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Bod-Inc: C-413

Concilium Constantiense

Acta et decreta.


Analysis of Content

A1r Locher Philomusus, Jacobus: ‘Decatostichon'; ‘Ad lectores'. Incipit: ‘Temporibus nostris etas cum cedat auorum'; 5 elegiac distichs.

A1v Summenhart, Conradus: [Letter to] Hieronymus de Croaria. Incipit: ‘Ex omnibus rebus iurisconsultorum . . .’ Dated 7 Sept. 1499.

A2r Locher Philomusus, Jacobus: ‘Carmen admonitorium' [dedicated to] Hieronymus de Croaria. Incipit: ‘Fidus amor nexu stabili, clarissime doctor'; 15 elegiac distichs.

A2v Hieronymus de Croaria: [Letter to] Conradus Summenhart and Jacobus Locher. Incipit: ‘Accepi idibus Septembris . . .’

A3r ‘Concreta et acta concilii Constan[tiensis]'. Incipit: ‘[S]acrosancta generalis synodus Basiliensis . . . Quoniam facile labitur humana memoria . . .’ Mansi, Sacrorum conciliorum nova et amplissima collectio, vol. 27 (Venice, 1784), 529-30.

A3v Acta per concilium Basiliense redacta. ‘Acta sacri generalis Constantien[sis] concilii'. Incipit: ‘[I]n nomine sancte et indiuidue trinitatis. Hic liber continet ordinationes . . .’ Mansi, Sacrorum conciliorum nova et amplissima collectio, vol. 27, 531-2; Acta Concilii Constanciensis, ed. H. Finke, J. Hollnsteiner, and H. Heimpel, 4 vols (Münster, 1896-1928, reprint 1976-82).

o7v Locher Philomusus, Jacobus: ‘Elogium ad Constantiam'. Incipit: ‘Fausta tuis meritis Constantia, plaude, triumpha'; 5 elegiac distichs.


Imprint: Hagenau: Heinrich Gran, for Johann Rynman, 11 Apr. 1500. 4°.


Collation: A b–o8. Leaves A3 and A4 signed a3 and a4 respectively; d1 is signed D1.


ISTC: ic00800000

GW: GW 7287;

Hain: HCR 5609;

Goff: Goff C‑800;


Proctor: Pr 3203;

Others: BSB‑Ink D‑95; Hillard 653; Oates 1330; Rhodes 614; Sack, Freiburg, 1074; Sheppard 2244-6.

LCN: 14424173


Copy number: C-413(1)

Wanting the blank leaf o8.

Binding: Nineteenth-century half calf.

Size: 225 × 162 × 18 mm.

Size of leaf: 216 × 147 mm.

Provenance: Michael Schwarzburg (fl. 1584). Michael Tonsor (fl. 1584); on A1r an inscription: ‘Ex liberali donatione Michaelis Schwarzburg parochi in Eijchessfeldt possidet modo Michael Tonsor parochus in Oedescheim 1584'. Paulus Kaiser (fl. before c.1650); on A1r an inscription: ‘Modo Paulus Kÿserus possidet'. John Selden (1584-1654); see MS. Broxb. 84. 10, p. 29. Presented in 1659.

SHELFMARK: 4° C 29 Th. Seld.

Copy number: C-413(2)

Bound with C‑410; see there for details of binding and provenance.

Size of leaf: 211 × 151 mm.

On A1r of item 1, note about the Council of Constance in the hand of Petrus Vedelicius; occasional marginal notes in the same hand throughout.

SHELFMARK: Arch. B e.48(1).

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