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Bod-Inc: H-110


Vitae sanctorum patrum [longer version; index: ‘Abatissa . . .'].


Analysis of Content

a2r ‘Registrum.’ Incipit: ‘In antiquorum patum vitas a beato Hieronimo conscriptas registrum alphabetico ordine diligenter collectum incipit. Abatissa prenunciauit mortem suam . . .’

b1r Hieronymus [pseudo-]: Vitae sanctorum patrum pt I. ‘Vitaspatrum.’ [Latin version by Tyrannius Rufinus.] ed. Schulz-Flügel, 243-387, with the saints' lives in the following order: Prol., i–xxx, xxxii–xxxiii, Epil. 1-4, Epil. 5-16. For a discussion of the identity of the author and translator see ed. Schulz-Flügel 37-48.

d4v Hieronymus: Vitae sanctorum patrum: Vita Pauli. ed. Hurter, 36-42; see CPL 617.

d6v Evagrius: ‘Prologus.’ PL LXXIII 125-6.

d6v Athanasius: ‘Prefatio.’ PL LXXIII 125-8.

d6v Athanasius: ‘Vita sancti Anthonii.’ Translated by Evagrius. PL LXIII 127-68.

f4r Hieronymus: Vitae sanctorum patrum: Vitae Hilarionis et Malchi. ed. Hurter, 42-59 (Hilarion), 60-4 (Malchus); see CPL 618-19.

g2r Hieronymus [pseudo-]: Vitae sanctorum patrum: Vita Pauli. Compiled by Tyrannius Rufinus. ed. Schulz-Flügel no. xxxi.

g3v Hieronymus [pseudo-]: Vitae sanctorum patrum. Paula (ed. Hieronymus): PL XXII 878-906; Pelagia: PL LXXIII 663-72, with variations. On the legend of Pelagia see H‑109.

[h5r] Paulus Diaconus: Prologue.

[h5v] Hieronymus [pseudo-]: Vitae sanctorum patrum. Maria Egyptiaca: PL LXXIII 671-90; Marina: PL LXXIII 691-4; Eufrosina: Eufrosina dicitur quasi effra et syna . . . Paphuncio anachorite; PL LXXIII 643-52; Frontonius: PL LXXIII 437-42; Symeon: PL LXXIII 325-34; Eufraxia: PL LXXIII 623-42; Macharius: PL LXXIII 415-26; Pasthumius: PL LXXIII 429-38; Onuffrius: PL LXXIII 211-20; Abraham: PL LXXIII 281-92; Pachomius: PL LXXIII 227-72; Cristianus: PL LXXIII 76-7.

o5r ‘Prefatio.’ Incipit: ‘[C]ogitante me ac diu tacite . . .’

o5v Leontius, Bishop of Neapolis, Cyprus: Vita of Johannes, Bishop of Alexandria. PL LXXIII 337-84.

q4r Hieronymus [pseudo-]: Vitae sanctorum patrum. Eugenia: PL LXXIII 605-24; Basilius: PL LXXIII 293-312, with variations; Effrem: Fratres enarrationem volo facere de Basilio . . . locutus est ad eos.

r5r [Rufinus, Tyrannius]: ‘Prologus in partem secundam de vita sanctorum patrum.’ PL LXXIII 739-40.

r5r [Hieronymus pseudo-]: ‘Adhortationes sanctorum patrum.’ [Also known as Verba seniorum. Latin version by Tyrannius Rufinus.] PL LXXIII 739-810.

v3v [Hieronymus pseudo-: Libelli.] ‘Libellus de profectu patrum', etc. Translated by Pelagius Diaconus (note on [B5v]). PL LXXIII 855-988. On the identities of the translators see H‑109.

B5v [Hieronymus pseudo-: Libelli.] Translated by Johannes Subdiaconus (note on [B5v]). PL LXXIII 993-1022.

C6v [Hieronymus pseudo-: Libelli (extracts).] PL LXXIII 754-5, 752-3.

C8r [Hieronymus pseudo-: Vitae sanctorum patrum pt III.] ‘De regulari conuersione Egiptorum monachorum.’ PL LXXIII 813-48. Extracts from Cassian and Severus Sulpicius.

E3r [Hieronymus pseudo-: Vitae sanctorum patrum pt IV.] ‘Liber exhortationum.’ PL LXXIII 1025-62.

F7v [Hieronymus pseudo-: Vitae sanctorum patrum pt V.] ‘De laude et effectu virtutum.’ Incipit: ‘[T]ue non immemor petitionis hanc ammonitionem pro anime tue profectu . . .’


Imprint: [Strasbourg: Printer of the 1483 ‘Vitas Patrum'], 7 July 1485. Folio.

Remarks: Printed in the types often attributed to the [Printer of Paludanus] (GfT 2154).


Collation: a10 b–z A–D8 E6 F–G8.


ISTC: ih00207000

Hain: HC *8600;

Goff: Goff H‑207;

BMC: BMC I 98;

Proctor: Pr 422;

Others: CIBN H‑128; Hillard 1015; Rhodes 920; Sheppard 346.

LCN: 14764914


Copy number: H-110(1)

Binding: Contemporary blind-tooled calf over wooden boards; one boss and four corner-pieces on each cover lost; two clasps and catches lost. On both covers quadruple fillets form an outer frame within which is a foliate staff roll; further quadruple fillets form an inner rectangle with merrythoughts made up from headed-outline tools. The title is stamped on the upper cover. Scars of early paper labels on spine, also two later paper labels bearing title and date, and the Bodleian shelfmark.

Size: 318 × 223 × 68 mm.

Size of leaf: 300 × 216 mm.

Remains of a squashed spider on h1v.

Early marginal notes, including corrections to the text, ‘nota' marks, and extraction of key words; also scribbles in black ink, including, on n3r, a cartoon drawing in black ink of a truncated human figure without arms; and on the back pastedown drawings of two human figures, one of a crucified man, the other kneeling, also a cross.

On b1r a nine-line initial ‘B' is supplied in orange-red, with decoration and extensions into the inner margin in yellow and white, the area defined by the letter in gold, on a ground of green decorated with yellow, and grey with black. Other two- to seven-line initials, some with extensions into the margins, and paragraph marks are supplied in red or blue; capital strokes and some underlining in red.

Provenance: Swiecie (Schwetz), Poland, Observant Franciscans; inscription on a2r: ‘Loci Suecensis ordinis Franciscorum Regul. Obserua'. Lonk, Prussia(?), unidentified monastic house; inscription on a1r: ‘Ex Bibliotheca conventus Loncoviensis'. Königsberg, Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Library; stamp on a2r: ‘Bibliotheca Regiomontana', with crown and laurel wreath; also duplicate stamp on a2r: ‘Dupl. e Bibl. Reg. Regiom.' Pencil shelfmark(?) on front pastedown: ‘Ibl. zu Cdj 20(g) fol.' Purchased from Otto Harrassowitz, for 16.60 Marks (£0. 16. 2); see Library Bills, 22 Oct. 1885.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 3Q 5.18.

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