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Bod-Inc: C-505




Analysis of Content

a1r ‘Tabula materiarum epistolarum . . . secundum ordinem alphabeti'.

b9r [Table of contents.]

b12v Hieronymus: [De viris illustribus. LXVII.] ‘Ex libro . . . de viris illustribus'. See C‑504.

2a1r Cyprianus: Epistolae. See C‑502.

c6v Cyprianus: [Libellus 1.] ‘Ad Donatum'. See C‑502.

c10r Cyprianus: [Libellus 10.] ‘Ad Demetrianum'. See C‑502.

d5v Cyprianus: [Libellus 11.] ‘De elemosina et operibus pietatis'. See C‑502.

e1v Cyprianus: [Libellus 9.] ‘Ad Fortunatum de exhortatione martirii'. See C‑502.

e8v Cyprianus: [Libellus 13.] ‘De zelo et liuore'. See C‑502.

f2r Cyprianus: [Libellus 12.] ‘De bono pacientie'. See C‑502.

f6v Cyprianus: [Libellus 8.] ‘De mortalitate'. See C‑502.

g1r Cyprianus: [Libellus 4.] ‘De disciplina, moribus et habitu virginum'. See C‑502.

g6r Cyprianus: Epistolae. See C‑502.

h3r Cyprianus: [Libellus 5.] ‘Aduersus Nouatianum Scismaticum de vnitate ecclesie'. See C‑502.

h9v Cyprianus: [Libellus 6.] ‘De lapsis'. See C‑502.

i7r Cyprianus: [Libellus 7.] ‘De oratione dominica'. See C‑502.

k4v Cyprianus: Epistolae. See C‑502.

m6r Cyprianus [pseudo-: Libellus 2.] ‘Quod ydola gentilium dii non sint'. See C‑502.

m8v Cyprianus [pseudo-: Spurium 13.] ‘Q[uantu]m pernitiosa sit viris et maxime clericis conuersatio feminarum'. See C‑502.

o3v Cyprianus [pseudo-: Spurium 7.] ‘De montibus Syna et Syon aduersus Iudeos'. See C‑502.

o7r Cyprianus: Epistolae. See C‑502.

q5r Cyprianus [pseudo- Novatianus: Spurium 2.] ‘De disciplina et bono pudicicie'. Cyprianus, Opera omnia, ed. Wilhelm Hartel, CSEL III, part III (Vienna, 1871), 13-25. PL IV 851-60. On authorship see CPL 69.

q8r Cyprianus [pseudo- Novatianus pseudo-: Spurium 4.] ‘Ad Nouatianum hereticum quod lapsis spes venie non est deneganda. Epistola septuagesimaquinta'. Cyprianus, Opera omnia, ed. Hartel, part III, 52-69; PL III 1255-68. On authorship see CPL 76.

r2v Augustinus: ‘Sermo . . . de sancto Cipriano martire'. PL XXXVIII 1410-12.

r4r Cyprianus [pseudo-: Spurium 10.] ‘Oratio' [I]. Cyprianus, Opera omnia, ed. Hartel, part III, 144-6. PL IV 985-6.

r4v Cyprianus [pseudo-: Spurium 11.] ‘Oratio' [II] ‘quam sub die passionis sue dixit'. Cyprianus, Opera omnia, ed. Hartel, part III, 146-51. PL IV 987-90.

r5v ‘Passio sancti Cypriani episcopi et martyris'. Acta SS Sept. IV [1868], 332-3.

A1r Cyprianus: [Libellus 3.] ‘Contra Iudeos'. ‘Epistola quedam ad Quirinum scripta'. Cyprianus, Opera omnia, ed. Wilhelm Hartel, CSEL III, part I (Vienna, 1868), 35-184. PL IV 703-810. See CPL 39. Ad Quirinum, ed. R. Weber, Cyprianus, Opera, part I, CCSL III (Turnhout, 1972), 3-179.


Imprint: [Deventer: Richard Pafraet, between 1477 and 1479]. Folio.

Remarks: Dated in HPT. GW dates [c.1480].


Collation: a8 b12 2a8 b–q10 r6 A B10 C D8. Leaf [a1] is unsigned; signatures start from [a2], which is signed ai.


ISTC: ic01012000

GW: GW 7886;

Hain: HC 5894;

Goff: Goff C‑1012;


Proctor: Pr 8954;

Others: BSB‑Ink C‑726; Campbell 520; HPT II 405; ILC 655; Oates 3431; Rhodes 647; Sheppard 6918-19.

LCN: 14817959, 14818015


Copy number: C-505(1)

Wanting gatherings a, b, and A–D.

Binding: Eighteenth-century pasteboards, probably from the lower Rhine area; endpapers watermarked with the Maid of Holland; red-edged leaves.

Size: 285 × 215 × 33 mm.

Size of leaf: 278 × 197 mm.

Initials and paragraph marks are supplied in red; red capital strokes and underlining.

Provenance: Joseph Niesert (1766-1841); inscription on a1r dated 1816; sale (1843), lot 13802. Purchased for £0. 16. 0; see Books Purchased (1843), 15.

SHELFMARK: Auct. Q sub fen. 2.4.

Copy number: C-505(2)

Wanting the blank leaf D8.

Binding: Contemporary, probably Netherlandish, blind-tooled calf over wooden boards; two clasps lost; rebacked. At head of the upper cover a handwritten title. On both covers fillets form a double frame; within the outer frame, a border formed by a square stamp with a fleur-de-lis ornament; the inner rectangle is divided by fillets into lozenge-shaped and triangular compartments. In the compartments a small square stamp with an angel holding a coat of arms.

Size: 285 × 210 × 50 mm.

Size of leaf: 273 × 191 mm.

On [a1r] notes in the hand of Martinus Albertus: ‘Hec Cicero libro de laudabili senectute: Non cani, non ruge repente aut autoritatem afferunt, sed honeste acta superioribus' [Cic. Sen. 18. 62], ‘Plato: Omnium malorum esca voluptas' [Cic. Sen. 18. 44]. Early running headlines. Copious early marginal notes in several hands.

Principal initials are supplied in interlocked red and blue with pen-work in the same colours. Other initials and paragraph marks are supplied in red or blue; capitals touched in yellow; red underlining.

Provenance: Judocus de Loo (fl. 1527); on [a1r] an inscription: ‘Sum ad vsum fratris Judoci de Loo a[nn]o xvc xxvii va die May'. Paulus Houtemare (sixteenth century); on [a1r] partly cancelled inscriptions: ‘Epistola Cipriani [Pauli medici] deuotissime', ‘O [Paule], totam mentem habe in deuotissimo isto libro, q[uia] mele dulcior, quia auro preciosior. O Cypriane, vir sanctissime, ora pro me' in an early hand. Hieronimus de Dadiselle (sixteenth century); on a2r, signed ai, an inscription: ‘Pro fratre Hieronimo de Dadiselle ex dono magistri Pauli Houtemare medici' in an early hand. Stephanus Marissael (†1572), who bequeathed the book to Martinus Albertus; on [a1r] an inscription: ‘Anno ab orbe per Christum restituto post obitum M. N. Stephani Marissael ego f[rate]r Martinus Albertus hunc librum legato accepi, cuius epistolas anno 1571 proinde(?) posse in ordinem redegi', followed by a table of contents. Sheen Anglorum, Flanders, Carthusians; on a1r an inscription: ‘Carthus. Anglor. Shene'. Augustus Frederick (1773-1843), Duke of Sussex; book-plate with handwritten shelfmark ‘AA.e.18': see Lee, Royal Bookplates, 41 no. 24; sale, pt I, lot 2308. Purchased for £2. 16. 6; see Books Purchased (1844), 13.

SHELFMARK: Auct. Q sub fen. 2.7.

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