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Bod-Inc: H-190

Horae ad usum Sarum (Salisbury)



Imprint: Venice: Johannes Hamman, for Franciscus de Egmondt and Gerardus Barrevelt, 1494. 16°.

Remarks: All recorded copies are fragmentary, many extracted from bindings made by the Foliate Staff Binder; see D. Rogers, ‘Johann Hamman at Venice: A Survey of His Career. With a Note on the Sarum “Horae” of 1494', in Essays in Honour of Victor Scholderer, ed. D. E. Rhodes (Mainz, 1970), 349-68, at 363-6.


Collation: Collation not known.

Line number: 16 lines.

Type area: Type area: 80 × 55 mm, with borders 95 × 69 mm.

Illustrations: Woodcuts. Each text page is within borders decorated with grotesques and floral and figurative designs.


ISTC: ih00420440.

BMC: BMC V 426;

Proctor: Pr 5205;

Others: Cristina Dondi, Printed Books of Hours from Fifteenth-century Italy: the Texts, the Books, and the Survival of a Long-lasting Genre (Florence, 2016), pp. 385-8, no. 47; Duff 181; Hoskins 9*; Oates 2044; Rhodes 934; Sheppard 4147; STC 15874.

LCN: 14463782


Copy number: H-190(1)

Six unfolded sheets are attached to fols. 3–8 of the fascicule; see Dondi, Printed Books of Hours, no. 47h. The sheets on fols. 3–4 and 7–8 are copies of the first 16 leaves, containing title-page, calendar, and blessings; the sheet on fol.5 contains 'Psalterium S. Hieronymi'; the sheet on fol. 6 is a copy of the last 16 leaves, containing prayers and suffrages, for which see Hoskins pp. xxiv–xxv.

Binding: Rebound in a modern fascicule (2017). Formerly bound in olive-green paper boards, by Wilson & Son (probably J. S. Wilson & Son, Cambridge); this binding is now preserved with the fragments.

Size: 460 × 340 × 5 mm.

Size of leaves: 334 × 217 mm.

A leaf of notes on the fragments by David Rogers is attached to fol. 2 (this leaf was formerly the front endleaf of the earlier binding).

On the sheet attached to fol. 8, in addition to the names listed below, there is the following annotation: 'Bailiol colledge founded by John Bayliol king of Scottes'.

Provenance: Edward ap Thomas ap David ap Rees; see annotations to the sheet attached to fol. 8: 'Quemadmodum [ ]idere est primo Metaphisicorum capite nono per me Edwardum ap Thomas ap David ap Rees'. Vaughan family; John Vaughan; Robert Vaughan; William Vaughan (fl. 1582–1599), 1590; see annotations to the sheet attached to fol. 8: 'John Vaugham gentleman Robert Vaugham esquier'; ‘Usus ecclesiæ Sarum siue Sarisburiensis apud anglos in insula britanica in Europa. Vigesimo die octobris Anno domini millesimo quintesimo nonagesimo per me guilielmus Vaughanus, William Vaughan [ ] [ ].' The sheets attached to fols 3–4 and 7–8 were four of the five removed from the bindings of the volumes of Biblia Latina (Basel: Johann Froben, 1502), formerly owned by Gerald Poynton Mander (1885–1951), and purchased by the Bodleian at his sale (Sotheby's, 23 Feb. 1954, lot 413), and now Bib. Lat. 1502 c.6-8; the sheet attached to fol. 6 is one of two copies of the last 16 leaves of the Horae used as endleaves in the Eton College copy of St Thomas Aquinas, Catena Aurea (Venice, 1493) [Pr 5043], presented to the College Library by Roger Lupton (†1540, Provost 1504-36). The Provost and Fellows of Eton removed one copy of the last sheet for preservation at Eton, and exchanged the one on fol. 6 for the fifth Bodleian copy of the first sheet (see above). The minutes of the Standing Committee of the Curators of the Bodleian for 20 Apr. 1954 record that 'the Committee resolved to recommend the Curators to approach the Provost & Fellows of Eton College with a proposal to exchange a duplicate copy of the first sheet of Officia secūdum morem Ecclesiæ Sarum, Venice … 1494, recently bought by the Library, for a duplicate copy of the last sheet of the same work in the possession of Eton College’. The minutes for the meeting of 4 June 1954 note that the Provost & Fellows of Eton had agreed to this exchange. And, following this through the minutes of the full meetings of the Curators, that meeting on 8 May 1954 directed J. N. L. Myres (Bodleys’ Librarian) to propose this exchange, and it was reported at the next full meeting (on 12 June) that the sheet had been received. The provenance of the sheet attached to fol. 5 remains uncertain.

SHELFMARK: Inc. b. I4.1494.2.

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