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Bod-Inc: D-010

Dante Alighieri

La Commedia.


Analysis of Content

ā2r Boccaccio, Giovanni: Vita di Dante. Edited by Cristoforo Berardi da Pesaro. La vita di Dante scritta da Giovanni Boccaccio, ed. Francesco Macrì-Leone (Florence, 1888). La Vita di Dante, testo del così detto Compendio attribuito a Giovanni Boccaccio, ed. E. Rostagno (Bologna, 1899). Giovanni Boccaccio, Il Commento alla Divina Commedia e gli altri scritti intorno a Dante, ed. Domenico Guerri, 3 vols (Bari, 1918), in vol. 1, 3-63. Trattatello in laude di Dante, in Giovanni Boccaccio, Opere in versi, ed. Pier Giorgio Ricci (Milan, 1965), 572-650.

a2r ‘Rubriche di Dante'.

a3r Dante Alighieri: La Commedia. See D‑007.

a3v Benvenuto (Rambaldi) Da Imola [pseudo-; Jacopo della Lana: Commentary.] Comedia di Dante degli Allagherii col commento di Jacopo della Lana, ed. Luciano Scarabelli (Bologna, 1866-7), I 103 - III 515. Facsimile of the Frankfurt manuscript: Dante Alighieri, La Commedia col commento di Jacopo della Lana dal codice Francofortese Arci-ß, ed. Friedrich Schmidt-Knatz (Frankfurt, 1939). On the text see Bruno Sandkühler, Die frühen Dantekommentare und ihr Verhältnis zur mittelalterlichen Kommentartradition, Münchner Romanistische Arbeiten, 19 (München, 1967), 192-206. The commentary follows every canto. See Salomone Morpurgo, ‘I codici Riccardiani della Divina Commedia', Bullettino della società Dantescha italiana, 13-14 (1893), 19-144, at 36.

PP7v Jacopo [della Lana(?): Verse.] Incipit: ‘[C]redo in vna sancta trinitade'; 12 tercets. See Incipitario unificato della poesia italiana, ed. M. Santagata and others, 2 vols (Modena, [1988-90]), I 332.

PP8r Busone [Dei Raphaelli] Da Gubbio: ‘Capitolo'. Incipit: ‘[P]ero che sia piu frutto e piu diletto'.

PP9r Jacopo Di Dante Alighieri: ‘Capitolo'. Chiose alla cantica dell'Inferno di D. Alighieri attribuite a Jacopo suo figlio (Florence, 1848), 115-22; Chiose alla cantica dell'Inferno di D. Alighieri scritte da Jacopo Alighieri, ed. Jarro [Giulio Piccini] (Florence, 1915), 37-41.

PP9v Dante Alighieri [pseudo-; Beccari, Antonio: Professione di fede.] ‘Il credo'. Opere minori di Dante Alighieri, ed. Pietro Fraticelli (Florence, 1856), I 386-93; on the attribution to Beccari, see E. Levi, ‘Il canzoniere di Maestro Antonio da Ferrara' Archivio storico italiano, 2 (1917), 93-193, at 116-20; Marcello Aurigemma, ‘Credo', Enciclopedia Dantesca, 6 vols (Rome, 1970-8), II 255-6.

PP10r Dante Alighieri [pseudo-: Li septe sagramenti; 23 tercets.] Opere minori di Dante, ed. Fraticelli, I 393-400.

PP10v Dante Alighieri [pseudo-: Li dieci comandamenti; nine tercets.] Opere minori di Dante, ed. Fraticelli, I 400-3.

PP10v Dante Alighieri [pseudo-: Septe peccati mortali; nine tercets.] Opere minori di Dante, ed. Fraticelli, I 403-7.

PP11r Dante Alighieri [pseudo-: Lo paternostro; 11 tercets.] Opere minori di Dante, ed. Fraticelli, I 407-10.

PP11r Dante Alighieri [pseudo-: Ave Maria; 10 lines of verse.] Opere minori di Dante, ed. Fraticelli, I 410-11.

PP11r [Boccaccio, Giovanni: Sonnet on Dante.] G. Carducci, ‘Della varia fortuna di Dante', in G. Carducci, Opere. VIII, Studi letterari (Bologna, 1893), 133-298, at 247.

PP11r [Verse colophon with reference to the commentator and corrector; sonnet.] Mambelli 13.


Imprint: [Venice]: Vindelinus de Spira, 1477. Folio.

Remarks: On this edition see Mambelli 13-15, no. 7.


Collation: ā ē8 a–i K10 l m8 n–s10 t v8 x y10 aa–gg10 hh ii8 KK–OO10 PP12. Leaf ā1 is unsigned; ā2 is signed āi.


ISTC: id00027000

GW: GW 7964;

Hain: HC (+ Addenda) 5942;

Goff: Goff D‑27;

BMC: BMC V 248;

Proctor: Pr 4414;

Others: BSB‑Ink D‑8; Oates 1769-70; Rhodes 650; Sheppard 3546.

LCN: 14818330


Copy number: D-010(1)

Wanting the blank leaves ā1 and PP12.

Binding: Eighteenth-century blind-tooled mottled calf; the spine gold-tooled; the gold stamp of the Bodleian Library on both covers. On the rear endleaf is a watermark of three crescents with faces.

Size: 325 × 235 × 80 mm.

Size of leaf: 318 × 218 mm.

Early marginal notes, washed.

On ā1r a Venetian-style floral border supplied in pink, light blue, and brown with gold dotting; in a green wreath in the lower margin, a coat of arms: barry of six, gules and argent; see Pächt and Alexander II, 111 no. pr. 85: ‘Caraffa(?)'. The beginning of each part of the text is marked with a decorated initial, made up of foliate elements; on ā1r a six-line initial ‘S' is supplied in blue, pink, and white, made up of foliate elements, on a gold ground; on a3r an eight-line initial ‘N' is supplied in pink, blue, and green on a gold ground, with foliate extensions into the margins; some gold dotting; on m2r a 21-line initial ‘P' is supplied in pink, green, and blue on a gold ground; blue within the body of the letter; and on aa2r a twelve-line initial ‘L' is supplied in pink on a gold ground; blue within the body of the letter with white tendril decoration; at the beginning of each section of the commentary a nine- to 15-line initial is supplied in blue ink within a red pen-work frame, with decorations extending into the margins; other initials and paragraph marks are supplied in red or blue, occasionally with pen-work decoration in red.

Provenance: Pietro-Antonio Bolongaro-Crevenna (1735-1792); sale (1789), lot 4546; in the annotated catalogue marked down to van den Bergh for Fl. 60. Purchased for £6. 6. 0; see Books Purchased (1790), 13; the price in Florins corresponds to £5. 5. 0, according to the exchange rate used by Payne in his transaction with the Bodleian.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 2Q 4.10.

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