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Bod-Inc: G-089

Gerson, Johannes



Analysis of Content

[a1v] [Table of contents.]

[b1r] Gerson, Johannes: De potestate ecclesiastica et de origine iuris. Gerson, Oeuvres, VI no. 282, 210-50.

[c9r] Gerson, Johannes: ‘Quorundam dubiorum resolutiones.’ Incipit: ‘[N]ota quod nullus tenetur confiteri peccata . . .’ Explicit:` . . .salubre aliquid occurrerit.’

[d1r] Gerson, Johannes: Pro coelibatu ecclesiasticorum. ‘Dialogus inter Sophiam et Naturam pro castitate ecclesiasticorum.’ Gerson, Oeuvres, X no. 510, 145-63.

[e1r] Gerson, Johannes: De consiliis evangelicis et statu perfectionis. ‘Questio theologica cuius titulus est Utrum aurora mane rutilans solem ediderit.’ Gerson, Oeuvres, III no. 88, 10-26.

[e7v] Gerson, Johannes: [Quaestiones 4.] ‘Responsio.’ Gerson, Oeuvres, IX no. 427, 70-2, beginning imperfectly.

[f1r] Gerson, Johannes: Anagogicum de verbo et hymno gloriae. Gerson, Oeuvres, VIII no. 421, 540-65.

[g1r] Gerson, Johannes: Super Marcum 1,2. Gerson, Oeuvres, III no. 89, 26-36.

[g5r] Gerson, Johannes: [De Johannis prophetia.] Gerson, Oeuvres, III no. 96, 109-13.

[g6v] Gerson, Johannes: [Super Marcum 1,2: concluding remarks.] Gerson, Oeuvres, III no. 89, 36.

[g6v] Gerson, Johannes: [De duplici logica.] Gerson, Oeuvres, III no. 91, 57-63.

[h1v] Gerson, Johannes: [De comparatione vitae contemplativae ad activam.] Gerson, Oeuvres, III no. 92, 63-77.

[i1r] Gerson, Johannes: Sermo de vita clericorum. Gerson, Oeuvres, V no. 239, 447-58.

[i6r] Gerson, Johannes: Sermo in coena Domini. Gerson, Oeuvres, V no. 208, 12- 22,l.12; 23,l.22- 24,l.18; 26,l.20-27; 22,l.13-23,l.21; 24,l.19-26,l.19.

[k3r] Gerson, Johannes: De modo se habendi tempore schismatis. Gerson, Oeuvres, VI no. 256, 29-34.

[k5v] Gerson, Johannes: De schismate vel De papatu contendentibus. Gerson, Oeuvres, VI no. 255, 24-8.

[k7v] Gerson, Johannes: De schismate. Gerson, Oeuvres, VI no. 259, 42-51.

[l1r] Gerson, Johannes: [De concilio unius obedientiae.] Gerson, Oeuvres, VI no. 260, 54-5, 55-6, beginning imperfectly.

[l1v] Gerson, Johannes: [De restitutione obedientiae (extracts only).] Gerson, Oeuvres, VI no. 262, 62, 63.

[l3r] Gerson, Johannes: Sermo de officio pastoris. ‘Sermo in concilio Remensi . . . factus.’ Gerson, Oeuvres, V no. 215, 123-44.

[m3r] Gerson, Johannes: De visitatione praelatorum et de cura curatorum. Gerson, Oeuvres, VIII no. 403, 47-55.

[m7r] Gerson, Johannes: Sermo in festo nativitatis BVM. Gerson, Oeuvres, V no. 232, 344-62.

[n6r] Gerson, Johannes: Super Cantica Canticorum. Gerson, Oeuvres, VIII no. 422, 565-639.

[q10v] Gerson, Johannes: Carmen iocundum ad excitandum cor in superna. Gerson, Oeuvres, IV no. 204, 176.

[q10v] Gerson, Johannes: Epithalamium mysticum theologi et theologiae. Gerson, Oeuvres, IV no. 167, 144-6.

[r1r] Gerson, Johannes: [Carmen contra minas mordentes.] Gerson, Oeuvres, IV no. 205, 176-7.

[r1r] [Gerson, Johannes: Super quotidiano peregrini testamento.] Gerson, Oeuvres, VIII no. 400, 5-9.

[r3r] ‘Epithaphium.’ Incipit: ‘[E]vocat ad planctum studium te Parisiense | Et celebrem gemitum funere plaga recens'; 33 elegiac distichs. See Walther, Initia, 5971.

[r4r] Gerson, Johannes: De custodia linguae. [Also known as Quaestiones 4.] Gerson, Oeuvres, IX no. 427, 64-72.

[r8r] Gerson, Johannes: [Letter addressed to Michaelis Bartinus.] Gerson, Oeuvres, II no. 57, 275-6.

[r8v] Gerson, Johannes: De libris legendis a monacho. ‘Considerationes ad propositum quas bene considerare debet religiosus in diuinis multum occupatus pro serenatione conscientie.’ Gerson, Oeuvres, IX no. 464, 609-13.

[s1v] Gerson, Johannes: [Letter addressed to Guilelmus Minaudus.] ‘De religionis perfectione.’ Gerson, Oeuvres, II no. 49, 232-45, with a concluding paragraph not in Gerson, Oeuvres: ‘[G]losa ordinaria magistri Petri Lombardi prime . . . in membris esse ecclesie debere.’

[s7r] Gerson, Johannes: De susceptione humanitatis Christi. [Letter addressed to Johannes Bassandus.] Gerson, Oeuvres, II no. 56, 264-74.

[t2r] Gerson, Johannes: [De gravato debitis.] Gerson, Oeuvres, III no. 103, 313-19.

[t4v] Gerson, Johannes(?): ‘De grauatis publicis.’ Incipit: ‘[D]ictat ratio vt iustum iubet lex vt . . .’ Explicit:` . . .hoc prius declaratis.’ Not identified; the same text is listed in J. Autenrieth and V. E. Fiala, Die Handschriften des ehemaligen Hofbibliothek Stuttgart, 1,1: Codices ascetti (HB I 1-150), Die Handschriften des Württembergischen Landesbibliothek Stuttgart, Reihe 2: Die Handschriften der ehemaligen königlichen Hofbibliothek (Wiesbaden, 1968), MS. I 10, fol. 102v.

[t6r] Gerson, Johannes: [De gravato debitis: Declaratio cancellarii et facultatis.] Gerson, Oeuvres, III no. 103b, 322-6.

[t7v] Gerson, Johannes: Epistola ad fratrem professum. ‘Tractatulus . . . contra confessum inobedientem.’ Gerson, Oeuvres, II no. 59, 280-4.

[t9v] Gerson, Johannes: [Letter addressed to his brother Johannes.] Gerson, Oeuvres, II no. 55, 259-61, ending imperfectly.

[t10r] Gerson, Johannes(?): ‘Admonitio . . . super librum qui dicitur Clymachus De triginta gradibus perfectionis.’ Incipit: ‘[N]ota quod autor huius libri de scala . . .’ Explicit:` . . .hic non inscribit.’notnot identified’

[v1r] Gerson, Johannes [pseudo-]: ‘De presentibus domini Jesu verbis.’ [Also known as Sermo de verbis domini.] Incipit: ‘[V]enite ad me omnes qui laboratis et onerati estis et . . .’ See Gerson, Oeuvres, I 59.

[x11r] Gerson, Johannes: [Anagogicum de verbo et hymno gloriae.] Gerson, Oeuvres, VIII no. 421, 540-1, ending imperfectly.

[y1r] ‘Contra sectam Valdensium.’ Incipit: ‘[I]nuidia dyaboli mors intrauit in orbem terrarum . . .’ Explicit:` . . .consolationis qui est in secula benedictus. Amen.’

[z3v] Gerson, Johannes: De modo orandi. ‘De oratione et suo valore.’ [Letter addressed to his brother Johannes.] Gerson, Oeuvres, II no. 37, 169-74.

[z5v] Gerson, Johannes: [Letter addressed to his brother Johannes. Also known as De valore orationis.] Gerson, Oeuvres, II no. 38, 175-83, ending imperfectly.

[z9r] Gerson, Johannes: [Extracts from letter addressed to one of his brothers.] Gerson, Oeuvres, II no. 39, 196-8, passim. On the dedicatee see Gerson, Oeuvres, II, p. xxii.

[z9v] Gerson, Johannes: Super dimitte nobis. Gerson, Oeuvres, VIII no. 408, 76-7.

[A1r] Gerson, Johannes: De laude scriptorum. Gerson, Oeuvres, IX no. 454, 423-34.

[A6v] Gerson, Johannes: De arte audiendi confessiones. Gerson, Oeuvres, VIII no. 401, 10-17.


Imprint: [Brussels: Fratres Vitae Communis], 3 Mar. 1475. Folio.

Remarks: Pr assigns to an anonymous Cologne press: see HPT I 25-6.


Collation: [a2 b–e10 f12 g h8 i–v10 x12 y z A10].


ISTC: ig00246000

GW: GW 10718;

Hain: HC 7626;

Goff: Goff G‑246;

Proctor: Pr 1132;

Others: Boekdrukkunst (1973), 92; HPT II 397; ILC 1090; Pellechet 5129; Sheppard 7167.

LCN: 14876312


Copy number: G-089(1)

Wanting the blank leaves [d10], [e10], [f12], [x12].

[h8], a half-leaf in this copy, contains 19 lines of text in the first (and only) column on the recto, and, unlike the one described by Pellechet, is not blank.

Binding: Contemporary Netherlandish (Bruges) blind-tooled calf over wooden boards, bound by John Guilbert Meese, for whom see Hobson, Cambridge Libraries, 28-31 and pl. x; Goldschmidt 218-19; Weale lv; Foot, ‘Monasteries and Dragons', 199; Mirjam Foot, Studies in the History of Bookbinding (Aldershot, 1993), 137; also Elly Cockx-Indestege, 'Queeste naar het gebruik van drukwerk van de Brussels fraters', in Sources for the History of Medieval Books and Libraries, ed. Rita Schlusemann, Jos M. M. Hermans & Margriet Hoogvliet (Groningen, 1999), 31-60, at 48; signed on the recto of the back parchment endleaf: ‘Johannes Meese me ligauit'; two catches and clasps lost; rebacked. Formerly chained: staple-marks of a hasp at the head of the upper cover. On both covers double fillets form a frame within which is a repeated dragon stamp (Hobson 28, no. 8). Double fillets form the inner rectangle which is divided by triple fillets into lozenge-shaped and triangular compartments with a large rayed rosette stamp (Hobson 28, no. 1) and a fleur-de-lis stamp (Hobson 28, no. 4). The gold stamp of the Bodleian Library on both covers.

Size: 307 × 215 × 62 mm.

Size of leaf: 289 × 201 mm.

Early marginal annotations and ‘nota' marks, in some instances decorated with human faces; on [v1r] Gerson's name has been scored out, disputing the authorship of the ‘Sermo de verbis domini', which is now considered spurious; the gatherings are signed in early black ink.

Initials and paragraph marks are supplied in red or blue. Name of author and title in contemporary red crayon on the recto of the front endleaf. ‘6' and ‘Gerson', the latter in a contemporary hand, both in black ink, on fore-edge.

Provenance: T. Stevenson (fifteenth century); perhaps to be identified with Thomas Stevenson († before Jan. 1496); inscription on the verso of the parchment front endleaf: ‘Liber m[agistri] T Stevynson'. Erased inscription on the recto of the front endleaf: ‘liber [ ]'. Thomas Appley[ard] (fifteenth/sixteenth century); signature on [a2v]: ‘M Thoma Apylly[ard]'. Nathaniel Crynes (1686-1745); ‘ex libris' inscription on [b1r], stamp on [a2r]. Bequeathed in 1745.

Former Bodleian shelfmark: L 3.6 Jur.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 1Q 3.14.

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