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Bod-Inc: H-174

Horae ad usum Romanum (Rome)


Analysis of Content

a1r [Title-page.]

a2r [Calendarium.] A Roman calendar with numerous Venetian saints; see C. Dondi, ‘Books of Hours: The Development of the Texts in Printed Form', in Incunabula and their Readers. Printing, Selling and Using Books in the Fifteenth Century, ed. K. Jensen (London, 2003), 53-70, 212-23, at 62-3.

b6v Sixtus IV, Pont. Max.(?): [Oratio ad BVM.] ‘Papa Sixtus quartus concessit cuilibet deuote dicenti infrascriptam orationem . . .’ Incipit: ‘Aue sanctissima Maria mater dei, regina celi, porta paradisi . . .’ See H‑162.

b7r ‘Psalmus' [Ps 90]. Incipit: ‘Qui habitat in adiutorio altissimi . . .’

c1r [Officium parvum BVM.] ‘Incipit officium beate virginis Marie secundum consuetudinem romane curie. Ad matutinum versus.’ Incipit: ‘[D]omine labia mea aperies . . .’

i8r ‘Ad missam sancte Marie.’ Incipit: ‘Introitus. [S]alue sancta parens . . .’

k3v ‘Incipiunt septem psalmi penitentiales.’ Ps 6; 31; 37; 50; 101; 129; 142.

l4v [Litaniae sanctorum.]

n1r ‘Incipit officium mortuorum.’ Incipit: ‘Ad vesperas. Antiphona. Placebo . . .’

r7r ‘Incipit officium sancte crucis.’ Incipit: ‘Ad matutinum. V[ersiculus]. [D]omine labia mea aperies . . .’

s3r ‘Incipit officium sancti spiritus.’ Incipit: ‘Ad matutinum. V[ersiculus]. [D]omine labia mea aperies . . .’

s6v ‘Initium sancti euangelii secundum Iohannem' (Io 1, 1-14). Incipit: ‘In principio . . .’

s7v Gregorius(?): ‘Oratio piissima sancti Gregorii . . .’ Incipit: ‘O domine Iesu Christe adoro te in cruce pendentem . . .’ Leroquais, Livres d'heures, II, 346 no. xxxvii, in the order: 1; 2; 4; 5; 6; 7; 3.

s8v [Suffragia.] ‘Petro et Paulo'; ‘Andrea'; ‘Iacobo'; ‘Iohanne'; ‘Thoma'; ‘Philippo et Iacobo'; ‘Bartholomeo'; ‘Matheo apostolo'; ‘Simone et Iuda'; ‘Mathia apostolo'; ‘Iohanne baptista'; ‘Luca'; ‘Marco'; ‘Sebastiano'; ‘Rocho'; ‘Margarita'.

t7r Bernardus(?): [Versus beati Bernardi.] Incipit: ‘[O] bone Iesu. Illumina oculos meos . . .’ Ps 12,4; 24,4; 30,6; 38,5; 115,16; 141,5; 4,7; 85,17.

t8v ‘Oratio sancti Augustini deuotissime dicenda . . .’ Incipit: ‘O dulcissime domine Iesu Christe verus deus qui de sinu summi patris . . .’ See Leroquais, Livres d'heures, I 31.

v5r ‘Canticum sanctorum Ambrosii et Augustini . . .’ Incipit: ‘[T]e matrem dei laudamus, | te Mariam virginem confitemur . . .’ Chevalier, Rep. hymn., 20156.

v7v ‘De sancto Matheo apostolo antiphona.’ Incipit: ‘Conspicit in celis mens prudens ezechielis . . .’

v8r [Colophon.]


Imprint: Venice: Johannes Emericus de Spira, for Lucantonio Giunta, 30 Sept. 1498. 16o.


Collation: a–v8.

Illustrations: Six large woodcuts (71 × 55 mm).


ISTC: ih00395500

Proctor: Pr 5507;

Others: Oates 2139; Sander 5067; Sheppard 4565.

LCN: 14464945


Copy number: H-174(1)

A fragment, consisting of leaves a1 to b7 only, containing the calendar, a prayer to the Virgin, followed by Psalm 90. The description of the missing leaves is based on the copy held in Cambridge University Library.

Printed on parchment.

Binding: Nineteenth-century half morocco.

Size: 108 × 85 × 8 mm.

Size of leaf: 102 × 76 mm.

After b7 a leaf has been inserted containing the continuation of Ps 90 (13-16), added in a seventeenth-century(?) hand.

Provenance: Francis Douce (1757-1834). Bequeathed in 1834.

SHELFMARK: Douce adds. g.2.

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