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Bod-Inc: D-017

Dante Alighieri

La Commedia (comm. Christophorus Landinus; ed. Piero da Figino).


Analysis of Content

a1v Landinus, Christophorus: Proemio. See D‑012; on this edition Procaccioli I 178-9.

a9r Ficinus, Marsilius: [Ad Dantem congratulatio. Latin.] See D‑012.

a9v Ficinus, Marsilius: [Ad Dantem congratulatio. Italian.] See D‑012.

a9v [Landinus, Christophorus]: ‘Sito, forma et misura de lo'nferno et statura de giganti et di Lucifero'. See D‑012.

2a2r Dante Alighieri: La Commedia. [First part.] The whole edited by Piero da Figino, as stated in the colophon. See D‑007.

2a2r Landinus, Christophorus: [Commentary on the first part.] See D‑012.

r6v Landinus, Christophorus: ‘Prologo . . . sopra el purgatorio'. See D‑012.

r8r Dante Alighieri: La Commedia. [Second part.]

r8r Landinus, Christophorus: [Commentary on the second part.] See D‑012.

D8r Landinus, Christophorus: ‘Prologo . . . sopra el paradiso'. See D‑012.

E1r Dante Alighieri: La Commedia. [Third part.]

E1r Landinus, Christophorus: [Commentary on the third part.] See D‑012.

O5r [Colophon with note on the editor.]

O5r Dante Alighieri [pseudo-; Beccari, Antonio: Professione di fede.] ‘Il credo'. Incipit: ‘[I]o scrissi gia d'amor piu uolte rime'. See D‑010.

O5r Dante Alighieri [pseudo-: Li septe sagramenti.] Incipit: ‘I dico che'l baptesmo ciaschun fresa'. See D‑010.

O5v Dante Alighieri [pseudo-: Li dieci comandamenti.] Incipit: ‘Diece habian da dio comandamenti'. See D‑010.

O5v Dante Alighieri [pseudo-: Septe peccati mortali.] Incipit: ‘Acio che ben attenti tutti nui'. See D‑010.

O5v Dante Alighieri [pseudo-]: ‘Paternostro di Danthe'. Incipit: ‘Io dico per intrar dentro al bel chiostro'. See D‑010. The heading is inserted after the first tercet.

O5v Dante Alighieri [pseudo-]: ‘Ave Maria di Danthe'. Incipit: ‘Aue regina, uirgine Maria'. See D‑010.


Imprint: Venice: Matteo Capcasa (di Codeca), 29 Nov. 1493. Folio.


Collation: a10 2a–u8 x6+1 y z & A–N8 O6.

Illustrations: 99 woodcuts; woodcut initials.


ISTC: id00034000

GW: GW 7971;

Hain: HR 5952 = H 5951;

Goff: Goff D‑34;

BMC: BMC V 484;

Proctor: Pr 4996;

Others: Essling 533; Mambelli, 27-8, no. 15; Sander 2315; Sheppard 4361-2.

LCN: 14815510


Copy number: D-017(1)

The second title (leaf2 a1) is bound reversed before a1.

Binding: Nineteenth-century calf; the spine gold-tooled with two interlaced ‘L's surmounted by a crown; see Oldham, Shrewsbury School Bindings, 110.

Size: 312 × 215 × 40 mm.

Size of leaf: 296 × 197 mm.

Early marginal notes in Latin and Italian. On O6v 31 Latin hexameters added in a humanist hand with heading ‘Lucae Ripae ad clementissimum rerum opificem omnium deum oratio ut populum Ferra[riae] a pestilentia liberet, civitatem annona ac bellum amoueat', incipit: ‘Iam satis est miseram dudum bachata per urbem'; on the author see Luigi Ughi, Dizionario storico degli uomini illustri ferraresi (Ferrara, 1804), II 134.

Provenance: In the blank shields of the three full-page woodcuts a coat of arms drawn with the pen: a saltire between four stars. Purchased for £1. 0. 0; see Books Purchased (1853), 3.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 4Q 3.27.

Copy number: D-017(2)

Wanting gathering a and leaves2 a1, 2, 7, n5 and O5, 6. Leaf2 a4 bound after2 a6, O1, 2 bound after O4. Sheet h4.5 is in duplicate.

Binding: Nineteenth-century half red morocco by Maltby, Oxford.

Size: 303 × 220 × 45 mm.

Size of leaf: 292 × 193 mm.

Early marginal notes in Latin and Italian, mainly extracting key words; on a8r a note relating to historical events of 1487, and several notes in another hand relating to 1533-5.

Provenance: Gregorius Torio a Tarvisio; on a3r an inscription: ‘Ex libris Cle. V.I.D. Gregorij Torio a Tar[visio?] 1698'. Paget Jackson Toynbee (1855-1932).

Former Bodleian shelfmark: Toynbee 1125.

SHELFMARK: Toynbee 3558.

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