis Paradoxorum liber. Paradoxa dicuntur . . .’

a1r Cicero, Marcus Tullius: Paradoxa stoicorum. Cic. Parad.

a1r [Commentary on Paradoxa stoicorum.] Incipit: ‘  “[A]nimaduerti, Brute”. Scribitur autem hoc opusculum ad Brutum . . .'; explicit: ‘ . . . vim inesse cognouerunt ideo doctos venerabantur'. See C‑323.


Imprint: [Louvain: Johannes de Westfalia, 1483?]. Folio.

Remarks: Often found with Goff C‑560 and C‑599.


Collation: a8 b c6.


ISTC: ic00622000

GW: GW 7021;

Hain: H 5272 (II); C 1633;

Goff: Goff C‑622;

BMC: BMC IX 141;

Proctor: Pr 9231 (I);

Others: Campbell 445; HPT II 436; ILC 582; Oates 3709; Sheppard 7091.

LCN: 14839709


Copy number: C-345(1)

Bound with C‑338l see there for details of the binding and provenance.

Size of leaf: 283 × 207 mm.

Wanting the blank leaf c6.

Copious early interlinear notes providing synonyms and short paraphrases; extensive marginal notes commenting on the text; pointing hands and underlining in the text.

Initials and paragraph marks are supplied in red. Capital strokes in red.

SHELFMARK: Auct. N 2.26a(1).

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