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Bod-Inc: D-203

Duranti, Guilelmus

Speculum iudiciale (ed. Johannes Aloisius Tuscanus).


Analysis of Content

a2r Fredoli, Berengarius: Inventarium speculi iudicialis. ‘Repertorium iuris'. Edited by Franciscus Moneliensis. Incipit: ‘[A] Hec prepositio . . .’ See Schulte II 180-2, at 181 no. 2.

p6v [First colophon, dated 21 Nov. 1478.]

p6v Franciscus Moneliensis: ‘In repertorium a se castigatum epistola'. Incipit: ‘Dum magis atque magis mecum reuoluo . . .’

2a1v Franciscus Moneliensis: [Letter to] Alexander Nevus [de Nevo]. Incipit: ‘Quum mecum adimaduerto . . .’

2a1v [Table of contents.]

2a2r Duranti, Guilelmus: [Preface.] Edited by Johannes Aloisius Tuscanus. Dedicated to Cardinal Ottobonus [Fliscus]. Incipit: ‘Ego Johannes Andree huius speculi speculationem assumens . . .’

a5v [Table of contents.]

a6r Duranti, Guilelmus: Speculum iudiciale. Pars prima. Edited by Johannes Aloisius Tuscanus. Incipit: ‘[Q]uoniam parum esset nosse iura . . .’ See Schulte II 144-56, at 148-52 no. 2. With the additions of Johannes Andreae and Baldus de Ubaldis.

y6v [Second colophon, undated.]

aa1v [Table of contents.]

aa2r Duranti, Guilelmus: Speculum iudiciale. Pars secunda. Edited by Johannes Aloisius Tuscanus. With the additions of Johannes Andreae and Baldus de Ubaldis.

N10r [Third colophon, undated.]

O2v [Table of contents for parts III and IV.]

O3r Duranti, Guilelmus: Speculum iudiciale. Pars tertia. Edited by Johannes Aloisius Tuscanus. With the additions of Johannes Andreae and Baldus de Ubaldis.

R4v [Fourth colophon, undated.]

S2r Duranti, Guilelmus: Speculum iudiciale. Pars quarta. Edited by Johannes Aloisius Tuscanus. With the additions of Johannes Andreae and Baldus de Ubaldis.

ZZ4v [Fifth colophon, dated 6 May 1479.]


Imprint: Padua: Johannes Herbort, de Seligenstadt, 1478-9. Folio.

Remarks: In two sections, dated: (I) 21 Nov. 1478; (II) 6 May 1479; of which the second comprises four parts.


Collation: Part I: a10 b–k8 l6 m4 n–p8; signatures begin with a2, signed a. Part II: 2a10 b–y8 aa10 bb–uu8 xx yy6 A–M8 N12; signatures begin with aa2, signed aa. Parts III and IV: O10 P8 Q R6 S10 T–Z AA–XX XXX8 YY ZZ6; in the first gathering, signatures begin with O3, signed O; leaf S1 unsigned and blank; S2 signed S. The Inventarium is bound before part I of the Speculum (not as GW).


ISTC: id00448000

GW: GW 9154;

Hain: HC *6511;

Goff: Goff D‑448;


Proctor: Pr 6799;

Others: BSB‑Ink D‑364; Rhodes 730; Sack, Freiburg, 1338-9; Sheppard 5587.

LCN: 14864465


Copy number: D-203(1)

Bound in three volumes: volume 1 (with shelfmark Auct. 5Q 1.16 on spine, cancelled to 1.18 in pencil on endleaf) contains parts III and IV; volume 2 (Auct. 5Q 1.17) contains part II; and volume 3 part I (Auct. 5Q 1.18). Wanting sheet OO3.6, and the blank leaves y8 and N12.

Binding: Contemporary German (Scheyern, Benedictines, Kyriß workshop no. 30) blind-tooled pigskin over wooden boards; two clasps lost. Title label at the head of the upper cover describing the first volume as ‘Tercia pars' and the third volume as ‘Prima pars'; this order was followed when the volumes assigned shelfmarks by the Bodleian Library. On the upper covers fillets form a border; within this is a repeated square stamp with a quatrefoil; the same tool, forming a saltire, subdivides the inner rectangle; on volume 1 the same tool also forms a lozenge-shaped figure further subdividing the inner rectangle; the triangular compartments formed by this stamp are filled with a large rosette stamp, a palm-leaf stamp, or a floral ornament within a merrythought. On the lower cover fillets form a frame; the central compartment is subdivided by diagonal fillets and is decorated with a stamp with three flowers, a knotwork stamp, a stamp with a scroll lettered ‘maria', the palm-leaf stamp, a large and small rosette, a coat of arms and two floral ornaments. For the stamps see Kyriß pl. 67, nos 1, 3-6, 8-9.

Size: 444 × 290 × 90; 445 × 300 × 95 and 445 × 295 × 95 mm.

Size of leaf: 427–434 × 279–283 mm.

Former pastedowns of vol. 2 (fragments of a thirteenth/fourteenth-century manuscript Missal written on parchment, in a ‘textualis rotunda' hand) now MS. Lat. liturg. b. 7, fols 106-7, fol. 107 containing the proper for SS. Silvester, Basil, Paul and Hilarion. In vol. 3 fragments from the same manuscript Missal (in this instance, part of the Proprium de tempore for Lent), used as front and back endleaves.

Running headlines and early marginal notes in faded red ink.

On a2r an 11-line initial is supplied in brown with pen-work decoration in a darker brown; other initials and paragraph marks are supplied in red; red capital strokes.

Provenance: Scheyern, Bavaria, BVM, Benedictines; on a2r, aa2r-v and O3r, an inscription: ‘Monasterij Schyrensis'. Duplicate from the Royal Library, Munich; ‘Dupl.' on a1r, aa1r (with no. 6044/46); old shelfmark ‘Inc. typ. Nro 176.B' on the front endleaf of vol. 3. Acquired between 1847 and c.1892, possibly in 1850; not in Catalogus (1843) with Appendix.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 5Q 1.16-18.

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