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Bod-Inc: H-163

Horae ad usum Romanum (Rome) [French and Latin]


Analysis of Content

a1r [Title-page.]

a1v ‘Almanach pro tredecim annis' [1489-1508.]

a2r ‘Sequitur residuum dicti almanach.’

a2v [Anatomical man.] Incipit: ‘luna existente in ariete leone aut sagittario bonum est fleubothomare collerico. Ignis . . .’ Some of the text is typeset, some is part of the woodcut.

a3r [Calendarium.] Roman calendar.

a3r [Verse.] Incipit: ‘In iano claris calidisque cibis potiaris | Atque decens potus post fercula sit tibi notus'; 4 hexameters for each month of the calendar. See Walther, Proverbia, 11795.

b1r [Evangelia.] Io 1, 1-14; Lc 1, 26-38; Mt 2, 1-12; Mc 16, 14-20.

b3v ‘Passio domini nostri Iesu Christi secundum Iohannem.’ Io 18,1-19,42.

b8v ‘Ad honorem intemerate sanctissimeque dei genitricis virginis Marie hore ad vsum Romanum incipiunt feliciter.’ Incipit: ‘[D]omine labia mea aperies . . .’

f1v [Mutationes in Officio BVM.] Incipit: ‘Ad matutinas omnia dicuntur sicut ante aduentum domini . . .’

f4r ‘Sequuntur septem psalmi penitentiales.’ Ps 6; 31; 37; 50; 101; 129; 142.

g1r ‘Letania.’ As H‑160.

g5r ‘Sequuntur vigilie mortuorum.’ Incipit: ‘Ad vesperas. Antiphona. Placebo . . .’

i4v [Colophon.]

aa1r [Horae de cruce.] Incipit: ‘[D]omine labia mea aperies . . .’

aa2v [Horae de sancto spiritu.] Incipit: ‘[D]omine labia mea aperies . . .’

k1r [Suffragia.] Incipit: ‘[De sanctissima trinitate.] Sancta trinitas vnus deus miserere nobis. Antiphona. Te inuocamus, te adoramus, te laudamus . . .’

k1v ‘Oratio ad deum patrem.’ Incipit: ‘[Antiphona.] Pater de celis deus, miserere nobis. [Oratio.] [D]omine sancte pater omnipotens eterne deus qui coequalem consustantialem . . .’ See Leroquais, Livres d'heures, I 100.

k1v ‘Oratio ad filium.’ Incipit: ‘[Antiphona.] Fili redemptor mundi deus, miserere nobis. [Oratio.] [D]omine Iesu Christe fili dei vni(!) qui es verus et omnipotens deus . . .’ See Leroquais, Livres d'heures, I 100.

k2r ‘Oratio ad spiritum sanctum.’ Incipit: ‘[Antiphona.] Spiritussancte deus, miserere nobis. [Oratio.] [D]omine spiritus sancte deus qui coequalis consubstantialis . . .’ See Leroquais, Livres d'heures, I 100.

k2v ‘De sancta facie.’ Incipit: ‘[Antiphona.] [S]alue sancta facies nostri redemptoris . . .’ Leroquais, Livres d'heures, II 349 no. xli.

k3r ‘Oratio valde deuota ad beatissimam virginem dei geuitricem(!) Mariam.’ Incipit: ‘[O]bsecro te . . .’ Leroquais, Livres d'heures, II 346 no. xxxviii.

k4v ‘Alia oratio valde deuota ad gloriosam virginem dei genitricem Mariam.’ Incipit: ‘[O] intemerata . . .’ Leroquais, Livres d'heures, II 336 no. xxi.

k6r [Suffragia.] With the following variations compared with H‑151: 1-14; 16-21.

l5r [Devotae orationes.] Incipit: ‘Sensuiuent plusieurs deuotes louenges, petitions . . .’ As H‑151: 1-22.

l8v [Oraison tres deuote a dieu le pere.] Incipit: ‘[M]on benoict dieu, ie croy de cueur . . .’ Leroquais, Livres d'heures, II 330 no. xiii.

m1v [Litaniae lauretanae.] ‘Oratio valde deuota ad virginem Mariam.’ Incipit: ‘[M]issus est Gabriel angelus . . .’ Meersseman, Akathistos, II 244-7.

m3v ‘Sequitur officium de conceptione beate Marie virginis.’ Incipit: ‘[D]omine labia mea aperies . . .’


Imprint: Paris: [Jean Maurand, for] Geoffroy de Marnef, 20 June 1493. 4°.


Collation: a–h8 i aa4 k l8 m6.

Type area: Type area: 123 × 77 mm, with borders 158 × 107 mm (b5r).

Illustrations: Woodcuts: anatomical man (99 × 75 mm), 19 large (109 × 70 mm), 28 small (41 × 29 mm). Each text page is within a combination of historiated borders and decorative floral elements. Some of the woodcuts have typeset captions.


ISTC: ih00374000

Hain: C 3085;

Goff: Goff H‑374;


Proctor: Pr 8463 (= 8465);

Others: Bohatta, Horae, 562; Sheppard 6455.

LCN: 14462546


Copy number: H-163(1)

Printed on parchment.

Binding: Eighteenth-century calf, the spine gold-tooled; ‘Missale' in gold letters in second compartment from the head. ‘M [ ]13' on a lozenge-shaped paper label at the head of the spine; ‘4' printed on paper label at tail of the spine.

Size: 191 × 130 × 28 mm.

Size of leaf: 183 × 123 mm.

On m6v, manuscript prayers in Dutch in a contemporary hand: ‘Weest ghegruet o alder helichste Maria moeder gods, conīghe des hemels, poirte paradijs . . .', the same hand has also amended and supplemented the text on d7r, f1r, and aa2v. On the same leaf another addition, a blessing in Latin, in a different, French(?) hand: ‘Sancte et indiuidue trinitati Ihesu Christi crucifixi humanitati beate Marie semper virgini et matri sit sempiterna gloria ab omni creatura per infinita seculorum secula amen. Pater noster. Aue Maria. Suscipe domine deus meritis et precibus beatissime semper virginis Marie et omnium sanctorum tuorum officium seruitutis nostre . . .’

Initials, paragraph marks, and line fillers are supplied in gold on a red or blue ground, with gold pen-work decoration. Capitals touched with yellow wash. Ruling in red.

Provenance: Richard Rawlinson (1690-1755). Bequeathed in 1755.

Former Bodleian shelfmark: Auct. T inf. 3.4.

SHELFMARK: 8° Rawl. 1098.

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