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Bod-Inc: D-106


Directorium sacerdotum ad usum Sarum.


Analysis of Content

[*2r] [Calendar.] Ordinale Sarum sive Directorium Sacerdotum, I–II, translated by William Cooke, ed. Christopher Wordsworth, Henry Bradshaw Society, 20, 22 (London, 1901-2), at II 593-604.

a1r [Maydeston, Clement]: ‘Prologus'.’ Ordinale, ed. Wordsworth, I 24-5. On the author see The Tracts of Clement Maydeston, with the Remains of Caxton's Ordinale, ed. Christopher Wordsworth, Henry Bradshaw Society, 7 (London, 1894), pp. xxvii–xxxi.

a2r ‘Rubrica'. Ordinale, ed. Wordsworth, I 25.

a2v Directorium sacerdotum ad usum Sarum. Edited by Clement Maydeston. Ordinale, ed. Wordsworth, I 27-340, II 341-562.

s7v [Maydeston, Clement]: Defensorium Directorii. Tracts, ed. Wordsworth, 5-22. On the Defensorium, see Tracts, ed. Wordsworth, pp. xxv–xxvii.

t5r [Maydeston, Clement]: ‘Articuli ventilati . . . et approbati per canonicos ecclesie Sarum'.’ Tractatus ‘Crede mihi'. Tracts, ed. Wordsworth, 27-81. On the Crede mihi, see Tracts, ed. Wordsworth, pp. xxxi–xxxviii.


Imprint: Antwerp: Gerard Leeu, 1488. 4°.


Collation: [*6] a–v8 x6.


ISTC: id00265250

GW: GW 8457;

Hain: HC 6272;

BMC: BMC IX 192, 214;

Proctor: Pr 9380;

Others: Bohatta, Lit. Bibl. 585; Campbell 1226; Duff 291; HPT II 420; ILC 729; Inventaris, 169; Meyer-Baer 5; Oates 3912; Ordinale, ed. Wordsworth, I, p. xxv; Sheppard 7225-6; STC 17721; Tracts, ed. Wordsworth, p. xlvii.

LCN: 14453782


Copy number: D-106(1)

Binding: Contemporary blind-tooled calf over wooden boards. One clasp lost. Stamps badly worn. Triple fillets form an outer frame within which is a repeated lozenge-shaped floral stamp and a circular rosette stamp; triple fillets form a further intersecting frame, within which is a rectangular foliate stamp; triple fillets form the inner rectangle which is divided by triple fillets into lozenge-shaped and triangular compartments decorated with a small circular swan stamp; the centre obliterated by the gold stamp of the Bodleian Library. Spine damaged. For the endleaves see J‑118.

Size: 216 × 135 × 40 mm.

Size of leaf: 208 × 135 mm.

A few early marginal annotations. On the front and rear endleaves, and on [*1], early pen-trials and scribbles: on [*1v] in a fifteenth/sixteenth-century hand: ‘Fygures of money': a [ ] the xvi parte of a penney; [ ] a [ ]ess[ ] the viii parte of a penny; [ ] a farthing the iiii ab an halfe penny; id a penny, is a shellinge, i£ a pounde; xl.l.xl; ‘xf' nytie, ‘c' a hunderd, [ ] hundred, ‘d' fyue hundred; ‘dc' syxe hundred; ‘m' thousande'. On the same leaf, in the hand of Miles [ ]itherland: ‘After my comendations according to youre promess for in [ ] the [ ]'.

Provenance: Miles Litherland (sixteenth century); an inscription on [*1v]: ‘By mi[ ] Myles Litherland'. Acquired by 1674; see Hyde, Catalogus (1674), II 20, shelfmark: 8° D1 Th. BS.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 1Q 5.8.

Copy number: D-106(2)

Binding: Seventeenth/eighteenth-century blind-tooled calf. Covers damaged and loose.

Size: 208 × 144 × 38 mm.

Size of leaf: 202 × 133 mm.

Some early marginal notes. On x6v in a fifteenth/sixteenth-century English hand: ‘Meritis et pretibus sue pie matris benedicat nos filius dei patris'; see Ordinale, ed. Wordsworth, II 668. References to S. Thomas Becket and Popes deleted in the calendar. Manuscript pagination supplied in seventeenth/eighteenth-century black ink 1-331. Seventeenth/eighteenth-century manuscript notes on front endleaves, perhaps associated with notes made elsewhere by Thomas Wagstaffe the elder (1645-1712 for whom see DNB); see note by Christopher Wordsworth, 10 Feb. 1900, attached to front pastedown, and Ordinale, ed. Wordsworth, II 663-8.

Provenance: Thomas Rawlinson (1681-1725); his note ‘C & P' on front pastedown. Richard Rawlinson (1690-1755); shelfmark. Bequeathed in 1755.


Copy number: D-106(3)

Not in Sheppard. Fragment.

Part of sheet p1.8, bound as back pastedown in Richard Montagu, Diatribe upon the first part of the late history of tithes (London: Felix Kyngston, for Matthew Lownes, 1621) [STC 18037, shelfmark 4º Rawl. 455].

Binding: seventeenth-century(?) English blind-tooled (fillets only) reversed calf; two ties lost.

Raised front pastedown is a leaf from a sixteenth-century copy of Cic. Ep.

Provenance: Brian Duppa (1588-1662), Bishop of Winchester; name on title-page; according to the note (by Richard Rawlinson) on the recto of the front endleaf, the annotations in the text are by Duppa. Thomas Rawlinson (1681-1725); his note ‘C & P' on front pastedown. Richard Rawlinson (1690-1755); shelfmark. Bequeathed in 1755.

SHELFMARK: 4º Rawl. 455(2).

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