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Bod-Inc: H-154

Horae ad usum Cisterciensem

Ordinarium sive Officium beatae Mariae virginis ad usum Cisterciensem.


Analysis of Content

[a1r] [Title-page.]

[a1v] ‘Almanach pour .xxiiii. ans' [1497-1520].

[a2r] [Anatomical man.] Incipit: ‘Quant la lune est en aries leo et sagitarius il fait bon saigner au colerique. Feu . . .’ Soleil 28. The text is part of the woodcut.

[a2v] [Calendarium.]

[a8v] ‘Offcium(!) beate Marie virginis secundum vsum ordinis Cisterciensis.’ Incipit: ‘Aue Maria gratia plena . . . [D]omine labia mea aperies . . .’

e6v ‘Incipit officum(!) mortuorum.’ Incipit: ‘Ad vesperas. Antiphona. Placebo. Psalmus. [D]ilexi quoniam . . .’

g4r ‘Sequuntur septem psalmi penitentiales.’ Incipit: ‘Psalmus. [D]omine ne in furore tuo . . .’ Ps 6; 31; 37; 50; 101; 129; 142.

g8v ‘Letania.’ ‘Thoma' among the martyrs; ‘Petre', ‘Edmunde', ‘Malachia', ‘Guillerme', ‘Bernarde', ‘Roberte' among the confessors.

h2v ‘Sequuntur hore sancte crucis.’ Incipit: ‘Ad matutinas. [P]atris sapientia veritas diuina . . .’ Partly AH 30 no. 13.

h4r ‘Hore de sancto spiritu.’ Incipit: ‘Ad matutinas. [N]obis sancti spiritus gratia sit data . . .’

h5v ‘Sequuntur contemplationes et orationes deuote ante communionem dum vacauerit singillatim et interpollatis diebus dicende.’ Incipit: ‘[C]ommunicaturus quisque dum grauiora peccata per veram contritionem . . .’

k1v ‘Suffragia quadragesime secundum ordinem cisterciensem.’ Incipit: ‘Responsorium. Tribularer si nescirem misericordias tuas . . .’

k2v ‘Oratio deuota necnon pulcra confessio peccatoris ad beatam virginem.’ Incipit: ‘[O] sancta virgo virginum | que genuisti dominum . . .’ Chevalier, Rep. hymn., 13694; AH 50 no. 306.

k4r Bernardus(?): ‘Oratio deuota beati Bernardi ad dominum Iesum et Mariam matrem eius.’ Incipit: ‘[S]ummi summe tu patris vnice | mundi faber et rector fabrice . . .’ See Leroquais, Livres d'heures, I 46.

k6v Bernardus(?): ‘Alia eiusdem Bernardi deuota oratio ad solam Mariam.’ Incipit: ‘[S]ole pressus huius miserie | in qua sede priuatus glorie . . .’

k8v [Explicit.] ‘Amen. Clereuaulx.’


Imprint: Paris: [Philippe Pigouchet] for Simon Vostre, [c.1500]. 8°.


Collation: [a] b–k8.

Types: Types: 98 B, 81 B, 76 G, 65 G, 55 G; capital spaces.

Leaves: 80 leaves.

Line number: 27 lines (b1r).

Type area: Type area 103 × 60 mm, with borders 138 × 91 mm (b1r).

Illustrations: Woodcuts: anatomical man and 13 large (124 × 80 mm). Each text page is within a combination of historiated borders and decorative elements such as grotesques, hunting scenes, and floral and figurative designs.

Remarks: Leaf [a1r]: ‘Ordinariū beate marie virginis ad vſū Ciſterciē= | ſem: impreſſum eſt caracteribus optimis vna cum ex | penſis honeſti viri Symonis voſtre cōmorantis Pa | riſius in vico nouo diue marie in īterſignio ſancti Io | hannis euangeliſte.'; [a1v]: ‘Almanach pour .xxiiii. ans.'; [a2r]: [woodcut, anatomical man]; [a2v]: ‘Ianuarius ʒ dies .xxxi. luna .xxx.'; [a8v]: ‘[woodcut, with typeset text] ‘Offcium beate marie virginis ſecundū | vſum ordinis Ciſtercien̄.'; b1r: ‘Aue maria gratia plena dn̄s tecū. Bn̄ | dicta tu . . .'; h2v: ‘Sequuntur hore ſancte crucis. Ad | matutinas.'; h4r: ‘Hore de ſancto ſpiritu. Ad matu | tinas.' h5v: ‘Sequun contemplatiōes et oratio= | nes deuote ante cōmunionem . . .'; k1v: ‘Suffragia quadrageſime ſecundum | ordinem ciſtercien̄.'; k8v: ‘Amen. || Clereuaulx.’


ISTC: ih00343500

Proctor: Pr 8190;

Others: Bohatta, Horae, II 93; Sheppard 6324-5.

LCN: 14461713


Copy number: H-154(1)

Printed on parchment.

Binding: Nineteenth-century (c.1800) English gold-tooled red morocco, with gilt-edged leaves, marbled pastedowns, and an azure silk bookmark.

Size: 174 × 106 × 19 mm.

Size of leaf: 165 × 100 mm.

On k8v ‘Finis' in an early hand. On the rear pastedown is a list of woodcuts in Douce's hand.

On [a1r] within a Renaissance architectural frame, in gold and blue, is a wreath of bay-leaves with a blue cord, containing a coat of arms, all on a red ground with gold dots. Initials, paragraph marks, and line fillers are supplied in gold on a red or blue ground. Ruling in red ink.

Provenance: Vaux-de-Cernay, Ile-de-France, Cistercians; coat of arms: azure, three crescents argent two and one, and in chief three fleur-de-lis or, barwise; the shield suspended from a pastoral staff. Francis Douce (1757-1834); armorial book-plate. Bequeathed in 1834.

SHELFMARK: Douce 29.

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