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Bod-Inc: G-260

Guainerius, Antonius

Opera medica (ed. Hieronymus Salius Faventinus).


Analysis of Content

A1r [Title-page.] ‘Practica'.

A2r [Salius Faventinus, Hieronymus]: ‘Prologus'. Incipit: ‘[M]agno ac summo cum desiderio iam diu cuiuscunque particularis membri egritudinum curam ponere concupiui . . .’ See Thorndike–Kibre 845. Each tract is preceded by a brief introduction and by a list of contents, prepared by the editor of the book, Hieronymus Salius Faventinus. See Danielle Jacquart, ‘Theory, Everyday Practice, and Three Fifteenth-century Physicians', in Renaissance Medical Learning: Evolution of a Tradition ed. M.R. McVaugh and Nancy G. Siraisi (Philadelphia, 1991), 140-60.

A3r Guainerius, Antonius: ‘Tractatus de egritudinibus capitis'. Edited by Hieronymus Salius Faventinus, as stated in the prologue and in the colophon. Incipit: ‘[D]olor capitis est nocitiui sensibilitas aut in panniculis cerebri . . .’ See Thorndike–Kibre 461.

D6v Guainerius, Antonius: ‘Commentariolus de pleuresi'. Incipit: ‘[P]leuresis est egritudo . . .’ See Thorndike–Kibre 1053.

E4r Guainerius, Antonius: ‘Commentariolus de passionibus stomaci'. Incipit: ‘[V]olens de egritudinibus stomaci in presenti commentariolo dictionem facere . . .’ See Thorndike–Kibre 1707.

G4v Guainerius, Antonius: ‘Commentariolus de fluxibus'. Incipit: ‘[V]olens de intestinorum egritudinibus curam ponere . . .’ See Thorndike–Kibre 1707.

H7v Guainerius, Antonius: [Letter addressed to] Philippus Maria Angelus [Visconti]. Incipit: ‘[N]ihil est magnanime princeps ut rem statim aggrediar . . .’ See Thorndike–Kibre 912.

H7v Guainerius, Antonius: ‘Commentariolus de egritudinibus matricis'. Incipit: ‘[M]atrix est membrum a natura pro conceptione deputatum . . .’ See Thorndike–Kibre 852.

K8r Guainerius, Antonius: ‘De iuncturis siue de arthetica et calculosa passione . . . commentariolus' [addressed to] Andreas Biragus. Incipit: ‘[A]rthetica est iuncturarum dolor cum tumore . . .’ See Thorndike–Kibre 148.

M8v Guainerius, Antonius: [Letter addressed to] Philippus Maria Angelus [Visconti]. Incipit: ‘[P]ersepe animaduertens hoc mortale hominum genus . . .’

N1r Guainerius, Antonius: ‘Commentariolus de peste et de venenis'. Incipit: ‘[C]um aliquem pestis rapit eum . . .’ See Thorndike–Kibre 280.

Q1v [Salius Faventinus, Hieronymus]: [Introduction addressed to] Antonius Maglianus [i.e. Marlianus]. Incipit: ‘[T]ui amoris gratia mi Antoni Magliane . . .’ See Thorndike–Kibre 1592.

Q2r Guainerius, Antonius: ‘Commentariolus de febribus'. Incipit: ‘[C]um mee sit intentionis hoc in summario . . .’

S5r Guainerius, Antonius: ‘De balneis Aque ciuitatis antiquissime commentariolus'. ‘Tractatus de balneis Montisferati'. Incipit: ‘[Q]uia nonnulli viri doctissimi balneorum quorundam in Italia existentium virtutes descripserunt . . .’ See Thorndike–Kibre 1225.

S6v Guainerius, Antonius: ‘Antidotarium'. Incipit: ‘[C]listere comune lenitiuum . . .’ See Thorndike–Kibre 227.


Imprint: [Venice]: Bonetus Locatellus, for Octavianus Scotus, 14 Feb. 1497/8. Folio.


Collation: A–R8 S T6.

Remarks: Woodcut initials.


ISTC: ig00521000

GW: GW 11581;

Hain: HC (Addenda) *8099;

Goff: Goff G‑521;

BMC: BMC V 449;

Proctor: Pr 5076;

Others: BSB‑Ink G‑414; Oates 1994; Sack, Freiburg, 1682; Sheppard 4231.

LCN: 14458731


Copy number: G-260(1)

Bound with:
2. Guilelmus de Saliceto, Summa conservationis. Venice: Bonetus Locatellus, for the heirs of Octavianus Scotus, 1502;
3. John of Gaddesdon, Rosa anglica. Venice: Bonetus Locatellus, for the heirs of Octavianus Scotus, 1502.

Binding: Seventeenth-century blind-tooled calf (fillets only), stamped in gold on both covers with the crest of Charles Blount, Lord Mountjoy (a sun in splendour) surrounded by the Garter. Formerly chained: staple-marks of a hasp at head and tail of upper cover. Remains of fabric ties. Scars of index tabs dyed red.

Size: 305 × 215 × 75 mm.

Size of leaf: 295 × 196 mm.

Some marginal notes, mainly extracting key words, ‘nota' marks, and pointing hands in two sixteenth-century hands, brown ink.

Provenance: Purchased in 1602 with money donated by Charles Blount, Lord Mountjoy (1563-1606); see James, Catalogus (1605), 197 (misdated ‘1602' after the other items in the volume); Jensen, ‘Benefactors' Register', no. 65.

Former Bodleian shelfmark: G 2.8 Med. (`8' in white at the head of the spine and in black across the fore-edge.)

SHELFMARK: Auct. 2Q 2.7(1).

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