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Bod-Inc: H-063

Herolt, Johannes

Sermones Discipuli.


Analysis of Content

a1r [Title-page.]

a2r [Table of contents, in alphabetical order.]

c4v ‘Isti sunt casus papales.’ Incipit: ‘[M]anus violentas in clericum vel etiam in accolitum . . .’ The text found here is related to GW 6181-4.

c5r ‘Isti sunt casus episcopales.’ Incipit: ‘[B]lasphematores dei et sanctorum . . .’ The text found here is related to GW 6181-4.

c5v ‘Iste sunt inhibitiones a sacra communione.’ Incipit: ‘[I]nfrascripti quos nominabo prohibentur a communione . . .’

d1r Discipulus; [Herolt, Johannes]: Sermones Discipuli (de tempore). ‘Sermones Discipuli de tempore per circulum anni incipiunt. Dominica prima aduentus domini. Sermo primus de aduentu Christi in carnem.’ Incipit: ‘  “[E]cce rex tuus venit tibi mansuetus et cetera.” Zach. .ix. Math. .xxi . . . [Za 9,9; Mt 21,5] Egregius doctor noster sanctus Thomas de Aquino dicit quod nulla actio sit perfecta siue meritoria nisi fuerit per gratiam dei illuminata . . .’ See H‑060.

M1r [Table of contents (sermones de sanctis).]

M1r Discipulus; [Herolt, Johannes]: Sermones Discipuli (de sanctis). [Prologue.] ‘Prologus in sermones Discipuli de sanctis per circulum anni incipit.’ Incipit: ‘  “[L]audate dominum in sanctis eius.” Psalmus .cl. [Ps 150,1] Rogatus vt post collecturam sermonum Discipuli de tempore . . .’

M1r Discipulus; [Herolt, Johannes]: Sermones Discipuli (de sanctis). ‘Primus sermo generalis de sanctis.’ Incipit: ‘[U]nde in principio sermonum Discipuli de sanctis primo intendo communem sermonem ponere predicabilem . . .’ See H‑061.

T7r ‘Registrum breve huius operis secundum ordinis alphabeti.’

U1r Discipulus; [Herolt, Johannes]: Promptuarium exemplorum. [Prologue.] ‘Incipit prologus in promptuarium exemplorum Discipuli secundum ordinem alphabeti.’ Incipit: ‘[U]tile et expediens est . . .’

U1r Discipulus; [Herolt, Johannes]: Promptuarium exemplorum. ‘Capitulum de A. Abstinentia. Frater quidam abstinuit a cibo vsque ad tertiam vsque ad sextam et vsque ad nonam. Exemplum primum.’ Incipit: ‘[L]egitur in vitas patrum quod quidam frater . . .’ See H‑061.

gg1v [Table of contents, in alphabetical order.]

gg7v Discipulus; [Herolt, Johannes]: Promptuarium de miraculis BVM. [Prologue.] ‘Prologus in promptuarium Discipuli de miraculis beate Marie virginis incipit.’ Incipit: ‘[A]d laudem dei omnipotentis cum sepe recitantur miracula . . .’

gg8r Discipulus; [Herolt, Johannes]: Promptuarium de miraculis BVM. ‘Imperatrici subuenit Maria in maximis angustiis. Exemplum primum.’ Incipit: ‘[F]uit quidam romanus imperator qui habuit vxorem genere et moribus nobilissimam . . .’ See H‑061.

ii7r [Table of contents.]

ii7v [Colophon.]

ii8r [List of abbreviated references.]


Imprint: Strasbourg: Martin Flach, 28 Aug. 1499. Folio.

Remarks: In four parts: (A) Sermones de tempore; (B) Sermones de sanctis; (C) Promptuarium exemplorum; (D) Promptuarium de miraculis BVM.


Collation: a b8 c6 d–f8 g h6 i8 k–m6 n–r8 s6 t–z8 A6 B–H8 I6 K8 L6 M–O8 P6 Q–T8 U6 X Y8 Z6 aa8 bb6 cc dd8 ee6 ff–ii8.


ISTC: ih00122500

Hain: HC *8508;

BMC: BMC I 155;

Proctor: Pr 712;

Others: BSB‑Ink H‑213; Sack, Freiburg, 1822; Sheppard 526.

LCN: 14511336


Copy number: H-063(1)

Binding: Contemporary English blind-tooled calf over wooden boards. Clasps and catches lost; formerly chained: staple-marks of a hasp at the head of the upper cover. ‘14' on head of fore-edge. Triple fillets form an intersecting double frame. Within the outer frame, rectangular foliate staff stamps; diagonal triple fillets divide the inner rectangle into lozenge-shaped and triangular compartments, with foliate stamps; see Oldham, Blind-stamped Bindings, pl. xxvi nos. 339-40 (`Foliaged staff binder'). The gold stamp of the Bodleian Library on both covers.

Size: 286 × 210 × 85 mm.

Size of leaf: 276 × 189 mm.

Strips of parchment from a fourteenth-century(?) English(?) text visible in the binding.

Extensive marginal annotations, extracting key words, ‘nota' marks, and pointing hands in an early hand. On ii8v 13 lines of sayings with a middle rhyme, by Edward Medley: ‘Multi multa sciunt et se bene scire reliquunt . . .' All references to the word ‘pope' have been erased.

Provenance: Edward Medley (fl. c.1512-5); inscription on ii6v: ‘Edwardo medley restat veniamque deus semper prestat. Hoc medley domino restat volumen. Sorte supernorum emptor libri pociatur. Morte superborum raptor libri moriatur. Edwardi medley sumptuque liber constat iste'; on ii7r: ‘Edwardi medley sumptuque liber venit iste'. Possibly the copy mentioned in the Benefactors' Register, I 32, given by Edward James (?1570-1617) in 1601: ‘Sermones Discipuli de tempore etc. fo. Arg. 1499'; see Jensen, ‘Benefactors' Register', no. 61. Certainly in the Bodleian Library by 1738: see Fysher, Catalogus, I 572.

Former Bodleian shelfmarks: P 4. 5 Th.; O 4. 14 Th.; Auct. Q 1.12.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 1Q 4.14.

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