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Bod-Inc: H-057

Herolt, Johannes

Liber Discipuli de eruditione Christifidelium.


Analysis of Content

[a1r] Henricus de Frimaria [pseudo-; Herolt, Johannes: Liber Discipuli de eruditione Christifidelium.] ‘Preceptorium egregii professoris sacre theologie ordinis beati Augustini magistri Henrici de Vrimaria.’ Incipit: ‘  “[S]i vis ad vitam ingredi serua mandata.” Mathei .xix. [Mt 19,17] In verbis propositis ostendit cristus . . .Primum preceptum. “Non adorabis deos alienos” Quod quidem preceptum Cristus exponit . . .’ ‘Praeceptorium seu Expositio decalogi' and ‘De operibus misericordiae' only. See R. Newhauser, ‘From Treatise to Sermon: Johannes Herolt on the “Novem peccata aliena"', in De Ore Domini: Preacher and Word in the Middle Ages, ed. T. L. Amos, E. A. Green, and B. Mayne Kienzle, Studies in Medieval Culture, 27 (Kalamazoo, Mich., 1989), 185-209. On authorship see Zumkeller 326; Kaeppeli II no. 2386; VL III 1123-27.

[k2r] Henricus de Frimaria [pseudo-; Herolt, Johannes]: De operibus misericordiae. ‘Incipit hic Tractatus De operibus misericordie.’ Incipit: ‘[O]pera misericordie corporalia sunt sex. Primum est cibare esurientem . . .’


Imprint: [Cologne: Nicolaus Götz?, c.1475]. Folio.


Collation: [a10 b8 c–g10 h8 i10 k8].


ISTC: ih00090900

Hain: C 2911;

Goff: Goff H‑52;}

Proctor: Pr 1122;

Others: CIBN H‑58; Oates 605; Sheppard 849; Voulliéme, Köln, 555.

LCN: 14510478


Copy number: H-057(1)

Bound with C‑083; see there for details of binding and provenance.

Size of leaf: 266 × 193 mm.

Unlike Voulliéme, Köln, 555 [a4r] column 1, line 4 reads ‘quidem', without the i being upside down. Wanting the blank leaf [k8].

Nineteenth-century bookmark.

Capital strokes in red.

SHELFMARK: Douce 176(2).

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