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Bod-Inc: H-086


Epistolae [a version divided into 12 distinctiones.]


Analysis of Content

Volume 1:

[a1r] ‘Introductorium.’ Incipit: ‘[O]mnes Christiane religionis homines qui non . . .’

[a2r] ‘Registrum.’ [Table of contents.]

[a4r] ‘Epitaphium beati Ieronimi.’ [Edited by Adrianus de Brielis.] Incipit: ‘[I]eronimus doctor latii clarissimus autor | Usibus ecclesie triuit sua tempora vite'; 30 hexameters. See Walther, Initia, 8165, and Lambert IIIB, no. 935. For the identity of the editor see Wilhelm Velke, Zu den Bücheranzeigen Peter Schöffers, Veröffentlichungen der Gutenberg-Gesellschaft, 5-7 (Mainz, 1908), 221-35, at 231-2.

[b1r] [The first part.] ‘Distinctio prima in qua ponuntur epistole damasiane . . .’ The title is in the table of contents.

[b1r] Damasus, Pont. Max.: Epistola [addressed to] Hieronymus. ed. Hilberg, no. xxxv.

[b1r] Hieronymus: Epistola [addressed to] Damasus, Pont. Max. ed. Hilberg, no. xxxvi.

[b3r] Damasus, Pont. Max.: Epistola [addressed to] Hieronymus. PL XIII 440-1, with different ending (` . . . presbyterum Ierosolimitanum').

[b3r] Hieronymus [pseudo-]: Epistola [addressed to] Damasus, Pont. Max. PL XXX 294-5.

[b3r] Damasus, Pont. Max.: Epistola [addressed to] Hieronymus. ed. Hilberg, no. xix.

[b3r] Hieronymus: Epistolae [addressed to] Damasus, Pont. Max. ed. Hilberg, nos xx, xviiib, xviiia, xxi.

[b10r] Hieronymus [pseudo-]: Epistola [addressed to] Damasus. PL XXX 148-62. In other editions this letter is addressed to Rusticus.

[c3v] Hieronymus: Epistola [addressed to] Damasus, Pont. Max. PL XXIX 525-30.

[c4r] Hieronymus: Epistola [addressed to] Damasus, Pont. Max. [Prologue.] PL XXIII 1117-18.

[c4r] Origenes: [Homiliae] super Cantica Canticorum. [Translated from Greek by Rufinus.] PG XIII 37-58; see CPG 1433. In this edition recorded as a letter from Hieronymus to Damasus, Pont. Max.

[c9r] Hieronymus: Epistolae [addressed to] Damasus, Pont. Max. ed. Hilberg, nos xv, xvi.

[c9r] [Hieronymus [pseudo-]: Epistola [addressed to] Damasus, Pont. Max. Professio fidei.] PL LXXXII 745-6, with slight variations.

[c10r] [The second part.] ‘Distinctio secunda in qua continentur epistole declaratorie fidei orthodoxe . . .’

[c10r] Hieronymus [pseudo-; Pelagius]: Epistola [addressed to] Damasus, Pont. Max. [Also known as Libellus fidei addressed to Innocentius, Pont. Max.] PL XLVIII 488-91.

[c10v] [Rufinus, Tyrannius: Expositio symboli addressed to] Laurentius, Pont. Max. ed. Simonetti, CCSL 20, 133-82; not listed in de la Mare and Hellinga.

[d7v] Hieronymus [pseudo-; Hilarius Pictaviensis pseudo-; Tiberianus Hereticus(?)]: ‘Ad quendam amicum de fide tractans et de credendis necnon et conuersacione vita Christianorum.’ PL X 733-50; see CPL 470. For the ascription to Tiberianus see CPL.

[e1v] Hieronymus [pseudo-; Augustinus pseudo-; Eucherius Lugdunensis]: [Also known as De essentia Dei.] Ch. 1 of Eucherius, Formulae spiritualis intelligentiae. ed. Wotke, CSEL 31, 3-62; PL L 729-37; see CPL 633, ep. 14, and 488; see H‑081.

[e3v] Hieronymus: Epistola [addressed to] Minervius and Alexander. ed. Hilberg, no. cxix.

[e6v] Hieronymus [pseudo-]: Epistola [addressed to] Cyrillus. PL XXX 176-81; see CPL nos 633 and 1746.

[e8r] Hieronymus: Epistola [addressed to] Marcus. ed. Hilberg, no. xvii.

[e8r] Hieronymus: Epistola [addressed to his brothers.] Incipit: ‘[M]ulti quidem fluctus et vnde immanes sed submergi non vereor . . .’

[e9r] Hieronymus: Epistola contra Johannem Hierosolymitanum episcopum et Rufinum, [addressed to] Pammachius. PL XXIII 355-96; see CPL 612.

[f6v] Hieronymus: Epistola [addressed to] Theophilus. ed. Hilberg, no. lxxxii.

[f8r] Theophilus: Epistola [addressed to] Hieronymus. ed. Hilberg, no. lxxxix.

[f8r] Hieronymus: Epistolae [addressed to] Theophilus. ed. Hilberg, nos lxiii, lxxxvi.

[f8v] Theophilus: Epistola [addressed to] Hieronymus. ed. Hilberg, no. lxxxvii.

[f8v] Hieronymus: Epistolae [addressed to] Theophilus [2]; Pammachius and Marcella; Apronius; Riparius. ed. Hilberg, nos lxxxviii, xcix, xcvii, cxxxix, cxxxviii.

[g1r] [The third part.] ‘Distinctio tertia continens epistolas que concernunt Origenem et Rufinum defensorem eius.’

[g1r] Epiphanius: Epistola [addressed to] Johannes, Bishop of Jerusalem. Translated from Greek into Latin by Hieronymus. ed. Hilberg, no. li.

[g3r] Hieronymus: Epistola [addressed to] Pammachius. ed. Hilberg, no. lvii.

[g5r] Rufinus: [Prologus in Apologeticum Pamphili Martyris pro Origene addressed to Macarius.] ed. Simonetti, CCSL 20, 233-4; CPL 198b.

[g5v] Pamphilius: ‘Apologia . . . pro Origene.’ Translated by Rufinus. PG XVII 541-616.

[h6r] Rufinus, Tyrannius: De adulteratione librorum Origenis. ed. Simonetti, CCSL 20, 7-17; see CPL 198a.

[h7v] Rufinus, Tyrannius: ‘Prologus . . . in periarchon Origenis . . .’ ed. Hilberg, no. lxxx.

[h8r] Origenes: Periarchon. Translated by Rufinus. PG XI 115-414; explicit: ‘ . . . sensimus nececesse est credi.’

[h9v] Rufinus, Tyrannius: Apologia ad Anastasium. ed. Simonetti, CCSL 20, 25-8; see CPL 198.

[h10r] Pammachius; Oceanus: Epistola [addressed to] Hieronymus. ed. Hilberg, no. lxxxiii.

[h10r] Hieronymus: Epistola [addressed to] Pammachius and Oceanus. ed. Hilberg, no. lxxxiv.

[i2r] Hieronymus [pseudo-]: Epistola [addressed to] Pammachius and Oceanus. PL XXX 239-42.

[i2v] Rufinus, Tyrannius: Apologia contra Hieronymum. ‘Inuectiuarum Rufini aduersus Ieronymum liber primus.’ ed. Simonetti, CCSL 20, 37-123; see CPL 197.

[k8r] Hieronymus: Epistola [addressed to] Pammachius and Marcella. ed. Lardet, CCSL 79, 1-72.

[l10r] Hieronymus: [Contra Rufinum.] Epistola [addressed to] Aletius. ed. Lardet, CCSL 79, 73-116, with the incunable editions discussed on 198*–219*. In other editions addressed to Rufinus.

[m7r] Hieronymus: Epistolae [addressed to Tyrannius] Rufinus [2]; Rufinus [of Rome]; Avitus; Tranquillus [i.e. Tranquillinus]. ed. Hilberg, nos lxxxi, iii, lxxiv, cxxiv, lxii.

[n1r] [The fourth part.] ‘Distinctio quarta in qua continentur epistole confutatorie plurimorum hereticorum et detractorum beati Ieronimi.’

[n1r] Hieronymus: Adversus Helvidium de Mariae virginitate perpetua. PL XXIII 183-206; see CPL 609.

[n4v] Hieronymus: Adversus Iovinianum. PL XXIII 211-338; see CPL 610.

[p8r] Hieronymus: Epistolae [addressed to] Pammachius [2]; Domnio. ed. Hilberg, nos xlix, xlviii, l.

[k7v] Hieronymus: Epistola contra Vigilantium. ed. Hilberg, no. lxi.

[q4v] Hieronymus: Epistola [addressed to] Riparius. ed. Hilberg, no. cix.

[q5r] Hieronymus: Contra Vigilantium. PL XXIII 339-52; see CPL 611.

[q7v] Hieronymus: Epistola [addressed to] Ctesiphon [Theophilus, ‘contra Thesifontem de libero arbitrio']. ed. Hilberg, no. cxxxiii.

[r1r] Hieronymus: Dialogi contra Pelagianos libri iii. ed. C. Moreschini, CCSL 80, 3-124; see CPL 615.

[s8r] Hieronymus: ‘De exordio Luciferiane heresedis epistola.’ Incipit: ‘[C]um defuncto imperatore Constantino filius eius . . .’

[s9r] Hieronymus: Altercatio Luciferiani et Orthodoxii. PL XXIII 155-82; see CPL 608.

[t3v] Hieronymus: Epistolae [addressed to] Magnus; Marcella [4]. ed. Hilberg, nos lxx, xli, xlii, xxvii, xl.

[t5v] [The fifth part.] ‘Distinctio quinta in qua continentur epistole Augustiniane.’

[t5v] Augustinus: Epistolae [addressed to] Hieronymus. ed. Hilberg, nos lvi, ci.

[t6v] Hieronymus: Epistola [addressed to] Augustinus. ed. Hilberg, no. cii.

[t6v] Augustinus: Epistolae [addressed to] Hieronymus. ed. Hilberg, nos lxvii, civ.

[t8r] Hieronymus: Epistolae [addressed to] Augustinus. ed. Hilberg, nos cv, ciii.

[t8v] Augustinus: Epistolae [addressed to] Praesidius; Hieronymus. ed. Hilberg, nos cxi, cx.

[t10r] Hieronymus: Epistolae [addressed to] Augustinus. ed. Hilberg, nos cxii, cxv.

[v3r] Augustinus: Epistola [addressed to] Hieronymus. ed. Hilberg, no. cxvi.

[v7r] Hieronymus: Epistola [addressed to] Marcellinus and Anapsychia. ed. Hilberg, no. cxxvi.

[v7v] Augustinus: Epistolae [addressed to] Hieronymus. ed. Hilberg, nos cxxxi, cxxxii.

[x4v] Hieronymus: Epistolae [addressed to] Augustinus [3]; Alipius and Augustinus. ed. Hilberg, nos cxxxiv, cxli, cxlii, cxliii.

[x5r] Augustinus: Epistola [addressed to] Optatus. PL XXXIII 857-66, ending imperfectly.

Volume 2.

[A1r] [The sixth part.] ‘Distinctio sexta in qua continentur epistole ad vitam emendaciorem introductorie.’

[A1r] Hieronymus: Epistolae [addressed to] Paulinus [3]. ed. Hilberg, nos liii, lviii, lxxxv.

[A4v] Hieronymus [pseudo-]: Epistola [addressed to] Oceanus. PL XXX 288-92.

[A5v] Hieronymus: Epistolae [addressed to] Oceanus; Nepotianus; Rusticus [later Bishop of Narbonne]; Heliodorus. ed. Hilberg, nos lxix, lii, cxxv, xiv.

[B4r] Hieronymus: ‘Epithaphium Nepotiani' [addressed to] Heliodorus. ed. Hilberg, no. lx.

[B6v] Hieronymus: Epistolae [addressed to] Exuperantius; Lucinus. ed. Hilberg, nos cxlv, lxxi.

[B7v] Hieronymus: Epistola [addressed to] Rusticus. PL XXII 1038-46.

[B9r] Hieronymus: Epistola [addressed to] Sabinianus. ed. Hilberg, no. cxlvii.

[C1r] Hieronymus [pseudo-; Bachiarius]: Epistola [addressed to] Evagrius. [Epistola de reparatione lapsi [parts 1-5, addressed to] Januarius.] PL XX 1037-40; see CPL 569.

[C1v] Hieronymus: Vita Pauli eremitae. ed. Hurter 36-42.

[C3r] Hieronymus: Vita sancti Hilarionis. ed. Hurter 42-59.

[C7v] Hieronymus: Vita sancti Malchi. ed. Hurter 60-4.

[C9r] [Table of contents for De viris illustribus.]

[C9r] Hieronymus: ‘Prologus.’ PL XXIII 601-3.

[C9v] Hieronymus: De viris illustribus. PL XXIII 607-720; see CPL 616.

[D6v] Hieronymus: Epistola [addressed to] Paulinus. Incipit: ‘[C]um in Babilone versarer et purpurate meretricis . . .’

[D6v] [Paulinus Nolanus]: Epistola [addressed to a soldier]. ed. Hartel, CSEL 29, no. xxv.

[E1r] [The seventh part.] ‘Distinctio septima in qua continentur epistole diuersorum questionibus satisfactiue.’

[E1r] Hieronymus [pseudo-]: Epistola [addressed to] Paula and [Julia] Eustochium. [Prologue to Psalterium Gallicanum.] PL XXIX 117-20.

[E1r] Hieronymus [pseudo-]: Epistola [addressed to] Sophronius. [Prologue to Psalterium iuxta Hebraeos.] PL XXVIII 1123-8.

[E1r] Hieronymus: Epistolae [addressed to] Sunnia and Fretela; Cyprianus. ed. Hilberg, nos cvi, cxl.

[E8v] Hieronymus [pseudo-]: Epistola [addressed to] Praesidius. PL XXX 182-7.

[E10r] Hieronymus: Epistolae [addressed to] Evangelus. ed. Hilberg, nos cxlvi, lxxiii.

[F1v] Origenes: [Homilia in Melechisedech.] ‘Jeronimus transfert sententiam Origenis de Melchisedech.’ PLS IV 898-903.

[F2v] Hieronymus: Epistolae [addressed to] Vitalis; Amandus; Innocentius, priest; Dardanus. ed. Hilberg, nos lxxii; lv.1-2, 4-5, 3; i, cxxix.

[F6r] Hieronymus [pseudo-]: Epistola [addressed to] Dardanus. PL XXX 213-15, with different ending (` . . . in manu Iudeorum').

[F6v] [The eighth part.] ‘Distinctio octaua in qua continentur epistole exhortatorie ad sustinentiam tribulationum et incommodorum corporalium.’

[F6v] Hieronymus [pseudo-]: Epistola [addressed to] Tyrasius. PL XXX 278-82.

[F7v] Hieronymus: Epistolae [addressed to] Julianus, from Dalmatia; Castricianus; Abigaus. ed. Hilberg, nos cxviii, lxviii, lxxvi.

[F9v] Hieronymus [pseudo-]: Epistola [addressed to a sick friend]; Oceanus. PL XXX 61-75, XXX 282-8.

[G3v] [The ninth part.] ‘Distinctio nona in qua continentur epistole conciliatorie et renouatorie amiciciarum.’

[G3v] Hieronymus: Epistolae [addressed to] Florentinus [2]; Julianus, Deacon of Aquileia; Niceas; Chrysocomus [i.e. Chrysocomas]; Paulus; Ammonius [Antonius]; Theodosius and anchorites; Chromatius, Jovinus, and Eusebius [Cremonensis]; Desiderius [2]. ed. Hilberg, nos iv, v, vi, viii, ix, x, xii, ii, vii, xlvii; PL XXIII 723-6.

[G6r] Hieronymus: Epistola [addressed to] Eusebius [Cremonensis]. [Extract from preface to Commentaria in Bibliam: Super Mattheum.] PL XXVI 20.

[G6v] Hieronymus [pseudo-]: Epistola [addressed to] Severus. PL XXXIII 1094.

[G6v] [The tenth part.] ‘Distinctio decima in qua sunt epistole doctrinales de diuersis materiis omissis nominibus illorum ad quos scripsit.’

[G6v] Hieronymus [pseudo-]: Epistola [addressed to Ctesiphon.] PL XXX 105-16.

[H1v] Hieronymus: Epistola. Incipit: ‘[H]umane referunt historie philosophum quendam adolescentulo . . .’

[H2v] Hieronymus [pseudo-]: Epistola de homine perfecto [addressed to a friend.] PL XXX 75-104.

[H9v] Hieronymus [pseudo-]: Epistola de testamento Gerontii. PL XXX 45-50.

[I1v] Hieronymus [pseudo-]: Sermo . . . ad fratres de vigiliarum sanctitate. PL XXX 232-9.

[I2v] Hieronymus [pseudo-]: Epistola de tribus virtutibus. PL XXX 116-22.

[I4r] Hieronymus [pseudo-]: Epistola [de honorandis parentibus.] PL XXX 145-7.

[I4v] Hieronymus [pseudo-]: Epistola de diversis generibus leprarum. PL XXX 245-8.

[I5r] Hieronymus: ‘De hominis perfecto sacre sententie Theodori epistola.’ Incipit: ‘[P]erfectus homo est qui seipsum cognouerit. Qui vero cognouerit . . .’

[I5v] Hieronymus: ‘De superbia carnis epistola.’ Incipit: ‘[A]d te manum meam extendo quem sentio in timore die tenere vexillum . . .’

[I6v] [Hieronymus pseudo-]: ‘Ad quendam penitentem et in seculo conuersantem epistola.’ PL XXX 242-5.

[K1r] Hieronymus: Tractatus de decem tentationibus. PL XXIII 1319-22.

[K2r] [The eleventh part.] ‘Distinctio undecima in qua continentur sermones quarundam solemnitatum qui in quampluribus exemplaribus Ieronimo ascribuntur.’

[K2r] Hieronymus [pseudo-]: Sermo de nativitate dominica. PL XXX 220-1.

[K2r] Hieronymus; [Augustinus pseudo-; Hieronymus pseudo-; Maximus Taurinensis pseudo-; Ambrosius pseudo-]: Sermo de die epiphaniorum et de psalmo xxviii. ed. Morin, CCSL 78, 530-2; see CPL 599.

[K2v] Hieronymus; [Hieronymus pseudo-]: Sermo de quadragesima. ed. Morin, CCSL 78, 533-5; see CPL 600.

[K3r] Hieronymus; [Augustinus pseudo-; Hieronymus pseudo-]: Sermo de exodo in vigilia Paschae. ed. Morin, CCSL 78, 537-41; see CPL 601.

[K3v] Hieronymus; [Augustinus pseudo-; Hieronymus pseudo-]: Expositio psalmi xli. ed. Morin, CCSL 78, 542-4; see CPL 602.

[K4r] Hieronymus; [Augustinus pseudo-; Hieronymus pseudo-; Maximus Taurinensis pseudo-]: Sermo de dominica Paschae. ed. Morin, CCSL 78, 545-7; see CPL 603.

[K4v] Hieronymus [pseudo-]: [Expositio psalmi cxvii.] PL XXX 211-13.

[L1r] [The twelfth part.] ‘Distinctio duodecima in qua continentur epistole pro deuoto femineo sexu edite'.

[L1r] Hieronymus [pseudo-; Paschasius Radbertus]: Epistola [addressed to] Paula and [Julia] Eustochium. PL XXX 122-42, with different ending (` . . . illuc dirigite mentem . . . loquentem cum sorore et matre. Amen'); ed. A. Ripberger, CCCM, 56 C, 109-62; see CPL no. 633 [epist. 9].

[L6r] Hieronymus: Epistolae [addressed to] Paula [2]; [Julia] Eustochium [2]. ed. Hilberg, nos xxxix, xxx, xxii, xxxi.

[M4v] Hieronymus: Epistola [addressed to] [Julia] Eustochium. [Vita sanctae Paulae.] PL XXII 878-906.

[M10r] Hieronymus [pseudo-]: ‘Prologus.’ PL XXX 391-3.

[M10r] ‘Capitula.’

[M10v] Hieronymus [pseudo-]: Regula sanctimonialium. [Also known as Ordo seu Regula vivendi Deo; addressed to Julia] Eustochium. PL XXX 393-426.

[N8r] Hieronymus [pseudo-]: Epistola [addressed to] Marcella. PL XXX 50-5.

[N9r] [Hieronymus: Epistola [addressed to Marcella.] ed. Hilberg, no. xliii, with additional section: ‘Verum ut ad villulam . . . amatorie canciones.’

[N9v] [Paula; [Julia] Eustochium: Epistola [addressed to Marcella.] ed. Hilberg, no. xlvi.

[O1v] Hieronymus: Epistolae [addressed to] Marcella [12]; Principia. ed. Hilberg, nos lix, xxv, xliv, xxvi, xxix, xxxvii, xxviii, xxxii, xxxiv, xxxviii, xxiii, xxiv; cxxvii.

[O7v] Hieronymus: Expositio psalmi xliv [addressed to] Principia. ed. Hilberg, no. lxv.

[O10v] Hieronymus: Epistola [addressed to] Demetrias. ed. Hilberg, no. cxxx.

[P1v] Hieronymus [pseudo-; Pelagius]: Epistola [addressed to] Demetrias. PL XXX 15-45.

[P8r] Hieronymus [pseudo-]: Epistola [addressed to] Virgines deo dicatae. PL XXX 163-75.

[Q1r] Hieronymus [pseudo-]: Epistola [addressed to] Theratia [i.e. Therasia]. PL XXX 188-210.

[Q6r] Hieronymus: Epistolae [addressed to] Furia; Salvina; Acherutia [i.e. Geruchia]; Celantia; Theodora; Letha [i.e. Laeta]; Gaudentius; Pammachius; Oceanus; Fabiola [2]; Algasia; Hedybia; Asella; [a mother and daughter remaining in Gaul]; Castorina; Virgines Cremonenses [Virgines Haemonenses]. ed. Hilberg, nos liv, lxxix, cxxiii, cxlviii, lxxv, cvii, cxxviii, lxvi, lxxvii, lxiv, lxxviii, cxxi, cxx, xlv, cxvii, xiii, xi.

[V5v] Hieronymus [pseudo-]: Epistola [addressed to a virgin in exile.] PL XXX 55-60, with a different ending (` . . . subiugandorum ac terrendorum').

[V7r] Hieronymus: Epistola [addressed to] Susanna. Incipit: ‘[P]uto leuius esse crimen vbi homo . . .’

[V9r] ‘Tabula capitulorum de obitu Iieronimi(!).’

[V9v] Eusebius Cremonensis [pseudo-]: ‘Epistola.’ [Also known as De vita et transitu sancti Hieronymi; addressed to] Damasus, Pont. Max. and Theodosius. PL XXII 239-82.

[X9v] Augustinus [pseudo-]: Epistola [addressed to] Cyrillus. PL XXII 281-9.

[Y1v] [Table of contents.]

[Y2r] Cyrillus [pseudo-]: De miraculis Hieronymi [addressed to] Augustinus. PL XXII 289-326.

[Y11v] [Valedictory verse.] Incipit: ‘[I]am decet ut nostris concordent vltima primis | [S]it decus illi qui dedit istud principiare'; 1 hexameter followed by 2 elegiac distichs.

[Y11v] [Colophon.]

[Y11v] [Valedictory verse.] Incipit: ‘Huic laudatori reddit Moguntia vicem | tot sua scripta parans usibus ecclesie'; 1 elegiac distich. The two valedictory verses and the colophon are edited in Nicolas Barker, ‘A Contemporary Panegyrist of the Invention of Printing: the Author of Grammatica Rhythmica', in Incunabula, ed. Davies, 187-214, at 195-6.


Imprint: Mainz: Peter Schoeffer, 7 Sept. 1470. Folio.


Collation: Vol. 1: [a4 b–e10 f8+1 g–t10 v8 x6+1]; vol. 2: [A–C10 D6+1 E F10 G8 H10 I6 K4+1 L–N10 O12+1 P–X10 Y10+1].

Remarks: Collation of vol. 2 as Sheppard, rather than BMC.


ISTC: ih00165000

Hain: H *8553 (a); H *8554 (b);

Goff: Goff H‑165;

BMC: BMC I 26 (a & b);

Proctor: Pr 91 (a), 92 (b);

Others: BSB‑Ink H‑246 (a); CIBN H‑98 (a), H‑99 (b); Rhodes 914 (a); Sack, Freiburg, 1833 (a); Sheppard 47 (b).

LCN: 14497190, 14497250


Copy number: H-086(1)

Bound in two volumes. Issue (b). Leaf [G3] is a cancel.

Binding: Eighteenth-century calf with triple gold fillets on each cover, gold-tooled spine and turn-ins, gilt-edged leaves, marbled pastedowns; the gold stamp of the Bodleian Library on both covers of both volumes. Parchment endleaves in both volumes.

Size: Vol. 1: 455 × 337 × 75 mm; vol. 2: 455 × 337 × 76 mm.

Size of leaf: 438 × 300 mm.

Two parchment leaves at the beginning of vol. 2 contain a table of contents for vol. 2 in a fifteenth-century hand, copied from the printed table of contents in vol. 1, followed by the epitaph which is printed on [a4r]. On the verso of the front parchment endleaf of vol. 2 is a verse written in a fifteenth-century hand: ‘Lux mea, Hieronime, spes et fiducia salue | O salue fidei vis decus atque iubar | Fac quecunque doces me dogmata sancta tenere | Atque tuos ritus gesta que velle sequi | Sic tibi conciuis tandem factusque coheres | Quod sapis et sapiam lux mea Hieronime'. Early manuscript foliation in both volumes, and catchwords in vol. 2. The numbers of the ‘distinctiones' are supplied as running headings. Pointing hands, and occasional early marginal annotations, corrections to the text, and ‘nota' marks.

On [b1r] is a French illumination, on a piece of parchment which has been pasted in place, showing a pope (perhaps Gregorius I) and S. Hieronymus seated, the latter flanked by a lion and a kneeling cleric, and with the author kneeling in front of Hieronymus and presenting a book to him; the illumination is red, blue, green, gold, brown, black, white, grey, and pink. On [b1r] is a French foliate and floral border decorated with leaves in green, flower-petals in grey, white, and blue, grapes in red, grey, and green, and strawberries in red and yellow, also with stems in black and with gold dots. Other one- to eight-line initials are supplied in red or blue or interlocked red and blue, some being decorated in pen-work of the other colour; paragraph marks are supplied in red or blue, headlines in red and blue; capitals touched with yellow wash. The text is enclosed within a single red rule.

Provenance: Note of purchase(?) on parchment endleaf of vol. 1. Pietro-Antonio Bolongaro-Crevenna (1735-1792); sale (1789), part I, lot 458; according to the annotated sale catalogue, purchased by van den Bergh for Fl. 25, the equivalent of £2. 3. 9 according to the exchange rate used by Thomas Payne at this sale. Purchased for £12. 12. 0; see Books Purchased (1790), 2.

Former Bodleian shelfmark: Auct. Y 1.11, 12.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 7Q inf. 1.1-2.

Copy number: H-086(2)

Issue (a). Variant collation: ‘[ . . . G10 H 8  . . .].’

Binding: Sixteenth-century German (1525) blind-tooled pigskin over wooden boards; metal centre-boss and four metal corner-pieces on each cover, also two catches and clasps. On both covers a border is formed by a repeated fleuron, a lozenge-shaped rosette stamp, a palmette stamp, a triangular foliate stamp (upper cover only), two different small flower-petal stamps, and a small foliate stamp. Fillets form concentric frames inside which are two decorative rolls, each repeated, the larger of the two containing plants and animals. Further fillets form a frame inside which is a square dragon stamp, one of the small flower-petal stamps, and a third small flower-petal stamp. Further fillets form the inner rectangle which is decorated with the two rolls. On the spine fillets form lozenge-shaped and triangular compartments decorated with one of the small flower-petal stamps, a small star stamp, and a small fleur-de-lis stamp. Leather index tabs. At the head of the upper cover is a contemporary manuscript label giving the author and title, also two shelfmark labels, one above the other; there is a further manuscript shelfmark label on the spine. Formerly (before 1525) bound in two volumes (see below).

Size: 481 × 350 × 115 mm.

Early marginal notes, including some taken from Erasmus. Some corrections to the text and extraction of names, also pointing hands, ‘nota' marks, and underlining in the text in black ink. On [a3r] a note in the upper margin provides evidence for the date of the present binding, the previous binding in two volumes, and the two last leaves of the table of contents having been bound with the second volume; three entries from the preceding page, relating to the contents of vol. 2, have been copied on [a3r], later crossed out and followed by the explanatory note: ‘Vacat. Opus diuisum erat prima ligatione. Religata anno 1525 post sedatam sedicionem rusticorum.’

On [b1r] a 16-line initial ‘D' is supplied in interlocked red and blue with two mythical beasts in reserved white, and, within the body of the letter, a basilisk in reserved white, and purple pen-work decoration, and extensions into the margins; other eight-line initials are supplied in interlocked red and blue, with purple pen-work decoration and extensions into the margins; other one- to five-line initials are supplied in red or blue, some with purple pen-work decoration, and extensions into the margins; paragraph marks are supplied in red or blue; capital strokes in red.

Provenance: Udalricus (fl. 1472): inscription on [Y11v]: ‘emptus anno domini mo cccco lxxiio Udalrici'. Füssen, Bavaria, Benedectines, S. Magnus; inscription in a fifteenth-century hand on [a1r]: ‘Iste liber est monasterii sancti Magni in faucibus Alpium'. Albert Ehrman (1890-1969); armorial book-plate; accession number: ‘2063'; given to him on 6 Feb. 1940 by Rina and John Ehrman on the occasion of his 50th birthday; pencil note on the recto of the front endleaf. Presented in 1978 by John Ehrman.

SHELFMARK: Broxb. 62.2.

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