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Bod-Inc: H-145

Homiliarius Doctorum A Paulo Diacono Collectus


Analysis of Content

a1r [Title-page.]

a2r Homiliarius doctorum a Paulo Diacono collectus. [Homiliae de tempore.] PL XCV 1159-1458B; see Gregoire, Les Homéliaires liturgiques médiévaux, 423-86. Homilies I–LV, LVIII–LXII, LXIV–LXXX, LXXXII–CLVII, CLIX–CCII.

g2v Augustinus: Sermo de caritate [sermon 350]. PL XXXIX 1533-5. See CPL 284; A. G. Hamman, ‘Le sermon 350 de Saint Augustin “De Charitate”. Transmission du texte, authenticité', in Bivium. Homenaje a Manuel Cecilio Diaz y Diaz (Madrid, 1983), 125-31. Between homilies LII and LIII.

g5r Augustinus?: Rursum de verbis Apostoli, I Cor. cap. XIII,1 [sermon 107]. PL XXXIX 1957-9. Between LIII and LIV.

g7v Augustinus?: De verbis Apostoli, I Tim. cap. 1,5 [sermon 112]. PL XXXIX 1967-9. Between LIV and LV.

x6v Alcuinus: [Letter addressed to] Carolus Magnus. ‘[D]omino glorioso karolo imperatori augustissimo . . .’ PL CI 11D–14B.

x7v Alcuinus: De fide sanctae et individuae trinitatis ad gloriosum imperatorem Carolum Magnum deo devotum libri tres. PL CI 13B–54D. List of contents before the opening of each chapter.

G6v Beda: Homilia XXI in dedicatione ecclesiae. PL XCIV 243D–250D. Between CC and CCI.

H3r ‘Tabula.’

aa1r [Second title-page.]

aa1v ‘Tabula.’

aa2r [Homiliae de sanctis.] PL XCV 1457-1566C. Homilies I–XLIV, LXVI–XCV.


Imprint: Nuremberg: Anton Koberger, 30 Sept. 1494. 4°.


Collation: a–z A–G8 H4 aa–nn8 oo4.

Illustrations: Woodcut.


ISTC: ih00318000

Hain: H *8792;

Goff: Goff H‑318;

BMC: BMC II 439;

Proctor: Pr 2095;

Others: BSB‑Ink H‑326; Oates 1035; Rhodes 931; Sack, Freiburg 1860; Sheppard 1531.

LCN: 14461864


Copy number: H-145(1)

Binding: Seventeenth-century parchment, with green-edged leaves. On the spine, manuscript title on the head and remains of labels with title and shelfmarks.

Size: 225 × 164 × 62 mm.

Size of leaf: 220 × 160 mm.

Initials, paragraph marks, and underlining of chapter headings are supplied in red.

SHELFMARK: Don. e.547.

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