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Bod-Inc: G-313

Guilelmus Ockham

Dialogus, et al. (ed. Augustinus de Ratisbona?).


Analysis of Content

[*1r] [Title-page.]

[*1v] Badius Ascensius, Jodocus: [Prefatory letter addressed to] Johannes Trithemius. Renouard, Badius, III 86-8.

[*2r] ‘Questiones principales.’ [List of questiones.] Incipit: ‘Questio primi libri. [V]trum ad theologos vel canonistas spectet . . .’

[*3r] ‘Tabula alphabetica.’

[*10v] Badius Ascensius, Jodocus: [Verse addressed to his young readers.] Incipit: ‘Ingenui iuuenes fatis melioribus orti | Quis acre ingenium Iuppiter ipse dedit'; 16 elegiac distichs. Renouard, Badius, III 88.

a1r Guilelmus Ockham: Dialogus [part I]. Incipit: ‘[I]n omnibus curiosus existis nec me desinis infestare quis, enim ob multos editos . . .’ See G‑312. In his letter to Johann Amerbach, dated Paris, 20 June 1495, Amerbachkorrespondenz, 47-8 no. 37, Augustinus de Ratisbona claims some involvement with the editorial process for the Dialogue of Ockham and his Sententiae: ‘Nam alias Dialogum Ockham in eum statum, quo est, redegi, Sententias eciam eiusdem correxi nesciens, quando imprimetur, eciam pro eodem, qui Dialogum impressit'; this statement must refer to editions by Trechsel, as stated by Hartman, the editor of the Amerbachkorrespondenz; it is uncertain if the Dialogus refers to this edition or to G‑314 or to both; the Sententiae are G‑317. See also Badius's letter to Marcus Alexandreus de Benevento in H‑129.

A1r [Note on the second part.] Incipit: ‘Secunda pars principalis dialogorum est de dogmatibus pape Johannis xxii . . .’

A1r Guilelmus Ockham: [Dialogus part II.] Incipit: ‘[V]erba oris eius iniquitas et dolus ait psalmista per spiritum prouidens prophetice . . .’ See G‑312.

C1r [Note on the third part.] Incipit: ‘Tertia pars principalis dialogorum tractat de gestis . . .’

C1r Guilelmus Ockham: [Dialogus part III.] ‘De gestis diuersorum Christianorum.’ Incipit: ‘[S]alomonis vtcunque sequendo vestigia proposui in animo meo . . .’ See G‑312.

I1v [Note on the text following.] Incipit: ‘Incipit liber primus secundi tractatus tertie partis inquirens utrum expediat . . .’

I1v Guilelmus Ockham: [Dialogus part III, tract II.] Incipit: ‘[S]cripture diuine Romanos pro tempore quo mundi imperium acquirere . . .’ See G‑312.

AA1r [Title-page for ‘Compendium errorum'.]

AA2r [Docking, Thomas(?): Note about the senses of scripture.] Incipit: ‘[S]ecundum Bokkyg super sacram scripturam quatuor sunt sensus scripture . . .’ See G‑312.

AA2r Guilelmus Ockham: Compendium errorum Johannis papae XXII. See G‑312.


Imprint: [Lyons]: Johannes Trechsel, [not before 12 Sept. 1494]. Folio.

Remarks: GW treats this as two separate items (11908 and 11905).


Collation: [*10] a–s8 t v10 A–O8 AA BB6.

Remarks: Gathering [*] numbered but not signed.

Illustrations: Woodcut on [*10v]: see BMC.


ISTC: io00009000

GW: GW 11908 and 11905;

Hain: HC *11938; HC *11946;

Goff: Goff O‑9;


Proctor: Pr 8603;

Others: BSB‑Ink G‑502; Hillard 950; Oates 3213, 3213.5; Rhodes 1256; Sack, Freiburg, 1713-14; Sheppard 6664.

LCN: 14766897


Copy number: G-313(1)

Bound with:
2. Guilelmus Ockam, Opus nonaginta dierum et dialogi. Lyons: Johannes Trechsel, 16 July 1495 (G‑314(1)).

Binding: Sixteenth-century English blind-tooled calf; two catches and clasps lost; edges protected at the corners with a metal strip; rebacked. Formerly chained: staple-marks of a hasp at the head of the upper cover. On both covers triple fillets form an intersecting double frame, containing a roll with bearded heads (Oldham, Blind-stamped Bindings, pl. XLVIII, no. 806); in the inner rectangle a roll containing a bird, a dog, a hare, and a bee (Oldham, Blind-stamped Bindings, pl. XXXVII, no. 567). Manuscript title, and numbers ‘18' and ‘13' on the fore-edge. Offset of manuscript pastedowns inside both covers, theological works on the angels and their names, written in a thirteenth/fourteenth-century hand.

Size: 297 × 211 × 82 mm.

Size of leaf: 277 × 191 mm.

Occasional underlining in the text in red. On the verso of the back endleaf of item 2, in a sixteenth/seventeenth-century hand, ‘Nichodemus stale o[ur] Lords dinner.’

Provenance: John Selden (1584-1654); Greek motto on [*1r]; see MS. Selden Supra 111, fol. 16v: ‘Dialogus Gulielmi die Ocham. fol.’ Presented in 1659.

Former Bodleian shelfmarks: I 1. 18 Art. Seld.; L 2. 13 Art. Seld.

SHELFMARK: S 1. 13(1) Jur. Seld.

Copy number: G-313(2)

Bound with:
2. Guilelmus Ockam, Opus nonaginta dierum et dialogi. Lyons: Johannes Trechsel, 16 July 1495 (G‑314(2)).

Binding: Sixteenth-century German blind-tooled pigskin over pasteboards; four ties lost. On both covers intersecting concentric fillets form frames, within each of which is a roll. On the upper cover, within the outer frame is an ornamental roll; within the next frame is a hunt roll (Schwenke–Schunke pl. 145, no. 7), and a roll with heads within wreaths; in the inner rectangle a foliate staff roll. On the lower cover, within the outer frame, is the roll with heads within wreaths; within the next frame is an ornamental roll containing figures; in the inner rectangle an ornamental roll containing figures and urns. On the spine foliate and floral stamps, now very worn. ‘6907' stamped on fore-edge, ‘HD' on lower edge. ‘Dialogi Ockham' and ‘No. 42' written in brown ink on the upper cover. Manuscript label on spine, detailing contents.

Size: 284 × 215 × 78 mm.

Size of leaf: 273 × 200 mm.

Provenance: Jodocus Naß (fl. 1564); stamp on s8v of item 2. ‘HD'; initials on rear pastedown, with no. 6907, also on fore-edge and lower edge. James Patrick Ronaldson Lyell (1871-1949); oval green leather book-plate, gilded, with crest and motto. Albert Ehrman (1890-1969); armorial book-plate; purchased from Feisenberger and Gurney Ltd in 1960 for £121. 10. 0; accession no. ‘R 1782/3'. Presented in 1978 by John Ehrman.

SHELFMARK: Broxb. 8.7(1).

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