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Bod-Inc: H-167A

Horae ad usum Romanum (Rome) [French and Latin]


Analysis of Content

[A1v] ‘Almanach pour xxi an.' [1488-1508].

[A2r] [Anatomical man.] Incipit: ‘Quant la lune est en aris leo et sagitarius il fait bon saigner au colerique. Feu . . .’ Soleil 28. Some of the text is typeset, some is part of the woodcut.

[A2v] [Calendarium.] Parisian calendar, in Latin.

[A2v] [Verse.] Incipit: ‘En ian uier que les roys venus sont | Glau me dit fremin mor font'; 4 rhymed verses for each month of the calendar. Soleil 155-7.

[A8v] [Evangelia.] Io 1,1-14; Lc 1,26-38; Mt 2,1-12; Mc 16,14-20.

B3v ‘Passio domini nostri Iesu Christi. Secundum Johannem.’ Io 18,1-19,42.

B8r [Horae BVM.]

D3v ‘Ad matutinas de cruce.’

D4v ‘Ad matutinas de sancto spiritu.’ Mixed Hours: Matins of the Hours of the Cross and of the Holy Spirit are inserted immediately after Matins and Lauds of the Hours of the BVM, etc.

F3v [Mutationes in Officio BVM.] ‘In aduentu domini officium beate Marie dicitur modo predicto . . .’

F7v [Commemoratio de V solemnitatibus BVM.] Incipit: ‘[Hymnus.] [A]ue cuius conceptio | solenni plena gaudio . . . [Chevalier, Rep. hymn., 1744]; [Oratio.] [D]eus qui nos conceptionis, natiuitatis . . .’ See Leroquais, Livres d'heures, I 99.

F7v ‘Septem psalmi penitentiales.’ Ps 6; 31; 37; 50; 101; 129; 142.

G4v ‘Letania.’ As H‑160.

G8v ‘Vigilie mortuorum.’

I6v ‘Suffragia plurimorum sanctorum . . .’ ‘De sanctissima trinitate . . . [Antiphona].’ Incipit: ‘Te inuocamus, te adoramus, te laudamus . . .’ Suffrages for the Trinity, Father, Son, Holy Ghost.

I8v ‘De facie domini.’ Incipit: ‘[S]alue sancta facies . . .’ Leroquais, Livres d'heures, II 349 no. xli.

K1r ‘Oratio ad beatam virginem Mariam.’ Incipit: ‘[O]bsecro te . . .’ Leroquais, Livres d'heures, II 346 no. xxxviii.

K2v ‘Alia oratio ad beatam virginem Mariam.’ Incipit: ‘[O] intemerata . . .’ Leroquais, Livres d'Heures, II 336 no. xxi.

K4r ‘Deuota contemplatio beate Marie virginis iuxta crucem . . .’ Incipit: ‘[S]tabat mater dolorosa . . .’ Chevalier, Rep. hymn., 19416.

K5r [Suffragia II.] As H‑151: 1-21.

L4v [Devotae orationes.] Incipit: ‘Sensuiuent plusieurs deuotes louenges, peticions . . .’ As H‑151: 1-22.

L7v Gregorius(?): ‘Les sept oraysons sainct Gregoire.’ Incipit: ‘[O] Domine Iesu Christe adoro te in cruce pendentem . . .’ Leroquais, Livres d'heures, II, 346 no. xxxvii.

L8r [Oratio.] Incipit: ‘[D]omine Iesu Christe pastor bone . . .’ See Wilmart, Auteurs spirituels, 290.

L8v ‘Oraison tresdeuote a dieu le pere.’ Incipit: ‘[M]on benoist dieu, ie croy de cueur . . .’ Leroquais, Livres d'heures, II 330 no. xiii.

M1r [Litaniae lauretanae.] Incipit: ‘[M]issus est Gabriel . . .’ Meersseman, Akathistos, II 244-7.

M4r [Oratio.] Incipit: ‘[T]e deprecor ergo mitissimam . . .’

M4r [Oratio.] ‘De sororibus BVM'. Incipit: ‘[O] nobile ternarium . . . Deus qui beatas Mariam Iacobi et Mariam Salome . . .’


Imprint: [Paris: Étienne Jehannot, between 21 Aug. 1497 and 15 May 1498]. 8°.

Remarks: Lawn suggests that the edition could be dated [between 20 Oct. 1497 and 15 May 1498] as Goldschmidt, Catalogue 21, describes an edition (dated 20 Oct. 1497) which has only four of Pigouchet's woodcuts.


Collation: [A]–L8 M4.

Remarks: The first leaf of each gathering has the catch letter ‘R' for Rome, except for gathering A.

Line number: 26 lines.

Illustrations: Woodcuts: anatomical man; 15 large (113/122 × 75/78 mm); some are copies of Pigouchet's set of 1495-6, others are from Vérard's ‘Grandes Heures'; 32(?) small (38 × 25 mm). Each text page is within a combination of historiated borders and decorative elements such as grotesques and floral and figurative designs.


ISTC: ih00389000

Goff: Goff H‑389;

Proctor: not in Pr;

Others: Bohatta, Horae, 442; not in Sheppard.

LCN: 15711633


Copy number: H-167A(1)

Printed on parchment.

Wanting A1-5 and gathering M.

Binding: Seventeenth-century(?) half parchment over sprinkled red pasteboards; Buntpapier pastedowns; sprinkled red-edged leaves. ‘Officium [ ]' in brown ink at the head of the spine.

Size: 169 × 115 × 26 mm.

Size of leaf: 162 × 105 mm.

Bibliographical notes in Lawn's hand in pencil on the front endleaves; on a piece of paper another note in Lawn's hand about the sale of another copy. On the rear pastedown, upside down, a German stamp in violet ink.

Main initials are supplied in blue with white pen-work decoration on a red ground with gold pen-work decoration; other initials and line-fillers are supplied in gold on a red or blue ground with gold pen-work decoration. Capitals touched with yellow wash. Ruling in red.

Provenance: Printed ex-libris: ‘Fratelli Guizzetti quondam Giammaria'. Dr Betty Kurth († by 1949); stamp in violet ink on the verso of the front endleaf; sale (1949), lot 278 ([?Paris, Th. Kerver, c.1510]); purchased by Lawn. Dr Brian Lawn (1905-2001); book-plate; catalogue, pp. 6, 103. Bequeathed in 2001.

SHELFMARK: Lawn f.1.

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