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Bod-Inc: D-014

Dante Alighieri

La Commedia (comm. Christophorus Landinus).


Analysis of Content

&1v Landinus, Christophorus: Proemio. See D‑012; on this edition Procaccioli I 174-5.

&7v Ficinus, Marsilius: [Ad Dantem congratulatio. Latin.] See D‑012.

&7v Ficinus, Marsilius: [Ad Dantem congratulatio. Italian.] See D‑012.

&7v [Landinus, Christophorus]: ‘Sito, forma et misura dello'nferno et statura de giganti et di Lucifero'.’ See D‑012.

a2r Dante Alighieri: La Commedia. [First part.] See D‑007.

a2r Landinus, Christophorus: [Commentary on the first part.] See D‑012.

aa2r Landinus, Christophorus: ‘Prologo . . . sopra el purgatorio'.’ See D‑012.

aa2r Dante Alighieri: La Commedia. [Second part.]

aa2r Landinus, Christophorus: [Commentary on the second part.] See D‑012.

nn4r Landinus, Christophorus: ‘Prologo . . . sopra el paradiso'.’ See D‑012.

A1r Dante Alighieri: La Commedia. [Third part.]

A1r Landinus, Christophorus: [Commentary on the third part.] See D‑012.


Imprint: Brescia: Boninus de Boninis, de Ragusia, 31 May 1487. Folio.


Collation: & a–i8 K6 l–r aa–mm8 nn4 A6 B8 C–L6.

Illustrations: 68 woodcuts.


ISTC: id00031000

GW: GW 7968;

Hain: HCR 5948; [not H]C 5943;

Goff: Goff D‑31;


Proctor: Pr 6973;

Others: Mambelli, 23-4, no. 12; Oates 2624; Rhodes 653; Sander 2312; Sheppard 5773-6; Veneziani, Brescia, 74.

LCN: 14815499, 14815568


Copy number: D-014(1)

Wanting the blank leaf L6.

Sheets h1.8 and l4.5 are set up differently from the second copy; h1r line 2: ‘Et propriamēte dixe . . .' The woodcut on h1r, sepulchres of the heretics, is in the original state, the inscription ‘ANASTASIO PAPA GVARDO' forming part of the cut, being inscribed on the tombstone; see Charles Gérard, ‘Un exemplaire exceptionnel du Dante di Brescia de 1487', Bibliofilia, 4 (1903), 400-7, at 402; h8r, line 1: ‘lo di Priamo . . .'; h8r is blank below the 19 lines of commentary; on h8v the woodcut, the wood of the Harpies, is within a woodcut border; see Gérard 404; the beginning (lines 1-15) of Canto XIII of the Inferno with relevant commentary has been omitted, the text on i1r beginning at line 16: ‘El buon maestro . . .'; with a wrong headline, ‘CANTO DVODECIMO'. On l4r, line 1: ‘et uolti a dextra . . .'; on l5v the woodcut of h1r is repeated in a third state, without inscription, but with an image of a round open tomb inserted in the centre, see Gérard 405.

Binding: Nineteenth-century half calf; the spine gold-tooled; bound by Charles Besant: sent to be bound by him on 30 Aug. 1832 (Douce's binding book, MS. Douce e.73, fol. 9r, 'Dante Landino 1487 folio').

Size: 356 × 250 × 55 mm.

Size of leaf: 345 × 225 mm.

Provenance: Francis Douce (1757-1834); armorial book-plate. Bequeathed in 1834.

SHELFMARK: Douce 269.

Copy number: D-014(2)

Wanting leaf e1, the recto supplied in printed facsimile. Wanting the blank leaf L6.

Sheets h1.8 and l4.5 are set up differently from the first copy; h1r line 2: ‘propriamēte dixe . . .' The woodcut on h1r is in the second state, the inscription ‘ANASTASIO PAPA GVARDO' having been removed from the raised headstone, and printed, with the capitals of type 111 R, in a space in the centre of the cut from which the design has been excised; see Gérard 401; on h8r, l. 1: ‘lo di Priāo . . .'; the woodcut, the wood of the Harpies, is found without the border below the 17 lines of commentary; see Gérard 403; on h8v is the beginning (lines 1-15) of Canto XIII of the Inferno with relevant commentary; headline ‘CANTO .XIII. DELLA PRIMA CANTICA DI DANTHE.' On l4r, l. 1: ‘& uolti a dexra . . .' On l5v a woodcut depicting Dante and Vergil looking on the simoniacs; see Gérard 406.

Binding: Eighteenth-century blind-tooled parchment with ornamental centre-pieces and four corner-pieces on each cover.

Size: 363 × 250 × 70 mm.

Size of leaf: 352 × 220 mm.

On &1r faded inscriptions in Latin. Early marginal notes washed out.

Provenance: Pietro-Antonio Bolongaro-Crevenna (1735-1792); sale (1789), lot 4550; in annotated catalogue marked down to van den Bergh for Fl. 8.10, the equivalent of £0. 14. 10, according to the exchange rate used by Thomas Payne at this sale. Purchased for £1. 5. 0; see Books Purchased (1790), 13.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 2Q 4.11.

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