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Bod-Inc: H-114


Vitae sanctorum patrum [longer version; index: ‘Abrahe . . .'].


Analysis of Content

A1r [Title-page.]

A2r [A note on the organization of the material.] Incipit: ‘[N]e occasione stili hoc in opere obseruati quisquam legentium aut audientium . . .’

A2r [Table of contents.] Incipit: ‘[A]brahe heremite conuersatio et uita . . .’

b1r Hieronymus [pseudo-]: Vitae sanctorum patrum. Part I. ‘Vitaspatrum.’ [Latin version by Tyrannius Rufinus.] ed. Schulz-Flügel, 243-387, with the saints' lives in the following order: Prol., i–xxx, xxxii–xxxiii, Epil. 1-4, Epil. 5-16. For a discussion of the identity of the author and translator see ed. Schulz-Flügel 37-48.

d6r Hieronymus: Vitae sanctorum patrum: Vita Pauli. ed. Hurter, 36-42; see CPL 617.

d8r Evagrius: ‘Prologus.’ PL LXXIII 125-6.

d8r Athanasius: ‘Prefatio.’ PL LXXIII 125-8.

d8v Athanasius: ‘Vita sancti Antonii.’ Translated by Evagrius. PL LXIII 127-68.

f7v Hieronymus: Vitae sanctorum patrum: Vitae Hilarionis et Malchi. ed. Hurter, 42-59 (Hilarion), 60-4 (Malchus); see CPL 618-19.

g7v Hieronymus [pseudo-]: Vitae sanctorum patrum: Vita Pauli. Compiled by Tyrannius Rufinus. ed. Schulz-Flügel no. xxxi.

g8v Hieronymus: Vitae sanctorum patrum. Paula (ed. Hieronymus): PL XXII 878-906; Pelagia: PL LXXIII 663-72, with variations.

i1v Paulus Diaconus: Prologue.

i3r Hieronymus [pseudo-]: Vitae sanctorum patrum. Maria Egyptiaca: PL LXXIII 671-90; Marina: PL LXXIII 691-4; Eufrosina: Eufrosina dicitur quasi effra et syna . . .Paphuncio anachorite; PL LXXIII 643-52; Frontonius: PL LXXIII 437-42; Symeon: PL LXXIII 325-34; Eufraxia: PL LXXIII 623-42; Macharius: PL LXXIII 415-26; Pasthumius: PL LXXIII 429-38; Onuffrius: PL LXXIII 211-20; Abraham: PL LXXIII 281-92; Pachomius: PL LXXIII 227-72; Cristianus: PL LXXIII 76-7.

p5v ‘Prefatio.’ Incipit: ‘[C]ogitante me ac diu tacite . . .’

p6r Leontius, Bishop of Neapolis, Cyprus: Vita of Johannes, Bishop of Alexandria. PL LXXIII 337-84.

r6v Hieronymus [pseudo-]: Vitae sanctorum patrum. Eugenia: PL LXXIII 605-24; Basilius: PL LXXIII 293-312, with variations; Effrem: Fratres enarrationem volo facere de Basilio . . . locutus est ad eos.

t1r ‘Registrum secundi libri.’

t3r [Rufinus, Tyrannius]: ‘Prologus.’ PL LXXIII 739-40.

t3r [Hieronymus pseudo-]: ‘Adhortationes sanctorum patrum.’ [Also known as Verba seniorum. Latin version by Tyrannius Rufinus, in this edition attributed to Hieronymus.] PL LXXIII 739-810.

y5v [Hieronymus pseudo-: Libelli.] ‘Libellus de profectu patrum', etc. [Translations often referred to as being by Pelagius and Johannes.] PL LXXIII 855-988. Translated by Pelagius Diaconus (note on B5r. On the identities of the translators see H‑109.

B5r [Hieronymus pseudo-: Libelli.] Translated by Johannes Subdiaconus (note on B5r). PL LXXIII 993-1022.

C7r [Hieronymus pseudo-: Libelli (extracts).] PL LXXIII 754-5, 752, 753.

C8r [Hieronymus pseudo-: Vitae sanctorum patrum pt III.] ‘De regulari vel conuersione Egyptiorum monachorum.’ PL LXXIII 813-48. Extracts from Cassian and Severus Sulpicius.

E4v [Hieronymus pseudo-: Vitae sanctorum patrum pt IV.] ‘Liber exhortationum.’ PL LXXIII 1025-62.

G1v ‘Capitula subsequentis opusculi.’

G1v [Hieronymus pseudo-: Vitae sanctorum patrum pt V.] ‘De laude et effectu virtutum.’ Incipit: ‘[T]ue non immemor petitionis hanc ammonitionem pro anime tue profectu . . .’


Imprint: Venice: Bonetus Locatellus, for Nicolaus de Frankfordia, 6 Apr. 1500. 4o.


Collation: A b–z [et] [con] [rum] A–F8 G12.


ISTC: ih00209000

Hain: H *8602;

Goff: Goff H‑209;

BMC: BMC V 452;

Proctor: Pr 5101;

Others: Sheppard 4241.

LCN: 14764957


Copy number: H-114(1)

Binding: Nineteenth-century(?) quarter calf with blue paper boards, the spine covered with red morocco; bound for Francis Douce.

Size: 205 × 157 × 46 mm.

Size of leaf: 198 × 148 mm.

Early marginal notes, frequently cropped, and ‘nota' marks.

Provenance: Francis Douce (1757-1834); armorial book-plate. Bequeathed in 1834.

SHELFMARK: Douce 84.

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