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Bod-Inc: J-030

Jacobus de Voragine

Legenda aurea sanctorum, sive Lombardica historia; as J‑029 but with the lives of Albanus and Hubertus.


Analysis of Content

[a2r] Jacobus de Voragine: ‘Prefatio'. ed. Graesse, 1-2.

[a2v] ‘Incipit tabula legendarum de sanctis per annum'.

[a3v] Jacobus de Voragine: Legenda aurea sanctorum, sive Lombardica historia. ed. Graesse, nos i–iii (ending imperfectly), iv–xiv (ending imperfectly), xv–xvi (ending imperfectly), xvii–xix (with additional section on the name), xx–xxxi (ending imperfectly), xxxii–xxxv (ending imperfectly), xxxvi–xlvii, xlix–l (beginning slightly imperfectly), li (ending imperfectly), liii–lviii (ending imperfectly), lix–lxi, lxiii, lxv, lxvii–lxx, lxxii (with slightly variant ending), lxxiii–lxxxi (ending imperfectly), lxxxii–xcv (with additional section on name), xcvi (sections 1-9 only), xcvii–xcviii (ending imperfectly), xcix–c (ending imperfectly), ci–cii (beginning and ending imperfectly), ciii–civ (both with additional sections on the names), cv–cvi (beginning with additional section on the name, and ending imperfectly), cvii.

[t8v] ‘De sancto Luydgero episcopo Monasteriensi'. Incipit: ‘[B]eatus Luydgerus ex patre Tyagrimo matre vero Katburga ortus est . . .’

[t10r] Jacobus de Voragine: Legenda aurea sanctorum, sive Lombardica historia. ed. Graesse, nos cviii–cxix (part only), cxx (with slightly variant ending), cxxi–cxxxi, cxxxiv–cxxxvii (sections 1-6 only), cxxxii, cxxxix, cxxxiii, cxl–clvi (ending imperfectly), clvii–clxi (with additional section on the name), clxii–clxv (ending imperfectly), clxvi–clxvii, clxix–clxx (both ending imperfectly), clxxi–clxxii (ending imperfectly), clxxiii (ending imperfectly), clxxiv–clxxxii.

[M1r] [Table of contents of additional legends.] ‘Item hystorie sequentes addite sunt ad Hystoriam Lombardicam . . .’

[M1r] [Additional legends.] ed. Graesse, nos ccii (with variations), clxxxix (part), clxxxiv (with variations).

[M5r] ‘De sancto Pontiano'. Incipit: ‘[S]anctus Pontianus passus est in ciuitate . . . [B]eati Poncii pater quondam senator vrbis Rome . . .’

[M7r] ‘De sancta Prisca'. Incipit: ‘[B]eata Prisca ciuis Romana clarissimis parentibus orta . . .’

[M7v] ‘De sancta Brigida'. Incipit: ‘[B]eata Brigida sicut legitur in Speculo hystoriali . . .’

[M8v] [Additional legends.] ed. Graesse, no. ccx, with variations.

[M9v] ‘De sancta Apollonia'. Incipit: ‘[D]ecius imperator mittens satellites suos ad Alexandriam . . .’

[M10r] ‘De sancta Ghertrude'. Incipit: ‘[S]erenissime virginis Ghertrudis genitor erat Pippinus vir . . .’

[N2r] ‘De sancto Quirino'. Incipit: ‘[Q]uinto loco a beato Petro apostolo sedit Alexander . . .’

[N3v] [Legenda aurea: additional legends.] ‘De sancto Seruatio'. Incipit: ‘[F]uerunt in Iudea due sorores mulieres . . .’

[N4r] ‘De sancto Erasmo'. Incipit: ‘[C]um āt in Antiochia Dyocleciani decretum contra Christianos . . .’ The letters ‘āt' in the incipit are probably a dittography of the first letter of ‘ātiochia'.

[N5v] ‘De decem milibus martirum'. Incipit: ‘[C]um quedam gens Romano se subtraheret imperio . . .’

[N6v] ‘De sancto Kyliano'. Incipit: ‘[K]ylianus Scotus nobilis monasterium vbi prelatus extitit . . .’

[N7r] ‘De sanctis Felice et Nabore'. Incipit: ‘[B]eati martires Nabor et Felix nobiles . . .’

[N7r] ‘De sancto Materno'. Incipit: ‘[P]ost decessum beati Valerii sanctus Maternus . . .’

[N8r] ‘De sancto Johanne Crisostomo'. ed. Graesse, no. cxxxviii.

[O3v] ‘De duobus Ewaldis'. Incipit: ‘[T]empore Pippini regis Francorum erant duo sacerdotes de Anglia . . .’

[O4r] ‘De sancto Gereone cum sociis suis'. Incipit: ‘[D]yoclecianus cum Maximianum contra Gallias . . .’

[O5r] ‘De sanctis Crispino et Crispiniano'. Incipit: ‘[V]eniente Christianorum persecutione sub Dyocleciano . . .’

[O5v] ‘De sancto Seuerino'. Incipit: ‘[B]eatus Seuerinus apud Burdegalim in Vasconia existens . . .’

[O7r] ‘De sancto Willibrordo'. Incipit: ‘[I]n Britannia quedam mulier nomine Oromia peperit . . .’

[P1v] ‘De sancto Kuniberto'. Incipit: ‘[B]eatus Kunibertus de luminaribus illis maximis . . .’

[P2v] ‘De sancto Gregorio Spoletano'. Incipit: ‘[I]mpiisimus Flaccus a Maximino imperatore missus vt . . .’

[P3r] ‘De sancto Maximino'. Incipit: ‘[M]aximinus ex Aquitanea Pictauiensis vrbis indigena . . .’

[P3v] ‘De sancto Thoma de Aquino'. Incipit: ‘[B]eatus Thomas de Aquino ordinis fratrum predicatorum doctor . . .’

[P4v] ‘De sancta Elyzabeth'. Incipit: ‘[E]lyzabeth interpretatur deu meus cognovit . . . [E]lizabeth illustris regis Ungarie filia nobilis genere . . .’ ed. Graesse, no. clxviii; explicit: ‘ . . .gratia intermissa.’

[Q1r] ‘De sancto Odulpho'. Incipit: ‘[T]emporibus Lodowici piissimi augusti erat quidam . . .’

[Q3r] ‘De sancto Bonifacio'. Incipit: ‘[B]eatus Bonifacius genitale solum in insula que . . .’

[Q5v] ‘De sancto Lebuino'. Incipit: ‘[S]anctus Lebuinus ex Britannia occeani insula . . .’

[Q6v] ‘De translacione sancti Lebuini'. Incipit: ‘[P]ost Felicem sancti Lebuini ad celestia transitum . . .’

[Q7r] ‘De sancta Columba virgine'. Incipit: ‘[I]ngressus est Aurelianus ciuitatem Senonis . . .’

[Q7v] [Additional legends.] ed. Graesse, nos ccviii, ccvi–ccvii, ccxi.

[R1v] ‘De sancto Panthaleone'. Incipit: ‘[E]rat in ciuitate Nicomedia senator quidam nomine Eustorgius . . .’

[R2r] ‘De sancto Albano'. Incipit: ‘[T]empore Honorii regis Persarum atque Medorum . . .’ Explicit: non est permissus

[R3r] ‘De sancto Huperto'. Incipit: ‘[H]upertus nobili exortus prosapia Theoderici regis . . .’ Explicit: prima translatione

[R6r] ‘Sequitur tabula legendarum secundum ordinem alphabeti'.


Imprint: Cologne: Conrad Winters, de Homborch, 20 Aug. 1478. Folio.


Collation: [a–e10 f–i8 k–z A–F10 G8 H I10 K6 L8 M10 N O8 P10 Q R8].

Remarks: Collation as Sheppard; Polain records gathering [O] (no. 37) as having 10 leaves, but still records the number of leaves as being 376.


ISTC: ij00090500

Proctor: Pr 1164;

Others: CIBN J‑69; Pellechet MS. 6472 (6449); Polain 2189; Sack, Freiburg, 1988; Seyboldt no. 21; Sheppard 894; Voulliéme, Köln, 618.

LCN: 14438723


Copy number: J-030(1)

Wanting the blank leaf [a1r].

Binding: Contemporary blind-tooled calf (fillets only) over wooden boards, with one clasp and two catches; the lower edges protected at the corners with a metal strip; rebacked, the half-leather of the sides ornamented with rolls containing birds and flowers. Formerly chained: remains of a hasp at the head of the lower cover.

Size: 304 × 220 × 90 mm.

Size of leaf: 295 × 201 mm.

The front pastedown, now raised, is part of a legal document written on parchment, attested by a notary of the diocese of Cambrai; the back pastedown is still glued down.

Manuscript signatures; catchwords at the end of each gathering in an early hand. Some early marginal annotations, including ‘nota' marks, also corrections to the text. On [O5r] the rubricator has here, as in other instances, added the letter S, reading ‘Seniente' instead of ‘Veniente'.

One- to six–line initials, some with extensions into the margins, paragraph marks, capital strokes, and underlining are supplied in red.

Provenance: Inscription on [a2r] unread under ultraviolet light. Purchased for £2. 0. 0: see Books Purchased (1842), 44.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 6Q 3.33.

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