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Bod-Inc: D-107


Directorium sacerdotum ad usum Sarum.


Analysis of Content

[*]1r [Calendar.] Ordinale, ed. Wordsworth, II 593-604.

[*]7r [De pica in anno bissextili.] Ordinale, ed. Wordsworth, I 17-18.

[*]7v [Tabula paschalis.] Ordinale, ed. Wordsworth, I 19-22.

a1r [Maydeston, Clement]: ‘Prologus'. Ordinale, ed. Wordsworth, I 24-5.

a2r ‘Rubrica'. Ordinale, ed. Wordsworth, I 25.

a2v Directorium sacerdotum ad usum Sarum. Edited by Clement Maydeston. Ordinale, ed. Wordsworth, I 27-340, II 341-562.

x2r [Maydeston, Clement]: Defensorium Directorii. Tracts, ed. Wordsworth, 5-22. On the Defensorium, see Tracts, ed. Wordsworth, pp. xxv–xxvii.

x8r [Colophon.]

x8r [Maydeston, Clement]: ‘Articuli ventulati(!) . . . et approbati per canonicos ecclesie Sarum'. Tractatus ‘Crede mihi'. Tracts, ed. Wordsworth, 27-81. On the Crede mihi, see Tracts, ed. Wordsworth, pp. xxxi–xxxviii.


Imprint: Westminster: William Caxton, [1489]. Folio.

Remarks: As dated by BMC; Sheppard dates [1489?], Painter [1488].


Collation: [*] a–y8 z10.


ISTC: id00265300

GW: GW 8458;

Hain: C 2007;


Proctor: Pr 9682;

Others: Blades, Caxton, 87; de Ricci, Caxton, 78; Duff 292; Mayer-Baer 5; Needham, Pardoner, 89-90, no. Cx 91; Ordinale, ed. Wordsworth, I, p. xxv; Painter, Caxton, 163, 214; Rhodes 1183; Sheppard 7414; STC 17722.

LCN: 14453709


Copy number: D-107(1)

Bound with A‑450; see there for details of binding, provenance, and former shelfmarks.

Size of leaf: 255 × 190 mm.

Early marginal notes.

SHELFMARK: S. Seld. d.11(2).

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