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Bod-Inc: H-058

Herolt, Johannes

Liber Discipuli de eruditione Christifidelium.


Analysis of Content

[*2v] [Table of contents.]

[*4r] [Introduction.] Incipit: ‘Sciendum quod tredecim sunt nomina preceptorum que habentur in psalmo centesimo . . .’

[a1r] Discipulus; [Herolt, Johannes]: ‘Liber Discipuli de eruditione christifidelium Incipit. De preceptis in generali.’ Incipit: ‘  “[S]i vis ad vitam ingredi serua mandata dei.” Mat. .xix. [Mt 19,17] In verbis propositis ostendit cristus . . . [P]rimum preceptum. “Non adorabis deos alienos” Quod quidem preceptum Cristus exponit . . .’ See H‑057.

[i8r] Discipulus; [Herolt, Johannes]: ‘Incipit tractatus De Nouem peccatis alienis.’ Incipit: ‘[N]ouem sunt peccata aliena quorum si peccator in morte . . .’

[r2r] Discipulus; [Herolt, Johannes]: De operibus misericordiae. ‘Incipit tractatulus de sex operibus misericordie. Et primo de corporalibus.’ Incipit: ‘[O]pera misericordie corporalia sunt sex. A. Primum est cibare esurientem . . .’

[r6v] Discipulus; [Herolt, Johannes]: ‘Incipit tractatus super orationem dominicam.’ Incipit: ‘  “[O]mnes vnanimes in oratione estote.” .i. Petri ni. [I Pt 3,8] A. Sicut dicit glosa super illud psalmum . . .’

[s3v] Discipulus; [Herolt, Johannes]: ‘Expositio super angelicam salutationem Incipit.’ Incipit: ‘  “[A]ve Maria gratia plena.” Sciendum quod ista salutatio angelica est Marie virgini valde gratiosa . . .’

[s5r] Discipulus; [Herolt, Johannes]: ‘Incipit expositio super Simbolum apostolorum.’ Incipit: ‘  “[O]mnis qui viuit et credit in me non morietur in eternum.” Iohannis .xi. [Io 11,26] A. Sciendum quod fides frequenter est predicanda fidelibus . . .’

[t5r] Discipulus; [Herolt, Johannes]: ‘Incipit tractatus de septem sacramentis.’ Incipit: ‘[S]acramenta sunt septem que deus instituit . . .’

[y2v] Discipulus; [Herolt, Johannes]: ‘Incipit tractatus de septem donis sancti spiritus.’ Incipit: ‘[S]eptem sunt dona spiritus sancti . . . A Primum donum est timor . . .’

[y6r] ‘Tabula pro sermonibus de tempore ex hoc libro colligendis. Dominica prima aduentus domini.’ Incipit: ‘  “[E]cce rex tuus venit tibi mansuetus.” Math. .xxi. [Mt 21,5] Iam pro presenti tempore celebratur aduentus . . .’

[z7v] [Alphabetical table of contents.]


Imprint: [Reutlingen: Michel Greyff, c.1479-81]. Folio.

Remarks: There is a rubricator's date of 1481 in the Buxheim copy (see BMC reprint); Pr assigns the edition to [Johann Otmar]; Polain dates [c.1483].


Collation: [*4 a b8 c6 d–g8 h6 i–p8 q10 r–u8 x y6 z8 A6].


ISTC: ih00092000

Hain: H *8516;

Goff: Goff H‑92;

BMC: BMC II 578;

Proctor: Pr 2697;

Others: BSB‑Ink H‑124; Oates 1214-15; Polain 1913; Sack, Freiburg, 1802; Sheppard 1952.

LCN: 14511252


Copy number: H-058(1)

Binding: Contemporary German (Esslingen, Kyriß workshop no. 94) blind-tooled calf over wooden boards. Four bosses on the lower cover, clasp and catch lost. Triple fillets form an intersecting double frame. Within the outer frame, lozenge-shaped stamps with an ear of barley; in an inner rectangle headed-outline tools make up merrythoughts, each containing a foliate stamp; see Kyriß pl. 191, nos 1, 5, 6, and Ernst Kyriß, ‘An Esslingen Binder of the late Gothic Period', Speculum, 25 (1950), 73-7. On the upper cover, manuscript title and Tegernsee printed shelfmark: ‘C 88.2°'. Rebacked.

Size: 274 × 194 × 60 mm.

Size of leaf: 264 × 187 mm.

Four leaves from Johannes Melber, Vocabularius praedicantium [Reutlingen: Michel Greyff, 1479-82], were removed from the binding, and are now Inc. b. G97.1(13) (see M‑183).

Pointing hands; foliation in the upper margins, folio numbers, and some additions to the table of contents.

Initials and capital strokes are supplied in red.

Provenance: Johannes Leitner (fl. 1495-1497). Tegernsee, Bavaria, Benedictines, S. Quirinus; inscription on [*4v]: ‘Anno domini et cetera 1497 contulit hunc librum pro sua suorumque salute Monasterio Tegernsee honestus vir Johannes Leytner de Schliersee'. Duplicate from the Royal Library, Munich, no. 3276(?). Purchased from Caspar Haugg for 10 Marks; see Catalogue 82 (1886), no. 225, and Library Bills (1886), no. 80.

SHELFMARK: Auct. Q sup. 1.25.

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