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Bod-Inc: G-178




Analysis of Content

[a1r] Gratianus: Decretum. [Pars I. Rubric] ‘In nomine sancte et indiuidue trinitatis incipit concordia discordantium Canonum. Ac primum de iure constitutionis nature humane. Rubrica.’ [Textus.] ‘[H]umanum genus duobus regitur naturali videlicet iure et moribus . . .’ Friedberg 1-356; see Timothy Reuter and Gabriel Silagi, Wortkonkordanz zum Decretum Gratiani, 5 vols, Monumenta Germaniae Historica, Hilfsmittel, vol. 10, pts 1-5 (Munich, 1990). There is a survey of current scholarship on Gratian's work in Stephan Kuttner, ‘Research on Gratian: Acta and Agenda', in Studies in the History of Medieval Canon Law (London, 1990), 3-26. See also A. Winroth, The Making of Gratian's Decretum, Cambridge Studies in Medieval Life and Thought, Fourth Series, 49 (Cambridge, 2000).

[a1r] Bartholomaeus Brixiensis: [Glossa ordinaria in Decretum.] ‘[Q]uoniam nouis superuenientibus causis nouis est remediis succurrendum . . . Humanum genus. Tractaturus Gracianus de iure canonico . . .’ See Stephan Kuttner, Repertorium der Kanonistik (1140-1234), Prodromus corporis glossarum, Studi e Testi, 71 (Vatican City, 1937), 93-115. Revision of the ‘apparatus' of Johannes Teutonicus; see VL IV 777-83, at 778-9.

[m1r] Gratianus: [Pars II.] ‘Incipit prima causa que est de diuersis speciebus symonie.’ ‘[Q]uidam habens filium . . .’ Friedberg 357-1159.

[t4v] [Tractatus de penitentia.] ‘De penitenciis. Distinctione prima. Hiis breuiter decursis in quibus . . . Sunt enim qui dicunt quemlibet criminis veniam . . .’ Friedberg 1159-1292.

[X2r] [Pars III. Tractatus de consecratione.] ‘De consecracione ecclesiarum . . . De ecclesiarum consecracione et missarum celebracionibus . . . [T]abernaculum . . .’ Friedberg 1293-1424.

[2a7v] [Colophon.]


Imprint: Strasbourg: Heinrich Eggestein, 1471. Folio.


Collation: [a–i10 k l8 m–z A–H10 I K8 L–Z10 2a8].

Remarks: GW collates ‘ . . . I K L–Z aa8’.

Leaves: 460 leaves, the last blank; BMC records 459 leaves.


ISTC: ig00360000

GW: GW 11351;

Hain: H *7883;

Goff: Goff G‑360;

BMC: BMC I 67;

Proctor: Pr 261;

Others: BSB‑Ink G‑252; Hillard 904; Sheppard 178; Will 1.

LCN: 14553160


Copy number: G-178(1)

Bound in two volumes.

Binding: Eighteenth-century French red morocco over wooden boards; gold-tooled spines and turn-ins, gilt-edged leaves, and marbled pastedowns; the gold stamp of the Bodleian Library on both covers of both volumes.

Size: 483 × 330 × 68 mm.

Size of leaf: 472 × 320 mm.

Two erased inscriptions on [a1r]; a few marginal annotations in an early hand.

On [a1r] a historiated miniature showing a pope with three cardinals and four doctors of the Church; on the iconography see Anthony Melnikas, The Corpus of the Miniatures in the Manuscripts of Decretum Gratiani, I, Studia Gratiana, 16 (Rome, 1975), 3-104. On the same folio an eight-line initial ‘h' is supplied in green with purple and gold infill decoration, on a blue ground with white infill decoration; green, blue, and purple foliate extensions into the margins. Other eight-line to eleven-line initials are supplied in interlocked red and blue with chequered or foliate infill, and red pen-work decoration; often three-line initials with similar decoration appear in the ‘apparatus' correponding to larger initials in the text. On [A1r] [B1r] [L1r] [P10v] [Q4v] [T10v] [V2r] [V10v] [X2r] four-eight- or nine-line interlaced blue initials edged in red with red pen-work decoration or interlaced red initials edged in blue with blue pen-work decoration. Some three-line interlocked red and blue initials. Red or blue two-line initials and paragraph marks, red and blue running chapter numbers in the upper margin, chapter headings are supplied in red in the main text, and underlined in red in the ‘apparatus'; the incipit of ‘pars II' is also supplied in red. Some capitals marked in red.

Provenance: Cardinal Étienne Charles Loménie de Brienne (1727-1794); see François-Xavier Laire, Index librorum, 343 [recte 243] no. 19. Purchased for £3. 0. 0; see Books Purchased (1792), 4.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 4Q 1.7-8.

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