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Bod-Inc: C-476

Crastonus, Johannes

Lexicon Latino-graecum (Vocabulista).


Analysis of Content

A2r Accursius Pisanus, Bonus: [Letter to] Antonius Braccellus. Incipit: ‘Quo pacto fieri potest ut quenquam uirum doctum appellemus . . .’ Saxius 545-6.

A3r Crastonus, Johannes: Lexicon Latino-graecum (Vocabulista). Incipit: ‘A. cum. B. [A]b ἀπὸ ;  . . .’


Imprint: Reggio Emilia: Dionysius Bertochus and Marcus Antonius de Bazaleriis, 1497. 4°.


Collation: A–O8 P4.


ISTC: ic00964000

GW: GW 7818;

Hain: HC 5817;

Goff: Goff C‑964;

BMC: BMC VII 1091, XII 77;

Proctor: Pr 7261;

Others: BSB‑Ink C‑694; Sheppard 6022-3.

LCN: 14424460


Copy number: C-476(1)

Both copies as BMC VII 1091 (IA.34069) and as GW, not as BMC VII 1091 (IA.34068) and GW Anm.

Binding: Parchment; the gold stamp of the Bodleian Library on both covers.

Size: 205 × 145 × 20 mm.

Size of leaf: 198 × 141 mm.

Some contemporary corrections of orthography and of the order of the words (L2v). In the margins and between the columns, in an English (see N3v outer margin: ‘lapsauit Angl. slide') seventeenth-century hand, a Coptic-Latin word list with a few Greek and Arabic additions; a few references to Athanasius Kircher (see M7r and N2r), probably Lingua Aegyptiaca restituta (Rome, 1643). The dialect is Buhairic (ex informatione Marc Smith); the hand reveals unfamiliarity with Coptic script, attempting to adapt Greek letters to a Coptic prototype, and while the alphabetization tentatively follows the first letter of the root of the Coptic words, the compiler often failed to identify it correctly; the morphological forms of the lemmata may indicate that the list was compiled while reading a text, possibly with a parallel Latin version.

Provenance: Probably Thomas Barlow (1607-1691), judging from the former shelfmark and the books on either side of it in the Linc. sequence.

Former Bodleian shelfmark: Linc. D 7.6.

SHELFMARK: Auct. K 4.25.

Copy number: C-476(2)

Binding: Eighteenth-century French gold-tooled red morocco.

Size: 250 × 145 × 20 mm.

Size of leaf: 198 × 138 mm.

Provenance: Paris, Jesuits: ‘Collegii Parisiensis Soc. Jesu'. George John, 2nd Earl Spencer (1758-1834); probably his serial accession no. ‘1599'; on the accession numbers see de Ricci, English Collectors, 77; possibly the copy sold in Catalogue of a Portion of the Valuable Library of the Rev. Daniel Lysons, the Duke of Cassano (London: Evans: 17 March, 1828), a sale partly composed of duplicates acquired by Earl Spencer at the Cassano sale, but not contained in Catalogo dell'edizioni del sec. xv. esistenti nella biblioteca del Duca di Cassano Serra (Naples, 1807). Ingram Bywater (1840-1914); Elenchus, no. 9. Bequeathed in 1914.

SHELFMARK: Byw. J 1.7.

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