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Bod-Inc: H-175

Horae ad usum Romanum (Rome) [French and Latin]


Analysis of Content

[*1r] [Title-page.]

[*2r] [Calendarium.] Roman calendar.

[*8r] ‘De omnibus sanctis. Antiphona.’ Incipit: ‘Sancti dei omnes intercedere dignemini pro nostra omniumque salute . . .’

[*8v] ‘Specialis salutatio ad beatam virginem Mariam.’ Incipit: ‘[A]ue ancilla trinitatis. | Aue filia sempiterni patris . . .’ Chevalier, Rep. hymn., 1692.

[*8v] [Sixtus IV, Pont. Max.(?)]: ‘Alia oratio ad beatam virginem Mariam.’ Incipit: ‘[A]ue domina sancta Maria mater dei, regina celi, porta paradisi . . .’ See H‑162.

[**1r] ‘Passio domini nostri Iesu Christi. Secundum Iohannem.’ Io 18,1-19,42.

[A1r] [Evangelia.] Io 1, 1-14; Lc 1, 26-38; Mt 2, 1-12; Mc 16, 14-20.

[A5r] ‘Oratio deuotissima ad beatissimam virginem Mariam dei genitricem.’ Incipit: ‘[O]bsecro te . . .’ Leroquais, Livres d'heures, II 346 no. xxxviii.

[A7v] ‘Secuntur aliqua suffragia ad laudem et honorem intemerate virginis Marie.’ Incipit: ‘[A]lma redemptoris mater que peruia celi porta manens . . . [S]alue regina misericordie vita dulcedo . . . [A]ue regina celorum, aue domina angelorum . . .’ Chevalier, Rep. hymn., 861, 18147, 2070.

[A8v] ‘Incipiunt hore immaculate virginis Marie secundum vsum Romane curie. Ad matutinas.’ Incipit: ‘[D]omine labia mea aperies . . .’

E8r [Mutationes in Officio BVM.] ‘In aduentu domini officium beate Marie dicitur modo predicto . . .’

F5r ‘Secuntur septem psalmi penitenciales.’ Ps 6; 31; 37; 50; 101; 129; 142.

G3v ‘Letania.’ As H‑160, with the following variations: ‘Guillerme' and ‘Margareta' do not appear, ‘Genouefa' appears after ‘Barbara.’

G8r ‘Secuntur vigilie mortuorum. Ad vesperas. Antiphona.’ Incipit: ‘[P]lacebo domino . . .’

L1r [Horae de cruce.] ‘[Ad matutinas. Versus?]’ Incipit: ‘[D]omine labia mea aperies . . .’

L2v ‘De sancto spiritu.’ ‘[Ad matutinas. Versus?]’ ‘[D]omine labia mea aperies . . .’

2A1r [Suffragia II.] ‘De sanctissima trinitate. Antiphona.’ Incipit: ‘Te inuocamus, te adoramus, te laudamus . . .’

2A1v ‘Oratio ad deum patrem.’ Incipit: ‘[Antiphona.] Pater de celis deus miserere nobis. [Oratio.] [D]omine sancte pater omnipotens eterne deus qui coequalem consubstancialem . . .’ See Leroquais, Livres d'heures, I 100.

2A2r ‘Oratio ad filium.’ Incipit: ‘[Antiphona.] Fili redemptor mundi deus miserere nobis. [Oratio.] [D]omine Iesu Christe fili dei viui qui es verus et omnipotens deus . . .’ See Leroquais, Livres d'heures, I 100.

2A2r ‘Oratio ad spiritum sanctum.’ Incipit: ‘[Antiphona.] Spiritus sancte deus miserere nobis. [Oratio.] [D]omine spiritus sancte deus qui coequalis consubstancialis . . .’ See Leroquais, Livres d'heures, I 100.

2A2v [Oratio ad sanctam Veronicam.] Incipit: ‘[S]alue sancta facies nostri redemptoris . . .’ Leroquais, Livres d'heures, II 349 no. xli.

2A3r Oratio deuota ad beatam Mariam virginem.’ Incipit: ‘[O] intemerata . . .’ Leroquais, Livres d'heures, II 336 no. xxi.

2A6r ‘Deuota contemplatio beate Marie virginis iuxta crucem . . .’ Incipit: ‘[S]tabat mater dolorosa . . .’ Chevalier, Rep. hymn., 19416.

2A7r [Commemoratio de V solemnitatibus BVM.] Incipit: ‘[Hymnus.] [A]ue cuius conceptio | solemni plena gaudio . . . [Chevalier, Rep. hymn., 1744]; [Oratio.] [D]eus qui nos conceptionis, natiuitatis . . .’ See Leroquais, Livres d'heures, I 99.

2A7v [Suffragia II.] With the following variations compared with H‑151: 1-10; ‘Dyonisio'; 11-14; 16-21.

2C1r [Devotae orationes.] Incipit: ‘Sensuiuent plusieurs deuotes louenges, peticions . . .’ As H‑151: 1-22.

2C5v Gregorius(?): [Orationes sancti Gregorii.] ‘Nous trouuons es escriptures que nostre benoit sauueur . . .’ Incipit: ‘Domine Iesu Christe adoro te in cruce pendentem . . .’ Leroquais, Livres d'heures, II, 346 no. xxxvii.

2C7r [Prayer to God the Father.] Incipit: ‘[M]on benoit dieu, ie croy de cueur . . .’ Leroquais, Livres d'heures, II 330 no. xiii.

2C8r [Another prayer to God the Father.] Incipit: ‘[S]ire dieu tout puissant, tout voyant . . .’ Leroquais, Livres d'heures, II, 339 no. xxiv.


Imprint: [Paris]: Jean Du Pré, [1488]. 8°.

Remarks: Without the initial almanac which distinguishes the other Du Pré edition assigned to the same year.


Collation: [* ** A] B–K8 L4 2A–C8.

Types: Types: 113 (109) B, title (reproduced in Claudin I 252); 83 B.

Leaves: 124 leaves.

Line number: 21 lines ([**3r]).

Type area: Type area: 86 × 56 mm, with borders 119 × 81 mm ([**3r]).

Illustrations: Woodcuts: 10 large (116 × 81 mm), 11 within borders (83 × 55 mm); 40 small (32 × 23 mm and 46 × 29 mm ). Each text page is within borders decorated with grotesques, floral and figurative designs. The cuts on [**1r] and [A1r] are reproduced by A. W. Pollard, ‘The Illustrations in French Books of Hours, 1486-1500', Bibliographica, 3 (1897), 444-5.

Remarks: [*1r]: title within border: ‘Hore ad vſum romanum | Io. de prato.' [*2r]: ‘Ianuarius habet dies xxxi | . . .' [*8r]: ‘De omnibus ſanctis. ā.' [*8v]: ‘Specialis ſalutatio ad beatam | virginem mariam.' [**1r]: ‘Paſſio domini noſtri | ieſu chriſti Secundum | Iohannem.' [A1r]: ‘Inicium ſancti euangelii ſcd'm | Iohēm. Gloria tibi domine.' [A8v]: ‘Incipiunt hore immaculate vir= | ginis marie ſecundū vſum Roma= | ne curie. Ad matutinas.'2 C1r: ‘Senſuiuent pluſieurs deuotes louen= | ges: peticions: oraiſons: [et] req̄ſtes . . .'2 C8v end: ‘Credo in deum.’


ISTC: ih00359670

Proctor: Pr 8044;

Others: Bohatta, Horae, 411; Claudin I 252; Sheppard 6176-7.

LCN: 14462483


Copy number: H-175(1)

Leaves2 A4-5 bound after2 B3. Printed on parchment.

Binding: Sixteenth-century French (Lyons?) gold-tooled calf; catches lost. Gilt-edged leaves. A coloured strapwork panel binding improved with hatched foliate tools. ‘The spine decoration is run horizontally as on many bindings of this kind found on small format Lyonese publications'; see Fine Bindings 1500-1700 from Oxford Libraries: Catalogue of an Exhibition (Oxford, 1968), no. 44. ‘52' painted in white at the head of the spine.

Size: 156 × 105 × 26 mm.

Size of leaf: 146 × 96 mm.

Three-line initials are supplied in grey with white pen-work decoration, on a red ground with gold pen-work decoration; the area defined by the letter is gold with a strawberry or a red or yellow flower with green stem and two leaves. Other initials, paragraph marks, and line fillers are supplied in gold on a red or brown ground. Capitals touched with yellow wash. Devices: (1) two interlacing Y's, within a bay wreath; (2) within a Star of David, Φ Φ YY II S; above, a flaming heart. On the rear endleaf, monogram ‘F O V L' in different colours. Ruling in red.

Provenance: Brouyneau, provost of Thouars (seventeenth century); on [*1r] and F5r: ‘Ex libris Brouyneau preuost de thouars'; coat of arms: gules, a church or, on [*1r] and [**8v]. Nicolas Joseph Foucault (1643-1721); armorial book-plate: ‘Ex bibliotheca Nicolai Joseph Foucault comitis consistoriani'. Possibly Richard Rawlinson (1690-1755); several of Foucault's books reached the Bodleian Library via Rawlinson.

Former Bodleian shelfmarks: Arch. Bodl. D 52 subtus; Arch. Bodl. D f.20.

SHELFMARK: Arch. B f.38.

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