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Bod-Inc: C-435

Constitutiones Marchiae Anconitanae

Liber constitutionum Sanctae Matris Ecclesiae (with additions to 1466).


Analysis of Content

[a2r] ‘Tabula'.

[b1r] Liber constitutionum Sanctae Matris Ecclesiae (with additions to 1466). ‘Constitutiones generales sancte matris ecclesie'. Promulgated by Cardinal Aegidius Albornoz. Incipit: ‘[V]olentes sicut nobis commissi . . .’ Costituzioni Egidiane dell'anno mccclvii, ed. P. Sella, Corpus statutorum Italicorum, 1 (Rome, 1912); see Paolo Colliva, Il cardinale Albornoz: lo stato della chiesa: le “Constitutiones Aegidianae” (1353-1357), Studia Albornotiana, 32 (Bologna, 1977), on this edition esp. 486-95.

[n3v] ‘Additiones prefati domini Sabinensis'. Promulgated by Cardinal Aegidius Albornoz. Incipit: ‘[E]gidius miseratione diuina episcopus . . . Ad quam instabilis temporis actus . . .’ Dated 1357.

[n6r] Ursinus, Latinus: Additio. Incipit: ‘Latinus miseratione diuina tituli sanctorum Iohannis et Pauli . . . addicimus huic constitutioni . . .’

[n6r] [Condulmarus], Gabriel: ‘Constitutiones'. Incipit: ‘[V]olentes sicut solicitudo nostri requirit officii . . .’ Dated 8 Oct. 1420 and 3 Dec. 1420; see Colliva, Il cardinale Albornoz, esp. 493, giving (incorrect) folio references to this and some of the other works contained in this incunable.

[n10v] [Grimoaldus], Anglicus: ‘Constitutiones domini Albanensis'. Incipit: ‘[A]nglicus miseratione diuina episcopus . . . Ut grauami[ni]bus et oneribus . . .’ Promulgated 1369; Colliva calls the author ‘de Grimoard'.

[o2r] Petrus [de Stagno]: ‘Constitutiones domini Petri cardinalis legati'. Incipit: ‘[P]etrus miseratione diuina . . . Vniuersis et singulis potestatibus . . .’ Promulgated 1373.

[o5r] [Calandrinus], Philippus: ‘Constitutiones reuerendissimi domini Bononiensis'. Incipit: ‘[P]hilippus miseratione diuina . . . Quoniam mortalium in dies . . .’ Promulgated 1447-55; Colliva calls the author ‘De Rufinis'.

[p3r] Johannes de Castellione: ‘Constitutiones r[euerendissimi] domini Papiensis'. Incipit: ‘[J]ohannes de Castelliono miseratione diuina . . . Quoniam ex assidua . . .’ Promulgated 1458-9.

[q3r] Pius II, Pont. Max.: ‘Constitutio Pii secundi pontificis maximi contra homicidas et bannitos et condemnatos pro homicidiis'. Incipit: ‘[P]ius episcopus seruus seruorum . . . Ad retinendas insolentias transgressorum . . .’

[q4v] Paulus II, Pont. Max.: Letter addressed to Cardinal Latinus Ursinus. Incipit: ‘Venerabilis frater noster salutem . . . Scire debet tua fraternitas constitutiones provincie nostre Marchie Anconitane . . .’

[q5r] Paulus II, Pont. Max.: Letter addressed to Marinus [Ursinus], Archbishop of Taranto. Incipit: ‘Venerabilis frater salutem . . . Ad reprimendas corruptelas et abusus legatorum . . .’

[q5r] Paulus II, Pont. Max.: ‘Bulla . . . super muneribus non recipiendis'. Incipit: ‘Paulus episcopus seruus seruorum dei. Ad perpetuam memoriam. Munera exercere oculos sapientum et preuertere corda iustorum . . .’


Imprint: Jesi: Federicus de Comitibus, Veronensis, 4 Oct. 1473. Folio.


Collation: [a8 b–i10 k6 l8 m n10 o p8 q6].

Remarks: GW omits the first gathering in its collation.


ISTC: ic00865000

GW: GW 809;

Hain: HCR 106;

Goff: Goff C‑865;


Proctor: Pr 6836;

Others: Accurti I 114; CIBN A‑190; Sheppard 5819.

LCN: 14421725


Copy number: C-435(1)

Bound with:
2. Liber constitutionum Sanctae Matris Ecclesiae (with additions to 1480). Perugia: Stephanus Arndes, Gerardus Thomae, and Paulus Mechter, 21 Nov. 1481 (C‑436).

Wanting the blank leaf [a1].

Binding: Parchment over pasteboards.

Size: 297 × 217 × 35 mm.

Size of leaf: 285 × 209 mm.

Early foliation of item 1 only; folio references added in table of contents. Occasional early marginal notes commenting on the text; on [b1r] a note in red ink discussing the name of the constitutions. There is no firm indication that items 1 and 2 were together from an early time.

Running headlines, epigraphic initials, and paragraph marks are supplied in red; red capital strokes and underlining.

Provenance: On [b1r] of item 1 within a wreath a shield, drawn in brown ink: on a bend sinister three bunches of grapes between two stars. Purchased for £12. 12. 0; see Books Purchased (1840), 1.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 2Q 4.39(1).

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