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Bod-Inc: G-134

Gerson, Johannes

Tractatus diversi.


Analysis of Content

a1r [Title-page.]

a1v [Table of contents.]

a2r [A note on the original languages of the work.] Incipit: ‘Tractatum sequentem de differentia peccatorum . . .’

a2r ‘Rubrice considerationum tractatus sequentis.’

a2v Gerson, Johannes: De cognitione peccatorum venialium et mortalium. Incipit: ‘[Q]ui bene considerat bonitatem dei erga nos . . .’ Explicit:` . . .sua mandata facientes.’ French version in Glorieux.

d1r Gerson, Johannes: [De eruditione confessorum.] ‘De arte audiendi confessiones.’ See G‑091.

e1r Gerson, Johannes: [Letter addressed to a bishop.] Gerson, Oeuvres, II no. 17, 72-3. On the dedicatee see Gerson, Oeuvres, II, p. xiv.

e1v Gerson, Johannes: Opus tripartitum: De praeceptis Decalogi. Incipit: ‘[C]ristianitati suus qualiscunque zelator . . .’

g2v Gerson, Johannes: Opus tripartitum: De confessione. Incipit: ‘[Q]uisquis a morte peccati ad salutis . . .’ Explicit:` . . .aut inuolute tutius dimittuntur.’

h1v Gerson, Johannes: Opus tripartitum: De arte moriendi. ‘De scientia mortis.’ Incipit: ‘[S]i veraces fidelesque amici cuiuspiam egroti . . .’ Explicit:` . . .laudabiliter obseruatur.’

i1r Gerson, Johannes: De praeparatione ad missam. ‘De preparatione ad missam et De pollutione nocturna.’ Gerson, Oeuvres, IX no. 425, 35-50.

k5v Gerson, Johannes: De cognitione castitatis et pollutionibus diurnis. See G‑095.

m3v Gerson, Johannes: De modo vivendi omnium fidelium. Gerson, Oeuvres, VIII no. 399, 1-5.

n1r Gerson, Johannes [pseudo-]: Donatus moralisatus. Gerson, Oeuvres, IX no. 479, 689-700.


Imprint: [Antwerp: Mathias van der Goes, c.1491-2]. 4°.

Remarks: As dated by Sheppard.


Collation: a b6 c4 d–g6 h4 i–m6 n o4.


ISTC: ig00273700

GW: GW 10839;

Hain: C 2707, 2698;

Proctor: Pr 9429;

Others: Campbell 818 (gatherings i–m), 821 (gatherings a–h); HPT II 389; ILC 1092; Inventaris, 91; Sheppard 7203.

LCN: 14876243


Copy number: G-134(1)

Bound with:
1. Poggius Florentinus, Facetiae. Basel: N[icolaus] K[esler], 14 Mar. 1488 (P‑416);
2. Werner Rolewinck, De regimine rusticorum. Louvain: Johannes de Westfalia, [between 1484/5 and 1487] (R‑101).

Binding: Seventeenth-century calf; the gold stamp of the Bodleian Library on both covers. Sprinkled red-edged leaves.

Size: 196 × 137 × 54 mm.

Size of leaf: 190 × 135 mm.

Provenance: Stephen Penton (1639-1706); Benefactors' Register II 58 listing Poggius Florentinus, Facetiae. Basel: 1488, bound with ‘Varii tractatus Joh. Gerson'. Acquired by 1738; see Fysher, Catalogus, II, 339.

Former Bodleian shelfmarks: E 2. 16 Linc., on the fore-edge; Auct. 1Q 5.12.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 1Q 6.10(3).

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