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Bod-Inc: H-085


Epistolae [a version not divided into Tractatus.]


Analysis of Content

[a1v] ‘Capitula.’

[a3r] Damasus, Pont. Max.: Epistola [addressed to] Hieronymus. PL XIII 440-1.

[a3r] Hieronymus [pseudo-]: Epistola [addressed to] Damasus, Pont. Max. PL XXX 294-5.

[a3r] Damasus, Pont. Max.: Epistola [addressed to] Hieronymus. ed. Hilberg, no. xxxv.

[a3v] Hieronymus: Epistola [addressed to] Damasus, Pont. Max. ed. Hilberg, no. xxxvi.

[a5v] Hieronymus: Epistola [addressed to] Damasus, Pont. Max. ‘Epistolaris prologus.’ PL XXIII 1117-18.

[a5v] Origenes: [Homiliae] super Cantica Canticorum. [Translated from Greek by Rufinus.] PG XIII 37-58; see CPG 1433.

[b2r] Hieronymus: Epistola [addressed to] Tranquillus [i.e. Tranquillinus]. ed. Hilberg, no. lxii.

[b2r] Damasus, Pont. Max.: Epistola [addressed to] Hieronymus. ed. Hilberg, no. xix.

[b2r] Hieronymus: Epistolae [addressed to] Damasus, Pont. Max. ed. Hilberg, nos xx, xv, xvi.

[b4r] Hieronymus [pseudo-]: Epistola [addressed to] Damasus, Pont. Max. [Professio fidei.] PL LXXXII 745-6, with slight variations.

[b4r] Hieronymus: Epistola [addressed to] Damasus, Pont. Max. ed. Hilberg, nos xviiib, xviiia, xxi.

[c2r] Hieronymus [pseudo-; Pelagius]: Epistola [addressed to] Damasus, Pont. Max. [Also known as Libellus fidei addressed to Innocentius, Pont. Max.] PL XLVIII 488-91.

[c2v] Augustinus: Epistola [addressed to] Hieronymus. ed. Hilberg, no. ci, ending imperfectly.

[c2v] Hieronymus: Epistolae [addressed to] Augustinus. ed. Hilberg, nos cii.1-2; ciii.

[c3r] Augustinus: Epistolae [addressed to] Praesidius; Hieronymus [2]. ed. Hilberg, no. cxi; PL XXXIII 246-9, sections 3-10; ed. Hilberg, no. lvi.

[c5r] Hieronymus: Epistola [addressed to] Augustinus. ed. Hilberg, no. cv.

[c6r] Augustinus: Epistolae [addressed to] Hieronymus. ed. Hilberg, nos lxvii, ending imperfectly; civ.

[c7v] Hieronymus: Epistolae [addressed to] Augustinus. ed. Hilberg, nos cxii, cxv.

[d4r] Augustinus: Epistola [addressed to] Hieronymus. ed. Hilberg, no. cxvi.

[d7r] Hieronymus: Epistolae [addressed to] Marcellinus and Anapsychia; Pammachius; Marcella; Niceas. ed. Hilberg, nos cxxvi, xlviii, xl, viii.

[d8r] Hieronymus [pseudo-]: Epistola de honorandis parentibus. PL XXX 145-7.

[e1r] Augustinus: Epistolae [addressed to] Hieronymus. ed. Hilberg, nos cxxxi, cxxxii.

[e7v] Hieronymus: Epistolae [addressed to] Augustinus; Alipius and Augustinus; Heliodorus; Nepotianus; Paulinus [2]; Amandus. ed. Hilberg, nos cxxxiv; cxli-cxlii as one item; cxliii, xiv, lii, lviii, liii, lv.

[f8r] [Hieronymus]: Epistola [part, addressed to] Amandus. ‘Epistolaris responsio ad quem supra.’ PL XXII 564-5.

[f8v] Hieronymus: Epistola [addressed to] Pammachius. ed. Hilberg, no. lvii.

[g1r] Pammachius; Oceanus: Epistola [addressed to] Hieronymus. ed. Hilberg, CSEL 55, no. lxxxiii.

[g1v] Hieronymus: Epistola [addressed to] Pammachius and Oceanus. ed. Hilberg, no. lxxxiv.

[g3v] Hieronymus [pseudo-]: Epistola [addressed to] Oceanus. PL XXX 288-92.

[g4v] Hieronymus: Epistolae [addressed to] Oceanus; Theophilus [3]. ed. Hilberg, nos lxix, lxxxii, lxiii, lxxxvi.

[g10r] Hieronymus: ‘Cum in exilium pro fide deportandus . . .’ Incipit: ‘[M]ulti quidem fluctus et vnde immanes sed submergi non vereor . . . atque eterna transmittuntur . . .’

[h1r] Hieronymus: ‘Epitaphium Nepotiani', [addressed to] Heliodorus. ed. Hilberg, no. lx.

[h4r] Hieronymus: Epistolae [addressed to] Evangelus [2]; Marcus; Avitus. ed. Hilberg, nos cxlvi, lxxiii, xvii, cxxiv.

[h9v] Hieronymus [pseudo-]: Epistola [addressed to] Damasus [i.e. Cyrillus]. PL XXX 176-81; see CPL nos 633 and 1746.

[i1r] Hieronymus [pseudo-]: Epistola de tribus virtutibus. PL XXX 116-22.

[i2r] Hieronymus: Epistolae [addressed to] Exuperantius; Rusticus [a devout Christian in Gaul]; Domnio; Desiderius; Dardanus. ed. Hilberg, nos cxlv, cxxii, l, xlvii, cxxix.

[i8r] Epiphanius: Epistola [addressed to] Johannes, Bishop of Jerusalem. Translated from Greek into Latin by Hieronymus. ed. Hilberg, no. li.

[i10v] Hieronymus: Epistola [addressed to] Lucinus. ed. Hilberg, no. lxxi.

[k1v] Hieronymus: Adversus Helvidium de Mariae virginitate perpetua. PL XXIII 183-206; see CPL 609.

[k6v] [Hrabanus Maurus: Hymnus de natale Christi.] ‘Ymnus de Epiphania.’ PL CXII 1658, with different ending (` . . . Regesque subdimini'). The title is supplied by the rubricator and does not occur in the table of contents.

[k6v] Hieronymus: Epistola [addressed to] Riparius. ed. Hilberg, no. cix.

[k7v] Hieronymus: Epistola contra Vigilantium. ed. Hilberg, no. lxi.

[k8r] Hieronymus: Contra Vigilantium. PL XXIII 339-52; see CPL 611.

[l1r] Hieronymus: Epistolae [addressed to] Magnus; Rufinus [of Rome]; Vitalis; Florentinus [2]; Abigaus; Castricianus. ed. Hilberg, nos lxx, lxxiv; lxxii, beginning imperfectly; iv, v, lxxvi, lxviii.

[l5r] Hieronymus: Epistola [addressed to] Sabinianus. ‘Ad Sabinianum diaconum quem corripit pro lapsu adulterii.’ ed. Hilberg, no. cxlvii.

[l7r] Hieronymus: Epistolae [addressed to] Julianus, Deacon of Aquileia; Niceas; Rusticus [later Bishop of Narbonne]; Paulus; Chromatius, Jovinus, and Eusebius [Cremonensis]; Chrysocomus [i.e. Chrysocomas]; Antonius; Theodosius; Minervius and Alexander. ed. Hilberg, nos vi, viii, cxxv, x, vii, ix, xii, ii, cxix.

[m5v] Hieronymus: Epistola [addressed to] Cyprianus. Incipit: ‘[F]rater karissime Cypriane scito prenoscens quia si . . .’

[m6r] Hieronymus: Epistolae [addressed to] Pammachius; Pammachius and Marcella. ed. Hilberg, nos xlix, xcvii.

[n1v] Hieronymus: Epistola [addressed to] Eusebius [Cremonensis]. [Extract from preface to Commentaria in Bibliam: Super Mattheum.] PL XXVI 20.

[n1v] Hieronymus: Epistolae [addressed to] Sunnia and Fretela; [Julia] Eustochium [2]. ed. Hilberg, nos cvi, xxii, xxxi.

[o6r] Hieronymus: Expositio psalmi xliv [addressed to] Principia. ed. Hilberg, no. lxv.

[o10r] Hieronymus: Epistolae [addressed to] Demetrias; Asella; Virgines Haemonenses; Marcella. ed. Hilberg, nos cxxx, xlv, xi, lix.

[p6r] Hieronymus: Epistola [addressed to] Marcella. ‘De x nominibus quibus apud Hebreos deus dicitur.’ ed. Hilberg, no. xxv.

[p6r] Hieronymus: Epistolae [addressed to] Marcella; Castorina; Marcella [2]. ed. Hilberg, nos xliv, xiii, xxvi, xxviii.

[p7r] Hieronymus: Epistola [addressed to] Marcella. ‘Quid sit ephor, bathe et teraphini.’ ed. Hilberg, no. xxix.

[p8v] Hieronymus: Epistolae [addressed to] Marcella [5]. ed. Hilberg, nos xxvii, xlii, xli, xxxii, xxxiv.

[q1r] [Hieronymus: Epistola [addressed to] Marcella.] ed. Hilberg, no. xliii, with additional section: ‘Verum ut ad villam . . . amatorie cantationes.’

[q1v] Hieronymus: Epistolae [addressed to] Marcella [4]; Laeta; Gaudentius; Fabiola; Paula. ed. Hilberg, nos xl, xxxviii, xxiii, xxiv, cvii, cxxviii, lxiv, xxx.

[q10v] Hieronymus [pseudo-]: Epistola [addressed to] Tyrasius. PL XXX 278-82, with different ending (` . . . adducet cum eo').

[r1v] Hieronymus: Epistolae [addressed to] Julianus, from Dalmatia; [a mother and daughter remaining in Gaul.] ed. Hilberg, nos cxviii, cxvii.

[r5v] Hieronymus: Epistola [addressed to] Susanna. Incipit: ‘[P]uto leuius esse crimen ubi homo peccatum suum . . .’ ? Prol. to De lapsu; In Principio gives PL 30,210: this merely ref. to PL 16,365, which is De lapsu!

[r7v] Hieronymus [pseudo-]: Epistola [addressed to a widow.] PL XXX 50-5. Other editions name the addressee as Marcella.

[r9r] Hieronymus: Epistolae [addressed to] Furia; Salvina; Geruchia; Algasia; Hedybia; Paula. ed. Hilberg, nos liv, lxxix, cxxiii, cxxi, cxx, xxxix.

[v10v] Hieronymus: ‘Epitaphium sancte Paule.’ [Vita sanctae Paulae.] PL XXII 878-906.

[x7v] Hieronymus: Epistola [addressed to] Theodora. ed. Hilberg, no. lxxv.

[x8v] Hieronymus: Epistola [addressed to] Oceanus. ‘De morte Fabiole.’ ed. Hilberg, no. lxxvii.

[x10v] Hieronymus: Epistolae [addressed to] Pammachius; Innocentius, priest; Principia; Ctesiphon. ed. Hilberg, nos lxvi, i, cxxvii, cxxxiii.

[y8v] [Hieronymus: Contra Rufinum.] ed. Lardet, CCSL 79, 73-116, with different ending (` . . . laudatus esse videatur').

[z5v] Hieronymus: Epistola [addressed to] Rufinus. Incipit: ‘[T]e autem, frater, liberet deus et sanctum populum Christi . . .’


Imprint: [Strasbourg: Johann Mentelin, not after 1469]. Folio.

Remarks: BMC notes that a copy at Paris, BnF (Rés. C431) was bound in 1469 by Johannes Richenbach at Geislingen.


Collation: [a b10 c d8 e–x10 y8 z10].


ISTC: ih00162000

Hain: HC *8549;

Goff: Goff H‑162;

BMC: BMC I 53;

Proctor: Pr 203;

Others: BSB‑Ink H‑244; CIBN H‑96; Hillard 1005; Rhodes 912; Sack, Freiburg, 1832; Schorbach, Mentelin, 14; Sheppard 135.

LCN: 14497217


Copy number: H-085(1)

Binding: Nineteenth-century blind-tooled calf; bound for the Bodleian Library. Upper cover detached.

Size: 402 × 302 × 60 mm.

Size of leaf: 387 × 282 mm.

Early marginal annotations, pointing hands, and ‘nota' marks. Cancelled note, in a sixteenth-century(?) hand, about the works of Hieronymus, on the old endleaf pasted to the front pastedown.

On [a3r] an eight-line initial ‘D' is supplied in gold; other one- to three-line initials and rubrics are supplied in red; capital strokes in red.

Provenance: Benedikt Gaugenrieder (fl. 1553-1597); book-plate, dated 1587, on the old endleaf, showing two shields supported by a kneeling angel, that to the left lettered ‘B G A' [Benedict Gaugenrieder, Abbas]; see Warnecke 2168, reproduced in Leiningen-Westerburg 323. Corbinianus Kerle, Abbot of Thierhaupten (1658-70); book-plate, dated 1667; see Warnecke 2169. Thierhaupten, Bavaria, Benedictines, SS. Petrus et Paulus. Duplicate from the Royal Library, Munich; ‘Dupl' in pencil on the old endleaf. Purchased from Munich via Thomas Rodd for Fl. 55, converted into £4. 12. 0 in Books Purchased (1837), 18.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 6Q inf. 2.15.

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