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Bod-Inc: G-051

Gaza, Theodorus

Grammatica introductiva.


Analysis of Content

a1r [Title-page.]

a1v Manutius Romanus, Aldus Pius: [Letter to the reader]. Aldo Manuzio editore I 7-9.

a2r Gaza, Theodorus: Γραμματική εἰσαγωγή . ‘Introductiuae grammatices libri quatuor.’ Incipit: ‘[ Τ] ω̂ν τεσσάρων καὶ εἴκοσι γραμμάτων, φωνήεντα μὲν ἑπτὰ  . . .’

2a1r Gaza, Theodorus: Περὶ μηνω̂ν . ‘De mensibus opusculum.’ PG XIX 1168-1216.

b10r ‘ Μάρτυρες τῳ̂ λόγῳ .’

AΑ1r ‘ Βίος Ἀπολλωνίου Ἀλεξανδρέως του̂ γραμματικου̂ .’ Apollonius, Quae supersunt, ed. Richard Schneider and Gustav Uhlig, 3 vols (Leipzig, 1902-10), III, pp. xi–xii.

AΑ2v Apollonius Dyscolus: ‘ Περὶ συντάξεως .’ ‘De constructione libri quatuor.’ Apollonius, Quae supersunt, ed. Schneider and Ulig II; omitting ed. Schneider and Uhlig II/2, books II 191 line 4-246 line 3, and book IV from 478 line 10; see ed. Schneider and Uhlig II/2, p. xv. Each book is preceded by a list of contents edited by Schneider and Uhlig II/2, pp. xxvii–xxxii.

MM2v Herodianus [pseudo-]: De numeris. ‘ Περὶ τω̂ν ἀριθμω̂ν .’ Incipit: ‘[ Ἔ ] τι τω̂ν σημείων ἄν τις φαίη καὶ ‘ Henri Estienne, Thesaurus graecae linguae, rev. edn by C. B. Hase and others, 8 vols (Paris, 1831-65), VIII (Appendix), 346-8.

MΜ4r [Colophon with statement of printing privilege].


Imprint: Venice: Aldus Manutius, 25 Dec. 1495. Folio.


Collation: a8 bβ-lλ8 2a8 b10 AΑ-LΛ8 MM4.


ISTC: ig00110000

GW: GW 10562;

Hain: HC *7500;

Goff: Goff G‑110;

BMC: BMC V 553;

Proctor: Pr 5548;

Others: BSB‑Ink G‑47; Essling 887; Oates 2165-6; Rhodes 812; Sander 7236; Scapecchi, ‘Annali', 5; Sheppard 4614-5.

LCN: 14829036


Copy number: G-051(1)

Wanting sheet EE3, in place of which is bound a duplicate of sheet EE4.

Binding: Nineteenth-century brown blind-tooled calf; bound for the Bodleian Library; the number ‘1' in black ink across the fore-edge.

Size: 320 × 220 × 35 mm.

Size of leaf: 310 × 210 mm.

The Greek word πάθη has been added in manuscript to the Latin preface.

Provenance: John Selden (1584-1654); see MS. Broxb. 84. 10, p. 26. Presented in 1659.

Former Bodleian shelfmark: L 2. 1 Art. Seld. in Fysher, Catalogus (1738), I 483.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 1R 1.5.

Copy number: G-051(2)

Binding: Nineteenth-century(?) parchment.

Size: 330 × 220 35 mm.

Size of leaf: 322 × 210 mm.

The Greek word παθη has been added in manuscript to the Latin preface. At the end 15 leaves of a treatise on Greek syntax in a sixteenth-century hand filling the textual omissions of the printed edition. Barbara Crostini Lappin, A Catalogue of Greek Manuscripts Acquired by the Bodleian Library since 1916, Excluding those from Holkham Hall (Oxford, 2003), pp. 14-18, identifies the paper as Briquet 3089 (Vicenza, 1559) and suggests Nikolaos Sophianos as a possible scribe, and refers to other copies of the printed edition with similar additions, now in the Vatican and in Milan, Biblioteca Ambrosiana; for a description of these manuscripts, see Apollonius, Quae supersunt. ed. Schneider and Uhlig, II pp. xlvii–l; Crostini identifies the contents of the 15 leaves of manuscript additions as follows: fols 3r –13r contain Apolonius Dyscolus, Syntaxis, II, chapters 19-28, ed. Schneider and Uhlig, II, part 2, 191 line 4–246 line 4; fols 1r –2v and 15r contain Apolonius Dyscolus, Syntaxis, IV, chapters 10-12, ed. Schneider and Uhlig, II, part 2, 478 line 10–497 line 11; see Crostini for further information.

Provenance: Horatio William Walpole, 4th Earl of Orford (1813-1894); sale (10 June 1895), lot 306. Sold to Bernard Quaritch for £1. 11. 0 according to Sotheby's annotated copy of the catalogue. Ingram Bywater (1840-1914); a cutting from the auction catalogue is marked ‘31' in Bywater's hand, probably 31 shillings, i.e. £1. 11. 0; Elenchus, no. 3304. Bequeathed in 1914.

SHELFMARK: Byw. G 3.8.

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