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Bod-Inc: F-061

Firmicus Maternus, Julius

Matheseos libri VIII (ed. Franciscus Niger), et al. [Latin and Greek].


Analysis of Content

*1r [List of contents.]

*1v Manutius Romanus, Aldus Pius: [Letter addressed to] Guidus Pheretius [Guidubaldo de Montefeltro], Duke of Urbino. Aldo Manuzio Editore, I 26-27; Botfield 234-5; see also Carlo Dionisotti, Gli Umanisti e il volgare fra Quattro e Cinquecento (Florence, 1968), 5-6.

*2r Niger, Pescennius Franciscus: [Letter to] Hippolytus d'Este. Botfield 235-40; on Niger's contribution to the edition see Scapecchi, ‘Annali', 35.

*4r ‘Generalis elenchos'.

*6v ‘Duodecim signa zodiaci'.

*6v ‘Septem planetae'.

a1r Firmicus Maternus, Julius: Matheseos libri viii. Edited by Franciscus Niger. Julius Firmicus Maternus, Matheseos libri viii, ed. W. Kroll and F. Skutsch, 2 vols. (Leipzig, 1897-1913), on this edition see II pp. xxx–xxxiii; see Thorndike–Kibre 852, 980. On the editorial process see G. Mercati, Ultimi contributi alla storia degli umanisti II, Studi e testi, 91 (Vatican City, 1939), 64-6.

k8r [First colophon.]

k8r [Statement of printing privilege for ten years.]

A1r Manilius, Marcus: Astronomicon.

F5v [Introductory note to the table of contents of the work of Manilius.] Incipit: ‘Marcus Manilius Mathematicus, cuius extat hoc opus elegantissimum heroico carmine de matheseos disciplina compositum . . .’

F6r ‘Index'. [Table of contents.]

G1r Arati Vita. Incipit: ‘[A]ratus Athenodoro patre fuit, matre uero Lenodora ex Solis urbe Ciliciae . . .’ Translated by Aldus Manutius Romanus from vita IV, as Scholia in Aratum vetera, ed. Jean Martin (Stuttgart, 1974), vita IV, pp. 19-21.

G1v Commentum nuper in Sicilia repertum. Incipit: ‘[C]oelum circulis quinque distinguitur, quorum duo . . .’ The scolia are close to version ‘S' in Germanicus, Aratea, ed. Alfred Breysig (Berlin, 1866), 105-81; see also Antonio dell' Era, ‘Gli Scholia Basiliensia a Germanico', Atti della Accademia nazionale dei Lincei. Memorie. Classe di Scienze morali, storiche e filologiche, Serie VIII, vol. xxxiii, fasc. 4 (1978), 301-78, esp. 302. While the text ends with the ‘Hydra', the commentary continues on I8v -I10v with the commentary of version ‘S', edited on pp. 193.5-202.8 in Breysig's edition. Although the edition claims that the text is based on a recently found manuscript, it follows closely the text found in the edition of Avienus from 1488 (GW 3131; in this catalogue A‑639).

G2v Aratus: Phaenomena. Translated by [Julius Caesar] Germanicus. Germ. Arat. 1-69; 72-95; 97-247; 251-54; 256-69; 273-8; 281-3; 287-314; 318-20; 324-7; 331-2; 336-40; 342-3; 347-55; 359-63; 363-78; 382-92; 396-413; 417-25; 429-30; Reliqua 4.51-163.

I10v [Plinius Secundus, Gaius]: Nat. 18. 234; 237; 246-8; 255-6; 268-71; 309-13; 213; 278-79; 280-94 (not 260-94 as claimed in the apparatus in ed. Breysig); see also ed. Breysig 203-15.

K3r [Commentary.] Incipit: ‘[V]ertices extremos circa quos cœli spera uoluitur . . .’ Related to ed. Breysig 111. 15-9, and 231. 14-5.

K3v Aratus: Fragmentum Arati Phaenomenon. Translated by Marcus Tullius Cicero. Cic. Arat. 229-471.

L1r Avienus, Rufus Festus: Phaenomena Arati. Avienus, Les Phénomènes d'Aratos, ed. J. Soubiran (Paris, 1981); see Thorndike–Kibre 194.

2N1r [Title-page.]

2N1v Leontius Mechanicus: Περὶ κατασκευη̂ς . Commentariorum in Aratum reliquae, ed. Ernst Maas (Berlin, 1898), 561-7.

2N3v Βίος . Incipit: ‘[ Ἄ ] ρατος πατρὸς μὲν ἢν Ἀθηνοδώρου ‘ . . . Scholia in Aratum vetera, ed. Martin, vita IV, 14-18.

2N3v Ὑπόθεσις τω̂ν Φαινομένων Ἀράτου . Commentariorum in Aratum reliquae, ed. Maas, 326-9.

2N4r Πω̂ς δει̂ ἱσταν Σφαι̂ραν . Commentariorum in Aratum reliquae, ed. Maas, 329-33; omitting sections 6, 7, and 10.

2N4v Διαίρεσις τη̂ς Σφαι̂ρας . ‘[ Δ] ιαιρει̂ται ἡ σφαι̂ρα εἴς τε τὰ νότια  . . .’ Commentariorum in Aratum reliquae, ed. Maas, 330-2, sections 6, 7, and 10 only.

2N5r Aratus: Φαινόμενα . Aratus, Phaenomena, ed. Ernst Maas (Berlin, 1893).

2N4v Theon [pseudo-]: [Scholia.] Scholia in Aratum vetera, ed. Martin; on this edition see pp. xii–xiii.

S7v Proclus [pseudo-; Geminos]: Σφαι̂ρα . Geminus, ed. G. Aujac (Paris, 1975), 4.1-5.14; 5.18-70; 15.1-4; 3.1-15 (not the sections stated to be present here by Aujac, p. cii).

T1r [Title-page.]

T1v Manutius Romanus, Aldus Pius: [Letter addressed to] Albertus Pius. Botfield 239-40; Aldo Manuzio editore, I 27-8.

T1v Grocinus, Guilelmus: [Letter addressed to] Aldus Manutius. Botfield 240-1.

T2v Linacre, Thomas: [Letter addressed to] Arthur, Prince of Wales. Botfield 242.

T3r Proclus [pseudo-]; Geminos: Sphaera. Translation by Thomas Linacre of the sections listed above.

T8r [Colophon with statement of printing privilege.]


Imprint: Venice: Aldus Manutius, June and [17] Oct. 1499. Folio.


Collation: *6 a–g10 h12 aa–hh10 ii kk8 A‑D10 E12 F6 G–M10 N6 2N10 O–S10 T8.

Illustrations: Woodcuts.


ISTC: if00191000

GW: GW 9981;

Hain: HC *14559;

Goff: Goff F‑191;

BMC: BMC V 560;

Proctor: Pr 5570;

Others: Jim Bennett and Domenico Bertolini Meli, Astronomy Books in the Whipple Museum 1478-1600 (Cambridge, 1994), 20-1, no. 5; BSB‑Ink F‑129; Essling 1186; Hillard 813; Oates 2189-90; Rhodes 777; Sack, Freiburg, 1449; Sander 2781; Scapecchi, ‘Annali', 35; Sheppard 4659-61. Microfiche: Unit 3: Image of the World: Geography and Cosmography.

LCN: 14381683, 14381814


Copy number: F-061(1)

Binding: Seventeenth-century English mottled calf with blind-tooled roll along the edges; formerly chained: staple-mark of a hasp at the head of upper cover; ‘7' in white at the head of the spine and in black across the fore-edge.

Size: 310 × 210 × 70 mm.

Size of leaf: 300 × 192 mm.

Provenance: John Selden (1584-1654); see MS. Broxb. 84. 10, p. 20; MS. Selden Supra 111, fol. 39r. Presented in 1659.

A few notes in a contemporary Italian hand amend the text in Latin and Greek.

Former Bodleian shelfmarks: D 2. 7 Art. Seld.; E 1. 7 Art. Seld; Auct. 1R 4.9.

SHELFMARK: S. Seld. c.5.

Copy number: F-061(2)

Binding: Eighteenth-century English(?) calf, the spine gold-tooled; marbled endpapers and edges of leaves; green silk book-mark. Sections of the spine detached.

Size: 320 × 210 × 60 mm.

Size of leaf: 304 × 207 mm.

Provenance: Bought by Ingram Bywater (1840-1914) from Parker, 5 Oct. 1870, for £4. 10. 0; bill enclosed with the book; no. 508 in Bywater Elenchus. Bequeathed in 1914.

SHELFMARK: Byw. A 6.3.

Copy number: F-061(3)

Bound with D‑103(1); see there for details of the binding and provenance.

Size of leaf: 298 × 197 mm.

Gatherings N–S only.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 1R 1.12(2).

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