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Bod-Inc: G-172

Gratia Dei, Aesculanus

Commentaria in totam artem veterem Aristotelis (ed. Theophilus Cremonensis).


Analysis of Content

a1r [Title-page.] ‘Commentaria Gratiadei Esculani ordinis predicatorum in totam artem veterem Aristotelis.’

a2r Gratia Dei, Aesculanus: ‘Incipiunt preclarissima commentaria Gratiadei Esculani sacri ordinis predicatorum in predicabilia Porphyrii.’ Edited by Theophilus Cremonensis, also known as Theophilus de Ferrariis. Incipit: ‘[Q]uemadmodum Aristoteles dicit in secundo metaphisicorum . . .’ See Kaeppeli II 1323; Lohr, 24 (1968), 168-70.

a2v Porphyrius: Liber quinque praedicabilium. [Also known as Isagoge. Translated by Boethius.] Porphyrii Isagoge, ed. L. Minio-Paluello, AL I, 6-7 (1966), 5-31.

c2v Gratia Dei, Aesculanus: ‘Incipiunt preclarissima commentaria eiusdem in librum Predicamentorum Aristotelis.’ Incipit: ‘[Q]uemadmodum ait Aristoteles in quarto Metaphysice circa idem versatur dialecticus . . .’

c3v Aristoteles: Liber praedicamentorum. Categoriae vel praedicamenta, ed. L. Minio-Paluello, AL I, 1-5 (1961), p. xxxix, 5-41. Anonymous translation, traditionally ascribed to Boethius; see L. Minio-Paluello, ‘The Genuine Text of Boethius' Translation of Aristotle's Categories', Medieval and Renaissance Studies, 1 (1942), 151-77 (Opuscula, 1-27) and L. Minio-Paluello, ‘The Text of the Categoriae: the Latin Tradition', Classical Quarterly, 39 (1945), 63-4 (Opuscula, 28-39).

g2v Gratia Dei, Aesculanus: ‘Incipiunt commentaria eiusdem in librum Sex principiorum Gilberti Porretani.’ Incipit: ‘[Q]uemadmodum Alpharabius in logica sua dicit, logica est scientia . . .’

g3r Gilbertus Porretanus [pseudo-]: De sex principiis. L. Minio-Paluello, AL I, 6-7 (1966), 35-58. On authorship see L. Minio-Paluello, ‘Magister sex principiorum', Studi medievali, 3rd ser., 6/2 (1965), 123-51 (Opuscula, 536-64), AL (1957), I, 95, Lohr (1968), 166 and PAL 77 no. 86.

i3v Gratia Dei, Aesculanus: ‘Incipiunt commentaria preclarissima eiusdem in librum Perihermenias Aristotelis.’ Incipit: ‘[Q]uemadmodum dicit Aristoteles in secundo De celo et mundo videtur optime quidem . . .’

i4v Aristoteles: Liber perihermenias. [Also known as De interpretatione. Translated by Boethius.] De interpretatione vel Periermenias, ed. L. Minio-Paluello, AL II, 1-2 (1965), 5-38.

m6v [Table of contents.] ‘Tituli questionum.’


Imprint: Venice: Bonetus Locatellus, for Octavianus Scotus, 13 Sept. 1491. Folio.


Collation: a–l6 m8.

Remarks: Collation not as GW.

Illustrations: Woodcut initials.


ISTC: ig00356000

GW: GW 11339;

Hain: H *7874;

Goff: Goff G‑356;

Proctor: Pr 5027;

Others: BSB‑Ink G‑248; Oates 1963-4; Sander 3258; Sheppard 4185.

LCN: 14555795


Copy number: G-172(1)

Bound with:
2. Gratia Dei, Aesculanus Commentaria in totam artem veterem Aristotelis. Venice: Manfredus de Bonellis, de Monteferrato, 1 Mar. 1493 (G‑173);
3. Paulus Venetus, Quadratura sive Dubia. Venice: Bonetus Locatellus, for Octavianus Scotus, 22 Aug. 1493 (P‑066);
4. Paulus Venetus, Sophismata aurea. Venice: Bonetus Locatellus, for Octavianus Scotus, 21 Oct. 1493 (P‑067).

Wanting the blank leaf m8.

Binding: Nineteenth-century blind-tooled calf; bound for the Bodleian Library.

Size: 301 × 206 × 45 mm.

Size of leaf: 292 × 190 mm.

Provenance: Acquired by 1605; see James, Catalogus (1605), 317 (items 1-2; shelfmarked C. 2.5 Art) and James, Catalogus (1605) 405 (items 4-5; apparently shelfmarked B 6.11 Art, but in James, Catalogus (1620), 509 shelfmarked C 2.5. Art).

SHELFMARK: Auct. 2Q 3.2(1).

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